Best Years for Boy Groups – Part 2/3

Here I will go through another 14 boy groups and tell you which year I think they were at their best, and why. This is entirely subjective, and based on how much I liked their music for each year, and has very little to do with their views or sales etc. No groups that debuted later than 2017 will be included in any of these posts, since I wanted a few years to choose from. Also, I will include disbanded groups, because they were great and I miss them. Continue reading


Kpop Recommendations III

I know I’m behind, I realize that. But who knows, even if some of these songs are a couple of weeks old there may very well be some of you out there that haven’t heard them! This time I’ve got 12 songs for you, released between when the last post came out and like yesterday, so about 2 weeks. I have put them in order from least excited about to most excited about (they’re all good though, otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending them).  Continue reading

Ranking of All My Male Kpop Groups (as of January 2016)

This is an extremely hard thing to do. I took all the male groups listed here (as of January 19th 2016) and put them all in order based on how much I like the GROUP RIGHT NOW. So this is not about how much I’m in love with each individual bias, and this is not a static list. It is bound to change, probably by tomorrow. But isn’t that what’s so fun about this wild ride of a genre? You never know how you’ll feel tomorrow.  Continue reading

Different Ways of Relating to Your Biases

We all have our biases, and I have a whole bunch. I have almost fifty official and there are loads of other groups where I have biases as well. But one bias does not equal another and the ways we, or at least I, relate to our biases differs from bias to bias. But I’ve been able to identify six distinctly different ways of relating that I think I could probably place every single one of my biases in. So that’s what I’ll try to do here. I’ll explain the six different stages of biasdom and exemplify what I mean by using examples from my own biases. Continue reading

Review of Teen Top’s “ah-ah”

A little while ago I let you guys, the lovely readers that keep me motivated, vote on which song was the best of June, and said that I would review the three songs that got the most votes. This, as you may have understood, is the first of those reviews.

I’ve grown into a quite large fan of Teen Top, but my Angelic nature does not stop me from being able to look at them with a critical eye.  Continue reading