Opinionated Profile of MAMAMOO


I just really love MAMAMOO. They were my favorite rookies of last year, and with everything new from them I see, I just fall more and more in love. Each of the girls are so incredibly talented, and they all just blow me away. They can definitely rival SPICA, who are legends in this area, in being the most equally vocally talented group, and that’s saying a lot. 

4. Solar


Birth name: Kim Yong Sun

Stage name: Solar

Birthday: February 21, 1991

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Comment: Just because Solar is last, don’t for a second think I don’t love her! Solar is the most stereotypically pretty in the group, and just oh so cute. She’s lovely, and in my opinion the second strongest singer in the group. And that means a lot in a group like this one. Solar’s voice is really very good, and she’s in general very likable, but I have preferences for the other members that she, at this point, can’t really rival.

3. Moonbyul


Birth name: Moon Byul Yi

Stage name: Moonbyul

Birthday: December 22, 1992

Official height: 165 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Comment: Moonbyul is just so cool. For one, she’s actually a very good rapper. Kpop rappers in general aren’t always very good, and girls tend to be worse than guys. Don’t hate me for saying that, we all know it’s true. But Moonbyul does so well! Her rap in “Mr. Ambiguous” really impressed me, and I definitely think she’s at least as good as the majority of male kpop rappers, better than a whole lot. She’s also a very capable dancer, but since MAMAMOO isn’t really a dance based group, and Solar and Whasa sometimes look a little awkward dancing, she can’t properly show it off.

I just read that Moonbyul apparently choreographed the dance for “Mr. Ambiguous”. I love kpop stars who contribute, and since I always thought that dance was such quirky fun, I’m impressed that it was made by her. I found it more interesting than the dance for “Piano Man” which I assume was made by a “real” choreographer.

2. Wheein


Birth name: Jung Hwi In

Stage name: Wheein

Birthday: April 17, 1995

Official height: 162 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: Wheein is my favorite singer in the group, and in my opinion she possesses the strongest voice. She might not have gotten as much ad-libs as Solar did in their debut single, but with every line she gets she really proves how good she is.

Next to Moonbyul, Wheein is the second-best dancer in the group. Just as with Moonbyul though, she doesn’t really get to show it off that much. Both of them could definitely handle more difficult choreography.

Wheein is oh so cute. But somehow, on stage, she’s really quite sexy. It’s a little confusing, but who am I to turn down some cute-sexy? I mean, I got used to Jimin, and that boy is the epitome of the cute-sexy, so I think I can handle Wheein.

1. Whasa


Birth name: Ahn Hye Jin

Stage name: Whasa

Birthday: July 23, 1995

Official height: 162 cm

Position: Maknae, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Comment: First, let’s get real for a second. It is Whasa or Hwasa? Because I’ve seen both, and no one seems to be able to agree on how you’re really supposed to spell her name. If anyone knows what the official way is, let me know.

I’m more than a little in love with Whasa. For one, she most certainly doesn’t look like maknae. She might be 19, but this is one grown up, and sexy, woman! I eat it up, and every time I see her I get more than a little hot and bothered. She’s just so.. ugh. I can’t even describe it. If you’ve ever seen her, you should know. I also really like her personality. She’s a weirdo (without being totally insane), which is always good.

I really like Whasa’s voice. I do think Solar and Wheein are stronger singers, but her voice is still really good. And it’s so… sexy. That’s the only way I could possibly describe it.

I can’t remember having heard Whasa rap… I guess that just means I should check out more of their stuff! Right now!

Yeah, I love MAMAMOO. I mean, how could I not? There’s nothing I need from them that they don’t consistently provide. Let me know what you think of them as a whole, and vote for your favorite member in the poll below!


13 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of MAMAMOO

  1. I love MAMAMOO’s vibe and style!

    my Bias is Moon but in that group I only know Moon,Solar, Whassap!!! (or that blonde one if I can’t remember) but wheein is very forgettable for me she needs something!

    2 words Pink Panty.

  2. About Whasa – her English stage name is Whasa, but in Korean it’s written as 화사 , which would be translated as Hwasa, so both is actually correct. I’m personally still torn between her and Moonbyul as my biases – both of them really pull me in. My favorite 2014 rookies are lovelyz though, I’ve been waiting two years for more of baby soul!

  3. Mamamoo is fabulous. And we share a bias !

    HwaSa rapped at the end of their music video for ‘Don’t Be Happy’, on Baton Touch and on her solo track, 내맘이야 (my heart), which she actually wrote and composed herself.

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