The 9 Kpop Girl Groups That I Almost Know (Right Now)

I’m back! Did you miss me? Silly question, of course you did. As you might have noticed, I didn’t pre-write anything for when I was away, so it’s been a full ten days since I last posted something. Well, I’m back now so let’s get into this!

The last list of the week I posted (a very long time ago) was a complete listing of all the group where I can identify and put the right name to all the members. This post is all about the (girl) groups where I can’t. There are a millions of kpop stars that I can’t identify (at least it feels that way) so this post is specifically about the girl groups that I listen to, to some degree, but where I can only identify one or some of the members. Or where I know all the names, but can’t confidently put the right name on the right person yet. I’ll list which/which ones of the members I can identify as well, and if there’s a specific reason why, I’ll list that as well.

The Girls I Almost Know (9)

1. Dalshabet


Dalshabet really caught my eye during their latest promotions of “B.B.B”. I had known them from a couple other songs before that, but nothing had really grabbed me like that song did. I still love it, and am very happy with their venture into sexier territory. I’ll definitely pay attention whenever their next comeback is.

Member/-s I Know



Just as Dalshabet as a group caught my eye during the latest promotions, so did Serri. Uncomfortably stunning, this girl just sparkled all over my screen, and made me remember her name.



I’ve known Subin since before I knew any of Dalshabet’s songs. Why? I don’t know. I’m assuming I saw her face and name pop up in articles and what-not, because the first time I saw one of their music videos, I knew what her name was. To be honest, Subin fascinates me. She looks cute, yet sexy. Mature, yet like a total baby. Sweet, yet like a total bitch.

2. Ladies’ Code

ladies' code

Ladies’ Code grabbed my attention right after their debut, and was one of my absolute favorite rookie groups to come out of 2013. Sadly, the two singles they’ve released so far in 2014 haven’t impressed me as much as their three initial singles did. I’m keeping my eye on them though!

Member/-s I Know



Sojung has a voice and face that has always been easy for me to remember, and reading about her history with anorexia made her even more memorable.



In their best song yet, in my opinion, “Pretty Pretty” Zuny sang about how she’s the maknae who’s prettier than all the unnies, and about how we can’t escape her cat-like eyes. So now I just look for the girl with the cat-like eyes, and I know it’s her.

I know the names of two more members in the group, but since I can’t confidently put the right name on the right girl, I won’t include them.

3. After School

after school

As of this moment I don’t have a single After School track on my phone. But I do have some of Orange Caramel’s songs, and I have listened to several After School tracks previously, so I decided to include them anyway.

Member/-s I Know



Uee has a very memorable face. Once you know her name and face, you won’t lose her again, like you easily can with some other kpop stars. I mostly know Uee because she has such a distinct face, and a little bit because she was on You’re Beautiful.



Raina also has a quite distinct face, and since I do listen a bit to Orange Caramel, I’ve learned to recognize her.



Once again, Orange Caramel. But mostly I know Nana as the stunning one. Just look for the one who’s so beautiful that it’s almost a little painful to look at her too long, and you’ll find her.



Once more, I know her mainly from Orange Caramel. I didn’t find her as memorable as the other two, and only recognized her because I knew it wasn’t one of the other girls, but eventually I learned to recognize her without having to make sure it wasn’t Nana or Raina first.

4. A Pink

a pink

A Pink are always cute, but I’ve yet to see a cuteness from them that I really can’t stand. It’s to be said that I haven’t seen a whole lot of their videos, but since I in general can’t really stand aegyo girl groups at all, A Pink have done better than expected.

Member/-s I Know



I know Eunji from when she “dated” Key. I never have, and probably never will, watched We Got Married, but I did see a short clip from when she and Key were there. I immediately liked her, and still do. She’s just such a likable girl!



If I know Eunji from We Got Married, I of course know Naeun as well. She “married” my baby Taemin, so I looked her up. She so far hasn’t interested me much, but she’s a very pretty girl.

5. Rainbow


I don’t really listen to Rainbow. I have one song from them on my phone, and it’s one I often skip. But they do have one member that’s caught my eye.

Member/-s I Know



Jaekyung is stunning, there’s no question about that. But I’ve always found something about her face to be a little off. Which makes her even more stunning to me. She was the only one out of Rainbow Blaxx that I found sexy, and the fact that it made me notice her is the only good thing to come out of that sub-unit.

6. Red Velvet

red velvet

Red Velvet is different from the other groups I’ve touched on so far, because it’s not that there are only a few I know, it’s that I only semi-know all of them. I know all the names, and I can put the right name to the right member, but I know that once they change their hair, I will be truly and utterly lost. These girls look too alike! I’m sure I’ll figure them out though, eventually…



I think SPICA is a group that could do so much more if they were only handed better songs. It’s not that their songs are bad, per se, but they’re always kind of boring. The girls are great singers, but that’s not enough. They still need to make a song that I want to listen to.

Member/-s I Know



An easy face to recognize, a voice that sounds different from the others, and a name that is hard to forget all make for a very memorable combination.



(I know there are only three of them now. Just ignore the one on the left, okay?)

TINY-G are cute and sweet and poppy, and that’s all I want from them. Most probably not a group I’ll get more into, but I’ve learned to recognize some of them nonetheless.

Member/-s I Know



Since Dohee was on Reply 1994, her face has been shoved in my face so much that it’s impossible for me not to know her.


I really like Mint. Despite being teeny tiny, adorable, and in a group like TINY-G, she still has a sass that I love. She’s also a very capable dancer, and it’s a shame that she doesn’t get to show that more.

I guess you could argue that since I know two of the members in a three-member group, I basically know the last member as well. And I’d agree, it’s just that I’ve never managed to care enough to memorize her name… But one day, maybe.



I really tried to dislike this group when it first came out (for judgmental reasons, of course), and I still wouldn’t say that I like it. But their debut song was quite fun and catchy, and I quite like “Nom Nom Nom”. And I’m only slightly embarrassed to say so!

Member/-s I Know


Nari caught my eye right from the start, and she’s still the only member that’s really interested me. Why, you ask? Because she’s beautiful. I know that it’s very superficial of me,  but the first members I learn the names of are normally the members that I find the most attractive. I’m sure that’s the case for many of you as well, right? Nari is pretty, she reminds me of Nana, and therefore I like her.


There we go! I’m now officially back! I’ll write an accompanying post about the guys that I almost know next week, so stay tuned for that!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week, leave me a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


6 thoughts on “The 9 Kpop Girl Groups That I Almost Know (Right Now)

  1. The only girl group that I know well and willing to invest in is SNSD, the rest I either don’t know their names or don’t know their songs or can’t even recognize which group they are.
    But I do know some of the ones you listed, Nana, absolutely stunning, Jaekyung, reminds me of a friend, Eunji, love her personality and voice, Naeun from WGM, and she’s pretty awesome too. The rest….. I just stare at them blankly lol.


    1. Haha you’re not that invested in girl groups in general, I see. I’m more invested in male groups, but I do have some that I know quite well!


  2. Are you going to do a review on Taemin’s “Danger” soon? (: since you’re a huge SHAWOL, I’m really excited to see what you think of it.

    1. I’m glad you know I’m a huge shawol! 😀 And yes, I will most likely be writing about it for my next review. Or the whole album, I’m not sure yet.

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