Opinionated Profile of CLC

CLC huh. They’ve switched it up a lot recently. It was not their sudden transformation into the new 4Minute that made me like them, but I now am curious to see if they’ll keep it going and if they can pull it off in the long run.

7. Yujin

Birth name: Choi Yu Jin

Stage name: Yujin

Birthday: August 12, 1996

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Comment: Yujin is super duper pretty, but I have just never quite taken to her. Regardless of concept, she’s always seemed a bit… bland to me. I don’t know these girls on a personality level for the most part, so a lot of these opinions will be based on how they seem in videos, and Yujin doesn’t seem like a whole lot to me.

She seems to be a quite weak singer, and I’ve never taken special notice of her dancing. But I’m sure she does just fine.

6. Elkie

Birth name: Chong Ting Yan

Stage name: Elkie

Birthday: November 2, 1998

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Comment: The source I’m using has three of the seven members listed as visuals, which seems a bit excessive. Two, fine, but three? You’re really rubbing it in that your group is pretty, aren’t you?

When Elkie was first added I felt very apathetic towards her. I appreciated that they added a girl with quite strong vocals, since that strengthened the vocal department in the group (which wasn’t so bad to begin with), but she didn’t really make much of an impact on me beyond that. Then with the release of “Hobgoblin”, I started paying a bit more attention. I loved her blonde hair and thought she looked amazing all of a sudden, and that helped her climb from number seven to number six on my list. Not a great leap, but it’s a start.

5. Sorn

Birth name: Chonnasorn Sajakul

Stage name: Sorn

Birthday: November 18, 1996

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: Sorn seems to be the CLC member to a lot of people, and for the first one or two songs she definitely was the only one I could recognize too. I never thought she was superduperduper cute like a lot of people were saying, but she seemed nice and she had stable vocals. Plus it’s always nice when someone stands out, because that means you can always identify them.

But then I saw this interview with her in English (which I was delighted to find out she seems fluent in) and something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I can’t put my finger on it, and she didn’t do or say anything wrong in particular, I just got the feeling that we could never be friends.

4. Seunghee

Birth name: Oh Seung Hee

Stage name: Seunghee

Birthday: October 10, 1995

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Former Leader

Comment: I didn’t know that CLC had switched leaders! Why did they do that? If anyone reading this knows, please let me know in the comments. Kpop groups switching leaders isn’t exactly a common occurrence so I’d love to know the story there.

Seunghee is a good singer, best in the group based on the information I currently possess, and her appearance on Girl Spirit told me that she is a lovely dorky and awkward girl, and that always sits well with me.

3. Eunbin

Birth name: Kwon Eun Bin

Stage name: Eunbin

Birthday: January 6, 2000

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Comment: Yet another visual. If CLC will keep the more badass vibe going I think Eunbin is the most suited visual, because even though she can be super duper cute, I do also think that she has a lot more of an edge than Yujin or Elkie.

I was really glad when Cube decided to add in Eunbin. I really liked her on Produce 101 and was kind of low-key hoping she’d make it all the way, and I think she’s really suited to the group, regardless of concept really.

Eunbin isn’t a very strong vocalist, nor really more than an idol rapper at best (she’s no Soyeon, that’s for sure), but I like her nonetheless. She gives me good feels.

2. Seungyeon

Birth name: Jang Seung Yeon

Stage name: Seungyeon

Birthday: November 6, 1996

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Comment: I liked Seungyeon right from the very start, and seriously considered making her my bias for quite some time. She was very cute in the cute concepts, kinda sassy in the kinda sassy concepts and in the tougher concept they recently did she was surprisingly badass. So far she’s killing the concepts. Maybe that’s why Cube decided to make her the leader all of a sudden?

Seungyeon is a stable singer, but nothing very special in that department. I do like the way she dances though; there’s something very engaging about her.

1. Yeeun

Birth name: Jang Ye Eun

Stage name: Yeeun

Birthday: August 10, 1998

Official height: 166 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Comment: When I was first learning the members of CLC I used to think of Yeeun as Yujin’s way tougher little sister. They have similar names and I used to think they look incredibly alike, yet there was always this spark to Yeeun that I didn’t see in Yujin, ever.

Yeeun is a surprisingly hard-hitting rapper, which always made her stand out a bit in their cuter promotions, and that is one of the things that first made me take notice of her. In their last promotions she went full on Hyuna, but that’s okay with me; I love me some Hyuna.

3 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of CLC

  1. I was surprised that they switched leaders as well since I’ve never seen it happen before, but I remember reading that when they added two members, Seunghee gave up her leader position because she already was a main vocalist and it was apparently causing her stress. I believe they also said that because Seungyeon was younger, she would be able to connect with the younger members better (but idk because that seems like a weird reason). It did make sense that she didn’t want to be a main vocalist and leader; I can’t think of many groups with that combo.

  2. AHHHH CLC 😀 i love your opinionated profiles. Seungyeon and Seunghee are my favorites. Elkie is super talented, Idk too much about Eunbin, but I don’t mind CLC with them. Yeeun is a great idol rapper !!

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