Opinionated profile of BIGBANG


I’m already feeling this feature turning into specifically opinionated profiles, not random posts… But I think these are fun, so I’m not going to fight it! I won’t, for the time being, change the name though. I want to keep the opportunity open for me to totally spazz out and talk about whatever and in that case I’ll use this segment for that. Aaaaanyway, here’s my opinionated profile on BIGBANG! And just as last time, the members will be coming in the order of who I like the least to who I like the most. If you’ve read my list of my top 5 boy groups you know that BIGBANG is number two on that list and therefore I of course love them all. But I’m stilly fully capable of ranking them.

5. Seungri


Birth name: Lee Seung Hyun

Stage name: Seungri / VI (Victory)

Blood type: A

Birthday: December 12, 1990

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead dancer, Choreographer, Maknae

Comment: Seungri is the guy who nagged his way into BIGBANG. He’s not as handsome as T.O.P, not as good a dancer as Taeyang and not as good a singer as Daesung. Therefore I never really appreciated Seungri, nor did I see why he was even in the group. (Obviously neither did YG before their debut) But over 2012 my opinion on him became more neutral and I accepted him as a member of the group, even though I still wasn’t fond of him.

Last year though, he’s really proved himself to me. While I never took the time to listen through the entirety of his solo album (though maybe I should) I really liked and have listened to ‘Gotta Talk To You’, ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ and ‘GG BE’ a lot. Seungri did really well last year and I’m proud of him. Plus he finally proved his whole sexy thing to me, I never bought into it in the past.

The sex is another thing that makes Seungri so interesting, he’s nothing like the traditional maknae. Maknaes are supposed to be cute and innocent, he’s kind of cocky and very sexy. I think it’s much more interesting with members that don’t fit into their designated roles, so mad props to Seungri.

4. Daesung


Birth name: Kang Dae Sung

Stage name: Daesung / D-Lite

Blood type: O

Birthday: April 26, 1989

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Daesung definitely possesses my favorite voice out of all the members in BIGBANG. And he does have a really fun and happy personality, but I just have never gotten ‘close’ to him. His body in ‘Fantastic Baby’ was incredibly impressive though, and I hope we’ll get to see more of that.

No onto another issue, what the hell YG? Every single member of BIGBANG got solo albums during 2013 and Daesung still hasn’t gotten a Korean solo album! I know that he got one in Japan but I think he should be more promoted in Korea, just to make it all fair. Daesung has a great voice and he could most definitely carry his own. Damn, if Seungri can do it, Daesung most certainly can.

3. Taeyang


Birth name: Dong Young Bae

Stage name: Taeyang / Sol

Blood type: AB

Birthday: May 18, 1988

Official height: 174 cm (yeah, right…)

Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: Taeyang is one of the ultimate biases (She has two, don’t ask) of one of my best friends. Which leaves me in the awkward position where I have to like him or she’ll kill me but I can’t like him too much. Because then she’ll kill me. Oh biases, you make friendships so awkward…

Taeyang has drastically changed his music style over this last year. Going from ‘I Need A Girl’s smooth and calming r’n’b style to ‘Ringa Linga’s hard core electro rap thingy did not feel like a natural progression to me. And while I did really grow to like ‘Ringa Linga’, we’ve already got GD for all that. I have heard that this is the kind of music that he really wants to do, that he is a rapper and that he was just pressured into doing the whole r’n’b stunt. I don’t fully buy that, but I do think that he should do exactly the kind of music that he wants to do. And if he wants to be more like GD, so be it. I’ll still dig it. (Even though I prefer his old style)

2. G-Dragon


Birth name: Kwon Ji Yong

Stage name: G-Dragon

Blood type: A

Birthday: August 18, 1988

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Composer, Face of the Group

Comment: Don’t we all love G-Dragon? Questionable party habits aside, G-Dragon is incredible. And yes, that’s my completely biased opinion. This guy is as much of a super star by himself as BIGBANG is as a group, and he’s the only member that I’m 100% sure doesn’t need the group to be successful.

G-Dragon is a legend and an icon in the making. He’s also one of my favorite rappers. And if there’s one thing that’s certain about this guy then it’s the fact that he has his own style. Both in the way his songs sound and in the way he raps/sings them. You can ALWAYS tell when it’s a GD song. And having that kind of brand that everybody knows is almost the ultimate kpop achievement.

And while I love, admire and respect GD to the moon and back (that should be very obvious by now) I’m a bit worried about him. Knowing that GD writes all his material himself, and having listened through the entire ‘Coup D’Etat’ album, I can’t be the only one that heard the darkness in the songs. And while GD is still a great performer with amazing stage presence, I didn’t think he looked happy during his last promotions. Maybe it was just a rough time, maybe I’m completely wrong, or maybe it’s a deeper problem. We all love you GD and I especially love you to bits. Just take care of yourself, okay?

1. T.O.P


Birth name: Choi Seung Hyun

Stage name: T.O.P (The Official Pimp xD)

Blood type: B

Birthday: November 4, 1987

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Beat-Boxer, Visual

Comment: There’s not really much to say here. I love T.O.P, end of story. I love his voice, I love his rap style (favorite rapper right here!), I love his look, I love his personality and his sarcastic sense of humor and I love his sense of style. Love, love, love. The only thing that I really don’t like about him is his stage name… The Official Pimp, really now?

Wow, I really don’t have anything to say. This guy is second in line on my list of ultimate biases and I can’t think of anything to write about him! I guess that’s what happens when you find no faults… Okay, here’s a fault! He should be 7-10 years younger and live here! There, I found something.

Here you have it folks! My opinionated profile of BIGBANG! I know that I wrote a lot more here in the comments than I did in my profile of Girls’ Generation and I’m not sure why that’s the case… I’ll try to write a bit longer comments in the future as well, though maybe not always this long. I’m going to be adding a poll at the end of this post where you can vote for your favorite member of BIGBANG, let me know if you’d like this feature in more opinionated profiles in the future!

If you have any opinions about this post or any suggestions for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


10 thoughts on “Opinionated profile of BIGBANG

  1. I love the opinionated profile series keep it going:D
    Seung Ri’s Let’s Talk About Love EP has made him climb up my Big Bang bias list up to second place:D It’s one of the rare K-Pop EPs I can listen to from end to finish without a single track I want to skip:D

  2. Heyyy!! I’m Back!! 😛
    I think I have almost the same ranking except the 3 fisrt.

    3: TOP Hahahaaa “Oh biases, you make friendships so awkward…” I’m totally agree with you!! My best friend’s bias is T.O.P

    2: Taeyang. I love this cover of ‘I miss you” and “Don’t judge me”. ❤ It's true, he changed a lot but I feel that he looks like more "free" doing his new songs.

    1: GD. I’m a bit worried about him too. "Coup d'état" it's so dark…

    Taeyang and GD are in Paris!!! But I don't see them…. 😦

  3. Great job on all the profiles! Especially with GD’s…I have also noticed that listless, neither happy or terribly sad, side prevalent throughout the whole Coup D’Etat album. Hopefully it’s just a short phase in his life that he will resolve soon..*sigh*

    I would definitely recommend checking out Seungri’s previous album. My personal favorite from that album is “Open your Mind”, a relaxing, chill song that also features GD’s rap 😀

    Lol at the awkward friends/bias comment, my sister and I go through this same situation quite a bit, especially between our favorites among the Exo members…haha

    I really enjoyed this article, and I’m really looking forward to more of your random posts and profile articles!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, let’s hope that GD isn’t having too much of a rough time and that he’ll always be happy, no matter how unrealistic that is. Because he deserves it.

      Hmm… Well I guess I’ll have to do that! I just have to make the time for it 😛

      Haha well maybe it’s easier if you’re sisters? Because you know that you won’t stop being sisters even if you fight about some random kpop dude? Not that that’s happened with me and my friends, I’m just saying that it could 😛

      It’s great if you enjoy what I write! 😀 and thanks for commenting so much, you’re awesome!

      – Admin A

  4. true indeed that GD can very well make it on his own yet he chose to stay as a BigBang member.

    i think it is because he truly likes what he is doing. he is content to be a BB member, a producer and a solo artist, add to the fact that YG management gives him the kind of freedom that most artist could only dream of.

    one thing i also like about him is how he shows us who is GD and who is Jiyong. GD the superstar, the fashionista, the controversial artist then we have Jiyong the loyal friend, filial son, the one who writes heartbreak songs. one co-exist beautifully with the other and gives us an artist that wr have come to know & love.

    ^ so yeah, obviously Jiyong is my bias. Hehe.

    1. Yes,I agree with you that I think G-Dragon is perfectly happy as a BIGBANG member. He doesn’t need to leave the group to do whatever he wants.

      Yes, the duo of GD and Jiyong is very interesting, because there is a very clear difference. It adds dimension.

      Haha I understand why. He’s amazing.

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