Opinionated Profile of Dalshabet


Dalshabet is a group that’s kind of been in my sight, but not that much on my mind, for quite some time. They’ve for a long time had plenty of potential, and their three latest singles have all been my jams. And I even remember being very into ”Have, Don’t Have” and ”Be Ambitious” back in the day. But I never really even considered taking the time to learn their names. Not until recently. Dalshabet came back as a 4-member group not that long ago, having lost two girls, and now it was time for me to finally give them the time of day.  Continue reading

Opinionated Profile of UP10TION


Such baby rookies. I first noticed UP10TION when their debut song ”So, Dangerous” started doing quite well on this weekly kpop chart I almost always watch. I liked the section of the song that was on the chart, so eventually I caved and looked it up. I immediately really liked the song, and that lead to me eventually giving in and deciding that yes, I can handle another huge group in my life. And I’m so glad that I did go there, because these are some pretty damn entertaining boys.  Continue reading

Opinionated profile of iKON or The Battles of Double B


This is a group that have been long coming and a debut that’s been expected since they were first introduced as Team B back in 2013. I know that YG threatened to disband them, but we all knew he wouldn’t. Now after having gone through not one, but two, gruesome survival shows, iKON are finally here, standing tall and defiant against the world. I predict that they’ll be one of the absolute most successful debuts of the year, for sure.  Continue reading