Worst Debut Songs by Kpop Girl Groups

The last post I wrote was all about highlighting the best debut songs from the girl groups listed among my groups. But not every post can be so positive. Here I, while drawing from the same pool of candidates, will “highlight” the worst debut songs. These groups have all come leaps and bounds from their humble beginnings, and even though many of their fans may want to forget what that beginning was, that cannot be allowed. 

8. Wonder Girls’ “Irony” (2007)

I realize some of these choices may be controversial, this possibly being one of those. I don’t hate this song, it ain’t so bad. But it is forgettable and not in any way as catchy as basically any of their later releases. It’s just not up to the standard of what we all know Wonder Girls can achieve, in my humble opinion.

7. BESTie’s “Pitapat” (2013)

BESTie have done a lot of good things, and even though this song isn’t absolutely horrible to listen to, and fairly catchy, it definitely isn’t one of those good things.

6. A Pink’s “I Don’t Know” (2011)

This isn’t a horrible song to listen to, but it is just so forgettable, which makes it pretty awful for a debut song. A debut song has to make the group seem memorable and interesting, and it’s no wonder that A Pink’s debut didn’t make much of an impact.

5. After School’s “Ah!” (2009)

It seems a lot of people really like this song, and I’ve actually tried to start liking it many times, but I just can’t. It has the autotune that was quite rampant at the time, but without making it work, and even though the chorus is pretty catchy I do find the “ah..”s quite jarring. And the verses are nothing special. After School can do, and have done, much better.

4. Dalshabet’s “Supa Dupa Diva” (2011)

Okay, now it’s getting bad. I really don’t like this song, and I would be surprised if someone argued against this choice in the comments. It’s mostly the chorus that destroys it, the rest is actually good-ish now and then.

3. SISTAR’s “Push Push” (2010)

SISTAR is now a respectable group with many good songs to their name, but they didn’t start out quite right. I do like the chorus to a fair amount, I think it’s fun and catchy. But the rest is just not well put together, it’s just not.

2. Secret’s “I Want You Back” (2009)

Yeah, no. It’s overly autotuned (into absurdum) and under that is just a pretty damn forgettable and boring song. Now if only Secret could come back some time soon, and prove to us all just how much they’ve grown since then, because it’s quite a bit.

1. Girl’s Day’s “Tilt My Head” (2010)

In my opinion, out of my girl groups, this is the worst of them all. I mean, come on. Is there any Girl’s Day fans out there who honestly and truly are proud of this?

I find it interesting that the “top” 6 here are all songs released in the 2009-2011 era of kpop. That was in the time of kpop where things were more autotuned than they have been in any other era, if I’m remembering things correctly, and not even back then was I very fond of that. Autotune can work, if handled right, but during that era it was very heavy handed, which is mainly what ruined these songs for me.


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