Ranking of Beauty – Block B

This is another new segment, where I will scientifically tell you who is the absolute most attractive member of each kpop group. 

Okay, that was a lie. This will clearly be based on my opinions, and nothing else, so please don’t take it too much to heart if this is not how you would rank these guys. Just as with the Ranking of the Singles-segment, which group is featured will be determined by a random number generator (while always being one of my groups). For this very first post in this new series it fell on Block B to be my guinea pig, and I will try to be as kind as I possibly can as I go through this.

Oh and I tried to think about how attractive they  most often are to me, so being really hot in one video is not enough.

7. Taeil – main vocalist


Taeil is a hugely talented guy, but I’ve just never ever found him physically attractive… I just don’t. He’s too small and well, I can’t really explain it. I’m just not attracted to him.

6. Zico – leader and main rapper


I’m often attracted to Zico when I watch him but that’s due to his massive stage presence, talent and charisma, not because he’s actually that hot. He looks good, sure, but when you take everything else that he is, is he really that attractive? I’ve found that I don’t really think so, not compared to the other members.

5. P.O – rapper and maknae


P.O is actually my bias so it might seem crazy that I’m putting him this far down, but me biasing him doesn’t have that much to do with him being hot. Sure, he looked really good when he had long hair, and that did influence me picking him as my bias, but without it I’m usually not that attracted to him. It’s fine though, he has a lot of other appealing qualities.

4. Kyung – lead rapper and composer


Knowing who Kyung is and how he acts etc I’m not that attracted to him (not to say I don’t like him, he’s just not the kind of personality I’m attracted to) but if I just look at him, and that is the concept of this segment, he actually looks pretty good. He’s blossomed over the course of his career and I think this photo can demonstrate what I mean by that.

3. Jaehyo – lead vocalist and visual


How often is the visual really the most attractive member? Jaehyo is a very attractive guy and he definitely has that visual look, but to me he isn’t all that mind-blowing. He looks a bit like a less attractive version of U-Kiss’s Kiseop. Wow. Sorry. But I think you know what I mean; he has that alien look. And it’s not totally my cup of tea, though I do get down with Jaehyo from time to time.

2. U-Kwon – vocalist and lead dancer


I’ve from the very start found U-Kwon to be very hot, and for the longest time I even considered him to be the hottest member in the group. I don’t quite think so anymore, but he, even though he’s no classic kpop beauty with his small eyes, still has a lot to offer all of our thirsty minds.

1. B-Bomb – vocalist and main dancer


B-Bomb has an excellent face and if it only comes down to looking at them, I have to bow my head and acknowledge that he is the most beautiful thing that Block B has to offer me.

How much do you disagree with me? Not at all, of course. This is purely scientific.


4 thoughts on “Ranking of Beauty – Block B

  1. B-Bomb is a weird one for me because I found him irresistibly sexy in the Zero for Conduct MV but other than that, I think he’s meh. Yet, he’s still my pick for most attractive. I guess Block B is a group I’m into for their music than their visuals.

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