Opinionated Profile of Brown Eyed Girls

brown eyed girls

Back with another feature in my opinionated profiles series. This was the girl group I was planning to do last week when I instead did EXO-M, but now it’s truly their turn! As always, they will be ranked from the member that interests me the least to the one I like the most. And as always, I like them all. I won’t be commenting as much on personality in my profiles on girl groups, because it’s very rare that I take the time to follow their interviews and variety shows enough to get a sense of their personalities. When it comes to girl groups, my opinion on the members rely more on appearance, talent and overall vibe.

4. Narsha


Birth name: Park Hyo Jin

Stage name: Narsha

Birthday: December 28, 1981

Official height: 158 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: Narsha gives off a very sexy vibe that I really like, but besides that there isn’t really much about her that interests me. Yes, she has a great voice and would be a main vocalist in almost any other group, but in this one her voice is the weakest. Her dancing is good, but nothing that convinces me to like her more. She’s way prettier than I’ll ever be, but I think she looks a little strange, and that she’s the least physically appealing member.

3. Jea


Birth name: Kim Hyo Jin

Stage name: Jea

Birthday: September 18, 1981

Official height: 159 cm

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Comment: Me liking or not liking girl group members depends very much on the vibe I get from them. And yes, that’s insanely shallow. I get that. And I really could not care less. I don’t get any vibe at all from Jea, which is better than getting a bad vibe but it makes her very forgettable. The reason why I like her more than Narsha is that I think she’s slightly more attractive, but mostly it’s because her voice is off the hook amazing. Like damn, this girl can sing her head off.

2. Miryo


Birth name: Jo Mi Hae

Stage name: Miryo

Birthday: November 2, 1981

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Main Rapper

Comment: This is my favorite female rapper in all of kpop. I mean, she’s great, for real. Most female kpop rappers really can’t rap at all. The guys are normally a lot better (even though they aren’t that good either, most of the time) and Miryo can hold her own with the best of them.

She’s also insanely gorgeous. I mean, look at that picture! Look at it! And yes, she’s had plenty of plastic surgery but all of Brown Eyed Girls have had surgery, and most kpop stars out there (especially the girls) have as well. So I can’t really disqualify anyone and say that the fact that they’re so gorgeous doesn’t count because of plastic surgery, because then I’ll never be able to call anyone pretty. In kpop, it’s the result that matters and Miryo is one of the most beautiful kpop stars out there.

1. Gain


Birth name: Son Ga In

Stage name: Gain

Birthday: September 20, 1987

Official height: 163 cm

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae, Face of the Group

Comment: As I said in my review of her latest solo song ‘FxxK You’, Gain is one of my favorite females in all of kpop. I love her voice, it’s soft but still strong, and very sexy. Her dancing is the best in the group (appropriate since she’s the main dancer) and her vibe is one of the coolest in kpop. Pulling off concepts as daring as ‘Bloom’ and ‘FxxK You’ that are basically never ever seen in kpop and doing it with such grace is highly commendable.


If you as a female kpop star are able to pose like this, you’ve got some mad balls. She does all versions of sexy, but she always keeps it classy. And did I mention that she’s totally gorgeous? Maybe not as perfectly picture pretty as Miryo, but gorgeous nonetheless.

I know that this was a shorter post than what I normally write but I really wanted to do an opinionated profile of Brown Eyed Girls and well… They’re only four members and considering my unfamiliarity with their personalities I don’t have as much to say about girl groups. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed!

What do you think about Brown Eyed Girls, and who is your favorite member? Let me know in the comments!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post, then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


3 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of Brown Eyed Girls

  1. I love BEG’s videos, they always make me think. My favorite is Cleansing Cream. These ladies are fierce, independent, and have great minds of their own. They speak out in through their music in the most realistic and artistic way. I truly respect everything they do. oh btw Gain’s upcoming music video Truth or Dare features my ALL TIME FAVORITE idol of the entire world, SHOW LO, I’m so excited!!!!!!
    thanks for the post, love your writing as always.

    1. Yes, I agree. Cleansing Cream was a gorgeous video and song with a really powerful message. Brown Eyed Girls have so much more substance in their music and music videos than most of the rest of the kpop community, and that makes them really cool too me. What?! I didn’t even know she was going to release another video!! How could I have missed that?! And that’s awesome! I love international collaborations!
      Thanks for the comment! Love you for commenting

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