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block b

As I mentioned in the list of the week I posted a couple of days ago, today it’s time for Block B to finally get their opinionated profile! Block B is my third favorite boy group and my fourth favorite group altogether, so it’s a given that I love them and all the members loads. But let’s get on with this!

7. Jaehyo


Birth name: Ahn Jae Hyo

Stage name: Jaehyo

Birthday: December 23, 1990

Official height: 182 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: It’s fairly easy for me to put Jaehyo last, because he doesn’t really interest me much. I feel like his number one purpose in this group is to be the ‘face’ and since I don’t always find him that attractive, I don’t find him that useful. That’s not to say in any way that he’s useless, but he’s definitely not a member that pulls lots of weight.

At times, like in this picture, Jaehyo is gorgeous. But quite often I find him looking a little weird. His face is quite long and his chin is quite square, giving him an almost rectangular look. But as I said, sometimes he’s absolutely gorgeous.

While his voice isn’t exactly bad, it’s definitely not very strong and I feel like he has some problems live fairly often.

6. B-Bomb


Birth name: Lee Min Hyuk

Stage name: B-Bomb

Birthday: December 14, 1990

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: I think that B-Bomb is actually a stronger singer than Jaehyo, though it’s pretty close. His voice is alright, but not that strong, just like Jaehyo’s.

While I do think that B-Bomb is the better dancer out of the dance line, I’ve still for some reason always preferred U-Kwon’s dancing. There’s no reasonable reason for it, it’s just a personal preference.

I have, at least lately, felt like B-Bomb is more consistently good-looking than Jaehyo. His highs aren’t as high, but he never looks weird to me, so his lows aren’t as low as Jaehyo’s.

All in all, neither Jaehyo nor B-Bomb adds much to my liking of this group, and the reason why I prefer B-Bomb to Jaehyo is much because of the fact that I find him more handsome overall, even though Jaehyo sometimes completely wows me. It’s been a while since that happened though.

5. Kyung


Birth name: Park Kyung

Stage name: Kyung

Birthday: July 8, 1992

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Composer

Comment: I definitely like Kyung less than he deserves, that’s for sure. He’s funny and he’s a very good rapper, what’s not to like?

Yeah, Kyung’s funny for sure. He’s not my absolute favorite type of entertaining but he does make me laugh. His personality doesn’t enamor me for it to be able to get him a higher position though.

Looks-wise Kyung isn’t my type. There isn’t anything in specific about him that really turns me off, I’m just very not attracted to him. Like, at all. Sorry, Kyung.

When it comes to his rapping, I have to say that he’s definitely a very skillful rapper and that he has great flow. I’d say that he’s a better rapper than P.O, for sure. So, I think the problem I have with his rapping is his voice, and that’s not his fault at all. His voice is naturally a little high-pitched and almost a little immature-sounding at times, and that’s as far from my favorite rap style as you can come.

4. Taeil


Birth name: Lee Tae Il

Stage name: Taeil

Birthday: September 24, 1990

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Taeil lands this highly on my list completely based on vocal talent, that’s for sure. And he truly deserves this spot, since there are songs where he completely blows me away with his singing. This guy can SING, I mean for real. My love for his singing doesn’t come as much from love for the tone of his voice, but from an amazement of the technique and shear power that this tiny man can muster. It’s very impressive.

Physically, he doesn’t work for me at all. There isn’t anything at all wrong with the way he looks that I can put my finger on, his look just doesn’t work for me. It also doesn’t help that he’s super short, which isn’t my type.

I feel like Taeil is quite under appreciated, and I definitely think he deserves a lot more love.

3. U-Kwon


Birth name: Kim Yoo Kwon

Stage name: U-Kwon

Birthday: April 9, 1992

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: I find U-Kwon super sexy. I definitely prefer him when he does his little smirks and his ‘I’m sexy’-faces. He’s also super hot when he dances. To be honest, as soon as he flashes that cute smile or does some awkward aegyo, I lose all my attraction for him. I like him as a sexy fantasy, not really as the cute little thing he often acts like.

As I said before, I prefer U-Kwon’s dancing to B-Bomb’s, even though I think B-Bomb’s the better dancer, and I think that is much to be credited to the fact that I find U-Kwon so sexy when he dances that my hormones kind of clog my brain.

U-Kwon gets the least lines in Block B’s songs, and there’s definitely a reason for that. He just isn’t a strong singer. That’s fine though, I and my hormones don’t need him to be.

2. Zico


Birth name: Woo Ji Ho

Stage name: Zico

Birthday: September 14, 1992

Official height: 182 cm

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Composer

Comment: Zico is one of my favorite rappers in all of kpop, for sure. Normally I’m a fan of rappers with deeper voices and tend to favor them quite a lot, but Zico’s style, tone and overall swagger has really won me over. I love him just as much for his solo songs as for his work in Block B and some of his own songs are my favorite jam.

While I do find Zico very attractive, my attraction lessens a lot when I’m just looking at a picture instead of a video. His attraction comes a lot more from skill, confidence and vibe than it does from his actual look. (But bring back the dreads, they were glorious. I don’t care if they were fake, I want them back!)

I love that he writes his own stuff, and I also love that his lyrics are actually really meaningful. He often writes about real issues, and some of his lyrics could be quite controversial, and I love him for daring to do that. See ‘Dead President’ for reference.

1. P.O


Birth name: Pyo Ji Hoon

Stage name: P.O

Birthday: February 2, 1993

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Rapper, Maknae

Comment: My attraction to P.O is most probably heavily based on two things: He’s a rapper with a very deep and raspy voice, which I love, and he had long hair the first time I saw him. Those two reasons means that there is definitely some dark magic keeping me forever stuck to this adorable goofball.

To be honest, I normally don’t find him that physically attractive, this picture being an exception. But the first time I saw him (which was in the video for ‘Nillili Mambo’), he was gorgeous to me. And I’ll forever live off of that memory.

His voice is probably the most perfect voice for a male rapper that I’ve ever heard. Dark and deep, raspy and manly equals great rap tone in my book.


That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this opinionated profile! Opinionated profiles have quickly become my favorite posts to write, so I enjoyed this a lot. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

If you have any comments, opinions or requests for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post then leave a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


6 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of Block B

  1. my knowledge (and interest) of Block B is very limited. all i can recognize is Zico!!

    i “dicovered” them just last yeart after hearing Nilili Mambo (yeah, whole year AFTER it was released. it was the chorus i first heard and i was like “is that TOP?” but then the voice sounded different – not to mention the song is unfamiliar – so i checked out the whole thing, and boy, i’m sure glad i did.

    i love LOVE the song!! it was my “it” song for almost 3 months.

    i learned the song was mostly Zico’s doing and i was VERY impressed. i saw some GD in there, and the way he rapped? wow!! on of the Best in current Kpop.

    and that’s it basically. hehe.

    my relationship with them was like a fling. i was soo used to and bored with my relationship with EXO that i cheated with Block B. i won’t regret that i did though. EXO is like the poster boyfriend but Block B was the bad boy type and showed me something different from what i was used to.

    untimately, i chose to end the fling (we are still friends though) and mended things with EXO. we are stronger & happier now but Nilili Mambo will always have a special place in my heart 😀

    1. Well, I love Block B, but taste differs 🙂 We can agree on the fact that ‘Nillili Mambo’ is a great song though! 😀

      I love your comparison of EXO and Block B to the perfect boyfriend and the bad boy lover haha! That legitimately made me laugh out loud, and it really makes a lot of sense ^^

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    1. I would in no way call it outstanding, but I appreciate it nonetheless!
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