Opinionated Profile of Dalshabet


Dalshabet is a group that’s kind of been in my sight, but not that much on my mind, for quite some time. They’ve for a long time had plenty of potential, and their three latest singles have all been my jams. And I even remember being very into ”Have, Don’t Have” and ”Be Ambitious” back in the day. But I never really even considered taking the time to learn their names. Not until recently. Dalshabet came back as a 4-member group not that long ago, having lost two girls, and now it was time for me to finally give them the time of day. 

Dalshabet is… well… It feels like you took four very awkward girls and threw them into the limelight. They’re just kind of weird for tv. I like it, but it’s definitely strange to watch. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that they do differently, but there’s for sure something.

I miss having Gaeun around; her style of rapping was pleasing to me and she stopped Subin from looking like such a giant, the way she does now. But besides that, I feel like Dalshabet is somehow optimized now. These girls go together in a very pleasing way, and I don’t feel like they’re really missing anything.

4. Ahyoung


Birth name: Cho Ja Young

Stage name: Ahyoung

Birthday: May 26, 1991

Official height: 166 cm

Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: Ahyoung seems like a very sweet girl, and there’s definitely something extremely likable about her, but she hasn’t quite blown me away.

I feel like she’s the weakest singer in the group (though it’s actually a fairly even group) and as I personally don’t think she’s the most attractive member, or the most visual-esque, her status as the face is not redeeming for me.

I definitely don’t dislike her, not at all, but I’m for sure not in love.

By the way, I just read that she’s apparently a big fan of Greek mythology. That fact alone is almost enough to move her up a position.

3. Woohee


Birth name: Bae Woo Hee

Stage name: Woohee

Birthday: November 21, 1991

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: It’s kind of a toss up between Ahyoung and Woohee for who I like more, but Woohee does have a slight edge. For one I think she’s the second-best singer (Probably. As I said, this group is actually quite even) and I find her prettier than Ahyoung. She kind of has a case of resting bitch face, but when she smiles that all goes away. She has lovely dimples and just looks so nice and cute and sweet when she smiles.

There’s definitely some awkwardness going on with this girl, maybe the most out of all of them.

2. Serri


Birth name: Park Mi Yeon

Stage name: Serri

Birthday: September 16, 1990

Official height: 165 cm

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: Serri… Wow. I remember when I first heard ”B.B.B.” (and became obsessed with it) I was so blown away by Serri’s face. She’s really beautiful, but in an almost nonhuman way (there’s definitely some non-naturalness going on here) that sometimes makes her look like the greatest creature ever envisioned and sometimes almost makes her look scary. I was intrigued, and that intrigue has still not worn off.

Serri is full to the brim with aegyo, but somehow still manages to seem mature and like a respectable leader. It’s not the most common combination, since aegyo by definition means you seem immature and childish.

Woohee and Serri are fairly equal in the singing department (I think. It’s really not clear-cut.) but her voice is no stand-out. The rapping she did in their latest comeback was not as good as what I’ve heard Gaeun do earlier, but it was fairly passable.

1. Subin


Birth name: Park Su Bin

Stage name: Subin

Birthday: February 12, 1994

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Maknae, Main Vocalist

Comment: Subin is the giant maknae with no aegyo that doesn’t resemble a maknae at all. She was my bias before I can ever remember really encountering the group, and I have next to no explanation for how that happened. I think it was during that period of my life when I followed allkpop almost religiously. I have a vague memory of her popping up in a lot of places, and since I really liked her kind of unusual (for kpop at least) face, her name stuck and she was already my bias the first time I can remember clicking on a Dalshabet music video.

Subin is hot, she’s really tall, which I dig, and I’m quite sure she’s the best singer in the group. Her station as the main vocalist makes it seem so, and I have not been able to see anything else. Though, as I’ve said several times in this not-so-long post: this group is fairly equal in the vocal department. No one stands out as amazing, but no one really embarrasses themselves either.

Honestly, given the picture I’ve chosen of her, I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain why she’s my bias. It should be obvious.

Dalshabet is a group where every member is gorgeous, but in very different ways. This is no Girls’ Generation where (almost) all the girls are definitely molded based on the same beauty standard; this group has a certain degree of variation, which I see as a big plus. It also made it very easy for me to learn their names, especially now that they all have distinctly different hair colors.

Do you believe this new start for Dalshabet can lead to bigger and better things for them? Or is Gaeun and Jiyul leaving a sign of what’s to come? Which member’s distinctly different beauty do you most prefer?


3 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of Dalshabet

  1. I just started paying attention to this group with their last song which is very good and I watched the mv and live performances many times. I don’t have a bias yet but its either adorable Woohee or stunning Subin.

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