Trying to Untangle My Tangled BTS Bias List

I didn’t know if you guys’d want a post about this, but since it was requested, I will write it! At the BTS showcase this Tuesday I realized that I might have to reevaluate my bias list, since there were some of the guys that impressed me in a way they never have before.

I’m sure the absolute majority of you guys (if not all of you) don’t remember what my BTS bias list normally looks like, so here it is:

7. Suga

6. Jin

5. J-Hope

4. Jimin

3. V

2. Jungkook

1. Rap Monster

It just doesn’t feel right anymore. So here’s my new bias list, with comments:

7. Jin

The worst singer, and he doesn’t have a presence on stage that grabs me. So he’s now required to move down to make room.

6. J-Hope

Still a dork, a good rapper, and quite hilarious. Has to move down to make room though.

5. Suga

When I saw him on stage, I realized how wrong it was of me to put him last. He might not be the most attractive to me, but he’s an insanely solid rapper. I was really impressed.

4. V

He’s a weirdo, and therefore hilarious. And very fine. But not enough so to keep his spot.

3. Jungkook

I still adore Jungkook and love him to bits, so don’t get me wrong. He looked fine as all hell, and his singing and dancing was on point. But I’m being distracted by someone else.

2. Jimin

I wrote in my opinionated profile that it was hard for me to know how to relate to Jimin, since he’s both insanely cute and really sexy. But now I’ve figured it out. Jimin is the best of both worlds, and on stage he amazed me. He looked amazing, and sounded great, so it’s all good.

1. Rap Monster

I didn’t come away from this showcase with a new bias though. No matter how much Jimin impressed me, Rap Monster is my dude. He was hilarious, he looked great (the hair!) and his rapping was on point. I came away confused, but knowing one thing; I picked the right bias.


Wow, three posts in one day! I hope you enjoyed them all, and that you won’t be disapproving of me spamming you. (If you’re a follower that is. And you are, right?)

– Admin A


4 thoughts on “Trying to Untangle My Tangled BTS Bias List

  1. Yes! Sad to see that Kookie moved further down but the more love for Jimin, the better. He’s not my bias but that boy deserves everything.

  2. jimin is a special ass honeybun. kid needs more love. if jhope is the group’s hope, jimin is his sunshine. you can see it. i like a sense of humor though, and jhope and rapmon really nail it for me.

    it’s okay man, with bts there is no fixed bias list. everybody say no.

    1. Yeah, this is one confusing group… I’m not even sure if this is still my bias list…. Jimin deserves all the love though, and I will provide it! Rap Monster is still my bias though.

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