Opinionated Profile of Red Velvet

red velvet

I never intended to be a fan of Red Velvet, and I’m still not sure if I am. I mean, I both hate and love their debut song, and “Be Natural” was nice, but didn’t do anything for me, and I haven’t listened to it since it came out. So am I really a fan? I’m not sure. But I did take the time to get the names down, so I guess I do care. Otherwise, why would I have? Maybe it’s just the evil witchcraft of SM. 

4. Joy


Birth name: Park Soo Young

Stage name: Joy

Birthday: September 3, 1996

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper

Comment: Joy is unbelievably pretty, and her age brings the average down to a more rookie-like level. But besides that, I don’t see much of a point to her. To me, she’s the weakest singer and the most awkward dancer, and the only rapping I’ve heard her do is the talk-singing in “Happiness”, and all of the girls seem to pull that off just fine.

That’s not to say that I in anyway dislike Joy or want her out of the group, I think she’s real cute, and her smile just brightens up the stage. And as long as she doesn’t pull the team down, which she does not, that’s enough for me.

3. Seulgi


Birth name: Kang Seul Gi

Stage name: Seulgi

Birthday: February 10, 1994

Official height: 162 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: I’m confused. Seeing as how it was Wendy that got the big solo adlib thingy in their debut song, I thought she’d be the main vocalist. But I guess not. I also don’t think Seulgi looks like a visual. Not because she isn’t pretty, of course she is, but I just think Irene has more that kind of face.

Seulgi is definitely one of the best two singers, and one of the two best dancers and overall seems to be the most evenly talented in the group. If only she’d been the oldest, then there’d be no question who should be the leader. Seulgi is impressive, but she hasn’t grabbed me just yet.

2. Wendy


Birth name: Son Seung Wan

Stage name: Wendy

Birthday: February 21, 1994

Official height: 160 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: I like Wendy. She’s definitely one of the two strongest, if not the strongest, singers in the group.

Her dancing is sometimes a little awkward, but it’s nothing that bothers me. It does surprise me that she’s the lead dancer and not Seulgi, since Seulgi is certainly the stronger dancer of the two, but oh well.

She’s very pretty, but there’s a bitchiness to her face whenever she does anything with it at all that I just love. It makes her even more likable to me. I’ve always wanted a constant bitch-face, and Wendy, just like Sehun, has that. Damn, I’m jealous.

1. Irene


Birth name: Bae Ju Hyun

Stage name: Irene

Birthday: March 29, 1991

Official height: 161 cm

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Comment: Irene is beyond stunning. Just look at that picture of her, and feel the gorgeousness burn through your soul. She’s not a very strong singer, but there’s a sweetness to her voice that I really quite like. So far she’s done no rapping that I classify as actual rapping, but her talk-singing is quite good. She’s a very capable dancer, and there’s a grace to her that I wish I possessed.

When it comes to pure talent, I don’t think Irene is the most gifted. But she has something the others haven’t shown me: charm. She’s messed up, she’s been awkward and she’s made me laugh. And I haven’t had to follow them on variety shows or whatever to see that, it’s just that obvious. And I adore her for that.

Vote for your favorite member in the poll, and let me know what you think about Red Velvet as a group in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of Red Velvet

  1. Hey girl! it’s Mary, don’t know if you still remember me lol. we haven’t talked forever, how have you been??? still busy with school? it’s ok to put the blog aside and concentrate in school, i’ll miss your posts though haha.
    anyway, Red Velvet is actually one of the few talented rookie groups out there, these girls can sing, dance and good at variety shows. SM needs to give them a full length album already. as for the members, I think Irene is stunning, Wendy is soo gorgeous, Joy is cute and Seulgi is pretty too. Wendy’s from Canada so we got another native English speaker from SM. i think these girls will go pretty far if SM manage them properly, right now all they have is broken groups, please don’t mess up another one.
    good luck with school and take care!

    1. Of course I remember you, I’ve missed your comments!! And yeah, I’m still busy… I can handle one post a week though.
      Red Velvet are most certainly talented, but their music hasn’t grabbed me yet. I’m waiting for SM to let them blow me away.

  2. RV is like my second Miss A just because I like all the members.

    I think of RV as reincarnation of CSJH The Grace (my fave girl group of all time). All gorgeous, all talented. IMO, The Grace debuted at a wrong time and have been attached to DBSK’s name too much (that was not a good thing for Cassies back then). SM didn’t know how to handle the girls’ (The Grace i mean) talents & personalities (and boy, do they have crazy personalities!!). Really, such a waste of talents.

    Anyway, I think SM is going in a good path with RV. Releasing “Be Natural” after “Happiness” is a very effective way to show how versatile the group is. They have strong singers and good sub vocals. Even Joy’s voice (I also think she has the weakest) is better compared to the second strongest singers of other groups…and that says alot about group talent.

    You have singers with nice voice and singers with strong voices and Wendy is at home with the latter. in SM’s roster, she is second to Luna (and third to Jonghyun because JH’s voice is in a whole other level). I get a “Fei’s younger sisiter” vibe from her. She is beautiful but not in a Korean kind of way. I she her more popular with fans from America or Europe rather than Asia…and subtle fierceness too!

    Irene is the newest inductee to SM’s “Ethereals” (members so far include Jaejoong, Lina, Jessica, Luhan and Kris). It’s one thing to be gorgeous but these kind of faces have that otherworldly kind to it. She is the best dancer out of the four and it shows with that extra oomph of the hip sway and hair flip. I can’t believe she is the oldest amongst the four!

    SM has a knack for having giant maknaes and Joy is not an exemption. In most performances she wear flat sneakers compared to her unni-deul (i hate it when people put “s” after oppa/unni or hyung/noona) but still manage to be the tallest. I would laugh my arse off if behind that megawatt and innosent smile is another evil, scheming maknae just waiting for a couple of years to be set free and torture older members.

    Seulgi is the girl-next-door type. The one everyone likes. She is like the “all around girl” in the group. Her dancing is next to Irene and voice next to Wendy. Some fans hated her because of the “Kyuhyun’s girl” issue and even more so when she turned out to be pretty, a good dancer and singer (jealousy & crab mentality is never good together) which I think is such a crazy notion.

    I hope to see these girls in more variety shows so we can really see what their personalities are like.

    1. Wow you really do like them, huh? You definitely convinced me to keep an extra eye on them. And yes, I agree that it would be beyond hilarious if Joy turns out to be evil.

      1. Thank you! Though I probably won’t be changing this post, I still appreciate finding out what I did wrong. And no, generally I don’t update the profiles when new members are added/members leave. That would just mean so much upkeep, especially in these dark days of kpop.

      2. Uhmm.. Irene is the visual . I don’t think that Seulgi is confirmed as the FOTG and Wendy is not a Lead dancer, She is the main vocalist only (it means that she is the best in singing *main*) Then uh Seulgi is the Lead vocalsit and Main dancer ( 2nd best in singing and * Best in dancing*) Irene is the visual, Lead dancer and Main rapper and she’s also a vocalist. I think she has many talents: She’s the most felxible, She can rap *check campfire* Her Visuals tho. Her imitations of doraemon and Kittens and Maybe she hasn’t showed much yet.
        So far Joy is the Lead vocalist (*3rd best* i think) And lead rapper *2nd best*
        And Yerimmie.. She’s the maknae, dancer, vocals, rapper

      3. I know what main etc means, and I am aware that these positions are supposedly incorrect. I made it when they were quite new, and the source I used must have been wrong.

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