Opinionated Profile of DAY6

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Just as I said in the profiles of GFriend and Monsta X, I am pretty damn sure that I started learning this group quite a while ago, got pretty far, but then just didn’t finish the job. So when I sat down to do that now, it was really just one face and like two names that I was slightly unsure about. Ah well, it is done now. Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t properly learnt DAY6. My enthusiasm for them was sky high during their crazy promotion year of 2017, and it’s honestly shocking that I didn’t take the time to do this then.

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Opinionated Profile of ITZY

itzy 1.jpg

I did not expect this from myself. When ITZY debuted, I really didn’t like the song and thought the whole thing was way overhyped. But I was intrigued somehow, possibly because of the hype, so I kept coming back to it. Eventually, the song really grew on me. Then, when they released their second title track, I definitely didn’t like that either. But now, very recently, that one has grown on me a lot too. It’s like I keep trying not to like ITZY, but they just won’t let me. Continue reading

Opinionated Profile of Imfact


I noticed Imfact right as they debuted, and even almost learned them immediately. I was definitely feeling the hype. But then it kinda took a while (at least in rookie-time) for them to come back, and my enthusiasm kind of faded. They are, however, a group where I like practically every title track they’ve released quite a bit, so I am happy to say that I can now officially add them to my groups.

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Opinionated Profile of ATEEZ


I am beyond obsessed with ATEEZ right now. I didn’t even notice their debut, but when they released “Say My Name” I took notice, and was immediately shook. These boys are just SO good. Most of all, I am so impressed by the fire in their eyes when they perform. You can watch any member, and whether they’re singing or not, even if they’re barely in frame, they are always bringing it.

So, now, it is time to rank.

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Opinionated Profile of (G)I-DLE


I’ve enjoyed (G)I-DLE since their debut last year, and I have now taken the time to look into them a bit further, learning their names and making good on the promise I made to myself in my last post.

I haven’t written an opinionated profile in almost two years, so if you’ve forgotten what that is, here is the jist: it’s basically a normal kpop profile with birthdays, positions etc, but also with my own comments about each member, and the members are ranked from my least favorite to bias.

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