Opinionated Profile of U-KISS


(Ignore the fact that Dongho’s in the picture, and that AJ is not)

Just to be clear, I’m only including current members, so no Dongho, but I won’t be including Jun because I know absolutely nothing about him yet. AJ will of course be included though, since he is just on hiatus.

6. Soohyun


Birth name: Shin Soo Hyun

Stage name: Soohyun

Birthday: March 11, 1989

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Leader

Comment: I feel like kind of a jerk for putting Soohyun last. I don’t have anything against him whatsoever. I like his voice and I’m often very impressed by his vocals.

So why don’t I like him more? I think it comes down to two things. Number one, I don’t find him particularly attractive (which I’ve written about here) and number two, he just doesn’t stand out to me. I’m not enough of a KissMe to follow lots and lots of their interviews etc, so if they don’t stand out to me in their music videos or on stage, and I’m not forced to face them in other places (Like I was with Kevin and After School Club), they just won’t grab me. The fact that he doesn’t do anything for me attractiveness-wise is also definitely a big thing. I know we all like to say that looks isn’t the most important, but we all know that we wouldn’t choose a bias we don’t find attractive.

5. Kiseop


Birth name: Lee Ki Seop

Stage name: Kiseop

Birthday: January 17, 1991

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: I definitely feel very shallow for putting Kiseop over Soohyun, because in every aspect except for the physical one, I like Soohyun more. Soohyun impresses me vocally in a way that Kiseop never ever ever has, and while I do like U-KISS as a dance group, I’ve never really paid attention to Kiseop as an individual dancer.

But I do think that Kiseop’s quite beautiful. As the looks of his look-alike Block B’s Jaehyo has grown on me, so has his, of course. I appreciate the alienesqueness that is Kiseop way more now than I ever have before.

4. Hoon


Birth name: Yeo Hoon Min

Stage name: Hoon

Birthday: August 16, 1991

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: The bottom three on this list are really very close, so Hoon could just as well be number six here. And he might be tomorrow. Hoon is, just like Soohyun, someone I feel like I should appreciate more. He has a good voice, he’s stable and he does well. But he just doesn’t pop out to me, and I’ve never felt much attracted to him.

3. AJ


Birth name: Kim Jae Seop

Stage name: AJ

Birthday: June 4, 1991

Official height: 183 cm

Position: Rapper

Comment: Even though I am not into U-KISS, I really do miss AJ when he’s gone. But I do think he’s making a very smart decision. He can’t be a kpop star forever, so getting a proper education at a good American college is very clever of him. Loads and loads of kpop stars enroll at universities in Korea, but how many of them do you think actually has the time to go? AJ taking time off now and again to really study makes a lot more sense to me, and I full-heartedly support him in that. Even though I do miss him.

I am loads more attached to the three English speakers in the group. It is in general a lot easier for me to feel connected to kpop stars if I know they speak English, because it makes them feel a lot less distant and disconnected from me. Knowing that I would easily be able to communicate with them if I would ever meet them is a nice feeling. This is especially a big deal in groups I don’t know that well, like U-KISS.

I don’t think any of the rappers in U-KISS are really that good, but they’re good enough so that it doesn’t bother me. And I don’t think U-KISS has the need for great rappers.

AJ is funny, and really charming. But even when he’s being the biggest derp out there, he still feels intelligent to me.

2. Eli


Birth name: Kim Kyoung Jae

Stage name: Eli

Birthday: March 13, 1991

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Main Rapper

Comment: I think Eli’s lovely. I haven’t followed him that closely, but from what I have seen, he seems like a very good guy. He’s funny and charming in a way I really like.

As I said, I don’t think either of the rappers in U-KISS are that good, but I do prefer Eli’s rapping to AJ’s. It’s a very close battle though.

Eli’s hot. I think. Maybe. Or is he? I’ve already written about all that though, so check out the link up there. *points towards the section about Soohyun*

1. Kevin


Birth name: Woo Sung Hyun

Stage name: Kevin

Birthday: November 25, 1991

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I quite often think of myself as having two biases in U-KISS, but when it really comes down to it, I do like Kevin more than I like Eli.

I love the combination that is Kevin and Eric Nam. They’re outrageously funny, and even though I really like Hanbyul too, I definitely prefer it when it’s those two hosting ASC.

Kevin is beautiful. Way more beautiful than I’d ever be. He has a very feminine face, and being super skinny he really looks quite delicate. I like his “girliness” and I really think it makes him more interesting.

I like Kevin’s voice. It doesn’t blow me away, but he handles himself well at all times.

Kevin is adorable, fabulous, a dear, and just all around awesome! If you don’t love him you’re in denial.


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7 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of U-KISS

  1. I really like U-Kiss’s whole image, it’s preppy and cutie but with an bit of an edgy attitude, especially with their last two albums. They’ve grown from boys to men. Kiseop’s the best looking member for me, he looked mixed but he’s not, also he’s really funny, did you see him dancing Gee? absolutely hilarious.
    Kevin’s from San Francisco, so already a plus for me HAHA.
    Eli looks like one of my PE teachers, AJ’s really cute, hoon and soohyun are adorable as well.
    They have a new member now since AJ’s away for his studies, I haven’t check him out yet. lol.

    1. Not so cute anymore, though! Damn.
      Haha why is San Francisco such a great thing?
      Wow, you must have had one hot PE teacher! :O
      Yeah, I’ve so far only seen him in the new video. I like his rapping, but he’s not really my type haha.

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