Review of May’s Kpop – Seventeen, TWICE, iKON, Sistar & More!

A new month has passed (and my semester has ended) and with it so much new kpop has come into our lives, ready to be judged by me.

May 8th: DAY6’s “Dance Dance” 

DAY6 can do no wrong. This song is a very approachable bop, perfect for the summer. I think we all feel like this song sounds like some other fun song we’ve already heard, even if we don’t know which one, which means we can all accept this one into our lives as well. I love the stripped down jamming video as well.

May 10th: PSY’s “I Luv It” & “New Face”

Even though I had been a kpop fan for years by the time Gangnam style took over our world, I had actually never heard of PSY, and that song didn’t really make me interested in him as a “real artist”, you know, someone I could listen to for realsies. But with each new release since then he is just growing and growing in my eyes. PSY is just good fun. It’s silly, it’s catchy and it makes you want to try and imitate a silly dance.

May 15th: TWICE’s “Signal”

I love it. Everything TWICE releases is more or less the same, which means it’s all good and great and cute and funny and awesome. The start of this song made it sound like this would be a little less cute than their latest releases but the concert and the dance that goes with it shot that possibility square in the face. Great either way, and the video concept is quite creative. It’s not often we see 9 girls try and use their superpowers to seduce an alien.

May 18th: The East Light’s “You’re My Love”

I’m gonna venture a guess and say that you probably haven’t heard of this group. But just give them a chance, okay? This group of absolute babies make the cheesiest and boppiest shit.

May 22nd: Seventeen’s “Don’t Wanna Cry”

Good! Seventeen are definitely maturing, which I think is a good thing. A group of mostly 20+-year olds can’t be cute school boys forever. This song and video give me a bit of a GOT7 vibe, as well as a dash of BTS’s more sensitive releases. But they make it their own, and the choreography is of course so lovely. Oh and getting to hear some singing from rappers is always fun!

May 22nd: iKON’s “Bling Bling” & “B-Day”

If WINNER are the sensitive kids heading off to a poetry reading and a long reflection session in the art gallery, iKON are the drunk kids frantically looking for more booze (which their friends hid because they need to be CUT OFF). But that’s not a bad thing! You need your sensitive friends who make you think and feel, but sometimes you’ve had a long week and you need to get trashed. And who you gonna call? iKON!

(So good songs! Like them. “Bling Bling” is the star of course, but I like them both.) (And yes, I know iKON have a few sensitive songs too, but I’m generalizing to make a point.)

May 23rd: B.I.G’s “Hello Hello”

B.I.G have been around a while but they haven’t really had a song that have made them a name, which is honestly a big shame. This isn’t the absolute best song I’ve heard from them, but is a solid effort and the chorus is very bop-worthy.

May 23rd: MAP6’s “I’m Ready”

MAP6 are in the same position as B.I.G: undeservedly unknown. But, in my opinion, even better. This is yet another stable track. They’re cool, attractive dudes singing great songs in a very well-balanced matter. Sometimes they even have really cool dances! What more could you possibly want.

May 24th: Yezi’s “Anck Su Namun”  

I am ready to follow Yezi anywhere she wants to lead me. She is just so goddamn cool! I love her voice, rap style, general style, vibe, (perceived) personality, everything. Oh and if you think anything about this song and video is cool (so, like, everything?) remember that she wrote the lyrics, produced and styled the video and choreographed the dance.

May 29th: Highlight’s “Calling You”

This is a very simple song, not very creative in arrangement etc. But sometimes you don’t want that weird new fanta flavor, sometimes you just want the basic orange, you know? There ain’t nothing wrong with that, and this is an excellent fanta. Oh and now I’m 100% sure on who my Highlight bias shall be (since the traitor of my B2ST bias is off somewhere on his own) and it shall be Kikwang. I know, I usually keep that mum and write an opinionated profile for the group and announce it there, but, come on, I already wrote a profile on these guys.

May 31st: Sistar’s “Lonely”

The girl groups I like are dropping like flies, which is horrifying in two ways: One, we’re losing way TOO MANY great groups like 2NE1, 4Minute, Wonder Girls, Sistar etc and two, it makes me feel ancient, which I am not! I got into kpop before Sistar was even a thing, you guys.

That said, the song is great. Horrifyingly sad if you look at the lyrics, but also a very pleasant listen. Sistar has (had *sob*) two great singers who do these kinds of songs very well, so of course it was gonna be beautiful. But still, why you do this?!

So that’s May! I purposefully left out Triple H because I’m working on something else for them. But is there anyone else that I should have included that I left out? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Review of May’s Kpop – Seventeen, TWICE, iKON, Sistar & More!

  1. I was honestly disappointed with iKON’s comeback, just like I was diappointed with ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘What’s Wrong?’. I was waiting for their comeback ever since ‘#WYD’. I felt like neither of the new songs were fresh or contributed a new type of vibe or sound. This type of style and song is just so overused now, it doesn’t retain my interest. They seem to be trying too hard to fit the image (except Bobby, who pulls off any role excellently). Too bad, because I actually like iKON and their earlier singles.

    Ah, Seventeen’s fresh mature side is really nice. All their comeback teasers were so interesting and also soothing. Their singles have never disappointed me, so I’m really glad their new song and MV are nice. All the boys looked so refreshing and beautiful, and plus the MV was shot in such pretty locations. The choreo fits the song well. Hansol and S.Coups singing was quite the pleasant surprise! 😃 See that’s why I like Seventeen, they always try new things in their comebacks.

    I really liked Triple H. I’m so waiting for your review on their song.

    On a side note, congrats on completing a semester! 😃

  2. I LOVE triple H. Hyuna and Hui and Edawn are all adorable too. Can’t wait to see your review on them 😀
    As for Bling Bling, I only liked the part where BI and Bobby say bling-bling. It’s a little try hardy.
    Yezi is a quEEN, no two ways about it c:

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