All of My Kpop Groups

This is a different kind of post than I’ve ever written before in that I’ll  keep it updated when things change. “My groups” is what I call those groups where I’ve taken the time to learn the names of and how to identify all the members. It’s an ever-expanding number of groups, and I will update this post whenever another group is added. 

Oh, and also, this is the 100th post to be posted on this site! That’s quite incredible. I’m normally the kind of person to quickly move on from one thing to the next without giving it the proper effort (sadly), but this time I haven’t done that! I’ve stuck with it, and I’ve seen my efforts rewarded. So, thank you so much for reading guys!

I’ll be listing male groups and female groups separately, just because it’s easier that way. If I have written the opinionated profile for the group I’ll be linking to that as well, and listing the bias. The order of the ranking is not important.

(Oh, and I apologize for some of the pictures. I know they aren’t up to date, and that some include members that are no longer around. I tried, I promise)

My Female Groups (29)

1. 2NE1 – disbanded


These are my girls and I ain’t leaving them.

Bias: CL

2. Girls’ Generation

girls' generation

Even though they shouldn’t be my style, my goddesses have my love.

Bias: Tiffany

3. Miss A – disbanded

miss a

Adore them. They’re just perfect for me.

Bias: Fei

4. f(x)


My queens of obnoxiously happy music. I both hate and love them for always trying to cheer me up.

Bias: Amber

5. Brown Eyed Girls

brown eyed girls

I’m a strange BEG fan. But I am one nonetheless.

Bias: Gain

6. T-ARA


A recent addition to this list, but a group I’ve liked for quite some time.

Bias: Jiyeon (previously Eunjung)

7. 4Minute – disbanded


The first kpop group I ever saw live, and nothing can ever take that specialness away.

Bias: Hyuna

8. SISTAR – disbanded


If only they could come out with that one song I could really love…

Bias: Bora

9. Girl’s Day

girl's day

Really growing on me lately. Now if they could only lose the weird aegyo…

Bias: Hyeri

10. Wonder Girls – disbanded

wonder girls

Will always be the group that introduced me to kpop, and for that I’m eternally grateful. But the lack of activity makes being a fan difficult.

Bias: Yeeun (previously Yubin)

11. Kara – disbanded


A group I could have loved if they had stuck with their original style.

Bias: Seungyeon

12. Secret – disbanded


The masters of transformation.

Bias: Jieun

13. After School

after school

Yet another big group that I somehow managed to learn.

Bias: Nana

14. Red Velvet

red velvet

The fancy colors disappeared, but the names and faces stuck.

Bias: Irene



Amazing rookies with vocal powers like almost no other.

Bias: Whasa

16. SPICA – disbanded


Goddesses from planet Vocalist.

Bias: Bohyung

17. EXID


They make my heart go up down up up down.

Bias: LE

18. A Pink

a pink

As it turns out, even I want to be a pastel princess.

Bias: Eunji

19. BESTie – disbanded


They grew on me slowly but surely.

Bias: U-JI

20. AOA


How the hell did you people get here?!

Bias: Hyejeong



I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a debut.

Bias: Momo

22. Dalshabet – disbanded


Just as a third of the members leave, the group finally manages to claw their way onto here.

Bias: Subin

23. Ladies’ Code

ladies code

I am very glad to see them back.

Bias: Sojung

24. CLC


As my friends fell out of love with them, I fell in love.

Bias: Yeeun



My queens are falling away, and look, here are their replacements to take their place… in my heart?

Bias: Jennie

26. (G)I-DLE


The first group I learned in so long, and it was so worth it.

Bias: Soyeon

27. Dreamcatcher


Creepy queens of songs made to be anime intros.

Bias: Siyeon

28. GFriend


I really thought I’d already put them on here, but I guess not.

Bias: Eunha

29. ITZY

itzy 2.jpeg

Somehow these actual 2000s babies ear-wormed themselves in.

Bias: To be revealed.


My Male Groups (36)

1. SHINee


My ultimate bias group, the one I’ll never let go of. My love for these guys is beyond words.

Ultimate bias: Jonghyun



The ones who should hurry and get back if they don’t want to see themselves being overtaken. Come back and remind me why I love you in the first place!

Bias: T.O.P

3. EXO


The rising star of my bias list. But they can’t be allowed to rise any higher than this!

Bias(-es): Kai (Luhan)

4. Block B

block b

My adorable weirdos. I’m sorry for letting those super-powered hotties overtake you.

Bias: P.O



One of the few that I refer to as an actual band.

Bias: Jungshin

6. B.A.P – disbanded


I was such a solid Baby after 2012… I’m sorry for crossing over to the enemy.

Bias: Daehyun (Yes, I’ve accepted it)



More adorable weirdos! Definitely the ones I’d invite to one of our infamous kpop karaoke nights.

Bias (-list ruiner): Sungjae

8. Teen Top

teen top

A shameful dirty pleasure that became a legit group to like.

Bias: Niel

9. Infinite


Thank you so much for always being there to remind me of how much of a terrible dancer I am.

Bias: Dongwoo



MBLAQ might not be one of my absolute favorite groups, but they do hold on of the guys in kpop that can make me squeal and want to rip his clothes off the absolute most.

Bias: Joon

11. VIXX


A group that just keeps confusing me. Are you going to do stuff I really like, or aren’t you?

Bias: Hyuk

12. NU’EST


Sort of the same comment as for VIXX. Make your mind up!

Bias: JR

13. Super Junior

super junior

Doesn’t it feel appropriate that Super Junior is number 13? I swear, I didn’t plan that. Super Junior is one of those groups that I can’t really like, because they’re so silly, but that I can’t dislike, because they’re so silly.

Bias: I don’t even know

14. U-KISS – disbanded


A group that everyone, including me, should like more.

Bias: Kevin

15. BTS


LOVE. Sorry, I’m a little biased since I just saw them live.

Bias: Rap Monster 

16. GOT7


Dorks + Sass + Hotness = YES.

Bias: Mark

17. 2PM


Their bodies and overall hotness make me want to love them more than I do.

Bias: Taecyeon

18. JYJ


I’m convinced that this group holds one of the most stunning people on the face of this earth.

Bias: Jaejoong

19. TVXQ!


Ranking them as two separate units makes me sad, so I’ll at least put them right next to each other.

Bias (But not really): Changmin

20. B1A4


Taking the Teen Top route, going from ridiculous and fun to ridiculous, fun and good.

Bias: CNU

21. B2ST – disbanded (ish)


I’m really trying to fall madly in love with these guys. And I’m getting closer, finally.

Bias: Hyunseung

22. Boyfriend – disbanded


Another group going from something I can only enjoy in secret, to something I can actually fess up to.

Bias: Jeongmin (previously Kwangmin and/or Youngmin)

23. LC9 – disbanded


I’m still waiting for something as awesome as that debut video was.

Bias: Rasa

24. 2AM – disbanded?


If only I was more of a ballad fan.

Bias: Changmin

25. M.I.B – disbanded


A group I’m really hoping to get more into in the future.

Bias: Kangnam



They went through hell, and earned my love.

Bias: Seungyoon



My BOICE heart finally gave in.

Bias: Jonghun

28. JJCC


They finally kicked their way into my heart.

Bias: Eddy

29. Seventeen


Adorable newbie babies.

Bias: Jun

30. iKON


Finally they have arrived.

Bias: B.I

31. UP10TION


Giant rookie groups are such a pain in the ass, but I love them so much.

Bias: Kuhn

32. M.A.P6


I’m suddenly being flooded by rookie groups. And there is no escape.

Bias: J.Jun



Amazing rookies that are blowing my mind.

Bias: Seonghwa

34. SF9


Stan talent that are willing to bring in the latin flavors.

Bias: Taeyang

35. Imfact


They deserved my love immediately, but I still took my sweet time.

Bias: Jeup

36. Monsta X

monsta x 2.jpg

I kind of forgot that I hadn’t gotten them on here.

Bias: Shownu

There! I’m not sure how much fun this was to read, since it was more of a post-for-reference than anything else, but I hope it was at least semi-entertaining!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr or email me at!

– Admin A


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