Opinionated Profile of M.A.P6


M.A.P6 debuted at the end of 2015, but for 80% of these boys, this is not their first experience of idoldom. These are some people who are dead set on being kpop stars, and I really hope it’ll work out for them this time around. Leader Minhyuk first debuted in the now forgotten but absolutely amazing group Taken back in 2011, but when that fell apart after only one song he, along with J.Jun, Sun and J.Vin debuted as four fifths of the 2012 group A-PRINCE. That group lasted longer, and didn’t officially disband until last year, but it did eventually do so. But that didn’t mean the end for these boys and Minhyuk, J.Jun, Sun and J.Vin picked up their knickknacks, left their leader Sungwon in the military, joined another agency and started over, adding Sign in the process. These boys are new, but they also aren’t. They’ve got that rookie freshness but they have more tv and performance experience, and therefore don’t quite have that rookie awkwardness that a lot of groups struggle with.

5. J.Vin


Birth name: Park Jong Bin

Stage name: J.Vin

Birthday: May 28, 1996

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Sub-Vocal, Rapper, Maknae

Comment: I go back and forth on this dude, and really wasn’t sure if I should put him fourth or fifth on this list. Sometimes I really like him, and find him really likable and funny. But at other times he kind of annoys me. I can’t put my finger on what it is he’s doing wrong, but there is something… Same thing about his look. Sometimes I think he looks amazing, and has a really cool face, but at other times his look doesn’t work for me at all. I’m sure time will tell, but as of right now, I’m really not sure.

He didn’t do any singing in M.A.P6’s debut single (as I’m writing this, that’s the only one that’s been released) so I’m not gonna comment on that, but I didn’t like his rapping all that much. It wasn’t bad for an idol, but it wasn’t good either.

4. Sign


Birth name: Kim Ki Ho

Stage name: Sign

Birthday: October 24, 1994

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I’m not especially attracted to Sign, and his soft-spoken personality isn’t something for me to rave about either. He seems like a nice guy and all, and I have seen potential for him to loosen up a little when he gets more used to the idol circuit. The reason why I decided to put him above J.Vin here is for sure his voice. He handled all the singing in the chorus by himself in their debut single, and he did it so beautifully. Seriously, it was that part that really sold the song to me. Now I like the whole thing, but Sign’s parts were absolutely the main selling point.

3. Minhyuk


Birth name: Kim Min Hyuk

Stage name: Minhyuk

Birthday: April 11, 1992

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Leader, Rapper

Comment: Just what the kpop world needs: another Minhyuk… We’ve got one in BtoB, one in CNBlue and I’m pretty sure there’s one in Monsta X as well. And probably about a hundred more. All of those four are actually named Minhyuk, so I guess it just happens to be a common name. It both makes the kpop world confusing, and easy somehow. I remembered this Minhyuk’s name very easily through relating him to the other Minhyuks in my life.

Minhyuk seems to have a masculine yet easy-going personality, which makes him very attractive to me. He seems like a good leader, and he has the years in the kpop industry to qualify for that position, for sure. His rapping isn’t flawless, but it’s definitely the best in the group, and I’m not half mad at it.

Oh, and no offense to any A-PRINCE fans still out there, but this group is so much better for Minhyuk. He just can’t pull off that cutesy stuff.

2. Sun


Birth name: Kang Byung Seon

Stage name: Sun

Birthday: December 31, 1995

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Comment: Sun is so annoying, and I love it. He’s annoying in the good way. He keeps bothering the other members, making them ”prove” their positions and he thinks he’s for sure the cutest member, even though none of the other members agree with him.

Sun is a great dancer, but I’m honestly just very impressed with their dancing as a group. I know nothing about dance, and can’t actually tell who’s good and who isn’t (unless they’re really really bad, then I can for sure tell. I just can’t see small differences very well.) but this group has impressed me.

None of these boys hold a candle to Sign in the vocals department, but there was something about Sun’s singing in their debut single ”Storm” that I just loved. Whenever I try to sing along to his parts, I always get choked up. And I am not a very emotional person. He just puts so much emotion in there somehow, and I’m very impressed.

1. J.Jun


Birth name: Kim Yeong Jun

Stage name: J.Jun

Birthday: May 21, 1994

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Sub-Vocalist

Comment: I chose my bias in the most superficial way possible. My first more in-depth introduction to M.A.P6 was when they came on Pops in Seoul, and as soon as I saw them sitting there all lined up I immediately claimed the ”hot blonde in the middle”. He didn’t even get to speak before I knew that he was mine. Yeah, not my most well thought-out choice. But I’ve chosen numerous biases in this way over the years, and most of them have stayed with me. So I’m for sure optimistic about J.Jun’s chances to cut it. He is very pretty.

He barely got any lines at all in their first song, and the ones he did get were not that impressive. I don’t really care though; he’s pretty.

J.Jun has a beautiful smile and a quite bright and almost cute (the horror) personality. He’s not actually my bias type when you really look at him, but as of right now, that is of no concern to me. I just want to look at him.


3 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of M.A.P6

  1. I kind of loved A-Prince (and bought all their albums) so I was pretty happy that instead of disbanding we had them re-incarnated as Map6 – even if they have lost the cuteness factor 😛

    1. This is the best thing that could possibly come out of such a bad situation 🙂 unless your bias was the one guy that didn’t get in this group….

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