Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Girl Group Visuals

I’m already sensing that this will be a controversial post… I left off some people that most people would claim really should be on here, and I put some people here that I think almost no one would consider for this list. To be honest, I even surprised myself a little. But well… I tried to be neutral and really look at how attractive I honestly find these girls. I couldn’t consider every single visual in the kpop world for this though, of course, so I only really considered my groups. But since the biggest names are included there, I feel like those are the groups that are usually on lists like this anyway.

Prepare to look at the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

7. A Pink’s Naeun


Naeun is so so pretty. She’s a girl that’s usually on these lists, and I can’t do anything but agree. When I first saw her I just saw an ”average” (for kpop that is) pretty face, but nothing to scream and shout over. But I see more now. She does have a ”stereotypical visual” look, but it’s done to perfection.

6. SPICA’s Jiwon


I don’t think she’d be on most people’s lists, but she for sure belongs on mine. Jiwon is not only stunning, she has an approachable beauty, a ”real” beauty, that I don’t see in many kpop girls. Barely any at all, to be honest.

5. BESTie’s Haeryung


If I was trying to artificially create the perfect kpop visual, I think the finished girl would look something like Haeryung. She is complete doll-like perfection, which normally would bore me but in this case just blows my freaking mind. Stunning stunning girl, better in movement than in pictures though.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona


I’m sure a lot of people think that this is a list that Yoona should win, and are outraged that I put her this far down, but hear me out on this… Yoona is clearly beautiful, the perfect other-worldly girl next door. The girl next door on a planet inhabited by gods and goddesses of beauty. But she is just slightly too ”plain” in her look for me to put her higher on here; I need just a wee bit of an edge to go crazy.

3. TWICE’s Tzuyu


Tzuyu is a rookie, a young teenager. And I’m already blown away by how beautiful she is. I’m completely sure that in a few years she will have blossomed even more, and be able to rival every single stunning person in the entire freaking world. She’s in the group for her looks, and for her looks she will be loved.

2. T-ARA’s Jiyeon


Jiyeon is a girl that, while pretty when you see her the first time, really explodes with beauty the more you see of her. Given that T-ARA is a top-tier group for me, and Jiyeon is my favorite member, I’ve seen quite a bit of her. And I never want to stop looking.

1. f(x)’s Krystal


I’m not even sure if Krystal is officially the visual of f(x), but after Sulli’s departure she feels like the natural replacement. And well… If I could look like she does in this picture (and could have her abs) I would be the most stunning creature that had ever lived. Which means that that’s clearly what she is. She has the girl next door factor that her sorta lookalike Yoona also has, but she also has a sass and an edge that is all her own.

One thing that is important to remember is that while these are the prettiest visuals in my opinion, not all of these are the ones I consider the prettiest in their groups. If I could have chosen the prettiest member of each group, this would have been a very different list. Maybe I’ll do that some day.

Who do you think are the prettiest girl visuals? Are you mad that I left off people like Dara and Suzy?


9 thoughts on “Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Girl Group Visuals

    1. Well except for Jaekyung, none of those are official visuals, which is all I considered for this post… I also found out (and was shocked) that Nana is not the official visual of After School! Otherwise she for sure would have been on here.

      1. No, these are the official visuals I find most beautiful! So they’re here for both reasons 🙂 Apparently Uee is! I was very surprised.

  1. For me personally, Hara from KARA and Bora from SISTAR are both exceptionally beautiful. Interestingly, I most often find that the member I see as most attractive is not actually the visual of the group.

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