Best Debut Songs by Kpop Girl Groups

Far from all groups start off their careers with something big and amazing that their fans can look back on with pride for all eternity. But some do, and here I will highlight the ones that most certainly did. And when I say “best”, I of course mean in my opinion, so please don’t get too upset if you don’t agree with this list. 

Also, the only groups eligible for this list are the groups listed among my groups, because I had to limit the search, or drown.

8. f(x)’s “LA chA TA” (2009)

I consider f(x) one of my favorite groups, and they have released several singles that I love, but this is still, after all this time, one of my absolute favorites. And that even though I’m constantly forgetting that it is their debut song… It’s got that old school f(x) sass and quirkiness and even a bit of cuteness, which is appropriate for a young group’s debut.

7. TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH” (2015)

TWICE was my favorite rookie group of 2015, and part of the reason for that was that they absolutely hit it out of the park with this debut song. It’s cute and fun and so catchy and pretty much exactly what I wanted from their debut. Except Jungyeon’s lack of lines, but you can’t have everything. I don’t even know how many times I’ve sung this song, and I still love it.

6. AoA’s “Elvis” (2012)

I haven’t had the best relationship with AoA, but despite the apparent messiness of their debut song, I really think they nailed it. It may not be one of their big hits, but in my opinion it’s their second-best single ever.

5. Kara’s “Break It” (2007)

There are only two groups I’ve flat out disliked within kpop. The second was AoA. And the first was Kara. The reasons I for me almost hating Kara were a mix of perceived overratedness and me being childish and I will not go into that again. But if they had only stayed the way they were when they debuted, I’m quite sure I never could have hated them. This is a stronger Kara by far than the Kara that later made it big.

4. Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World” (2007)

The reason why I really don’t like GFriend’s debut song “Glass Bead” and why I initially had such a hard time with GFriend as a group is because their debut was such a blatant ripoff of this song. And I love this song. Girls’ Generation have done a lot of great things over the course of their long and successful career, but where they started off was in my opinion one of their greatest knockouts. The purity and hopefulness of this song never ceases to move me.

3. Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl” (2013)

Ladies’ Code were my favorite female rookies of 2013, and this is still the best song they’ve released. I love the dance, I love the vocals and I’m slightly concerned by how well I related to certain sections of the lyrics. Thankfully I have evolved since those days. But Ladies’ Code’s sound? It’s too bad that evolved. (Even if the place it is now ain’t so bad.)

2. MAMAMOO’s “Mr. Ambiguous” (2014)

I named MAMAMOO my favorite rookies of 2014, over such groups as WINNER, Red Velvet and even GOT7, and I don’t regret it one bit. This debut blew me away and MAMAMOO just keep blowing me away and keep climbing on my bias list. The vocal power alone should impress every kpop fan.

1. Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” (2010)

MAMAMOO’s debut was mindblowingly impressive, but there is one group whose debut song is even more of a favorite of mine. This song and video perfectly defined their image and style and over these years they haven’t strayed far from it. They’ve gone through different emotions and situations, but they’ve always been the same girls. And I couldn’t have been happier, because the girls that this song established are girls that I love.

What do you think is the best debut song from a female group ever released? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Best Debut Songs by Kpop Girl Groups

  1. Ooh yay I was hoping you’d include Mamamoo’s debut, I love it so much!!! I wish I could tell you what I think is the best female group debut song, but… I’m not much of a girl group stan, so I couldn’t say anything XD. If this were boy groups though- well, I’d basically be freaking out trying to decide lol.

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