Ranking of the Singles – Boyfriend

New segment! I considered making it into another one of those you get to vote for, like the reviews and the spotlights, and I still might turn it into that, but as for right now I will by chance select who shall be featured each month. I knew I wanted to start this series off with a boy group, simply because among my groups there are more boy groups than girl groups, and then a random number generator decided that the boy group that would first be featured is this lovely six-some.

Boyfriend have gone through a lot of changes sound and style wise, but what is the best they’ve ever done? What’s the worst? Remember that this is purely my opinion, and it’s about the songs, not the videos etc.

10. ”I’ll Be There” (December 7th, 2011)

I wouldn’t say Boyfriend has made any truly bad singles, but this one just does absolutely nothing for me. It’s kinda cute (since it’s early Boyfriend, duh) but not so cute that it’s extremely memorable. I find it generic, and it’s not a song I ever remember when I think back on Boyfriend’s career.

9. ”On & On” (May 27th, 2013)

Boyfriend started the process of changing their sound and image in late 2012, but come spring they decided to drop this absurdly cute song and video, maybe as a farewell to that side of themselves? It’s an alright song, I’ve got nothing against it. Haven’t got much for it either though, and usually I just watch the video when I want to show to some unsuspecting non-kpop fan just how cringe-worthy it sometimes gets.

8. ”Don’t Touch My Girl” (October 5th, 2011)

Just like ”I’ll Be There”, this is a song that I always forget that Boyfriend ever released.  It’s cute in sound, and actually I quite like it. I’ve never downloaded it, and I don’t think I ever will, but it’s a song they don’t have to be embarrassed by and that I can enjoy listening to now and again.

7. ”I Yah” (January 9th, 2013)

This was kind of a venture into non-cute territory for Boyfriend. The plot scenes in the video still have their classic aegyo flavor, but the dance is aggressive and the styling is more ”masculine”, with leather, dark colors, chains and heavier eye makeup. I remember being a huge fan of this song when it first came out, and even though I don’t like it quite as much anymore, it’s still pretty good. I like it the most out of the ones of Boyfriend’s singles that I don’t currently have on my phone.

6. ”Janus” (November 7th, 2012)

I’m pretty sure that this was the first I ever heard from Boyfriend, and I immediately really liked it. The ”you’re not a bad (bat) girl” parts of the song are kind of awkward, but the rest of it is very solid. It was Boyfriend’s first venture in darker and more dramatic territory, and for me it worked very well.

5. ”Witch” (October 12th, 2014)

I was so happy when Boyfriend made the definite shift in style in mid-2014 and I was absolutely thrilled that this single kept that new style going. It’s a good song, and I do like it, but it’s not quite as good as what came before and after.

4. ”Love Style” (June 14th, 2012)

This, flower suits and all, is definitely among the most cringe-worthy Boyfriend have ever put out. But I just really like the song. I’m not sure why; I guess it just really makes me happy. I mean, how could it not? Really catchy and fun, which is often a benefit to the extreme aegyo side of kpop.

3. ”Bounce” (March 8th, 2015)

As I’m writing this, this is Boyfriend’s most recent single. I definitely liked it more than ”Witch” and have listened to it loads. I think I’ve actually listened to it too much; it’s not as good now as I remember it being before… Still pretty great though. And I know I wasn’t going to mention the concepts and videos, but here Boyfriend really nailed the whole ”dark fairytale” thing they had going on.

2. ”Obsession” (June 4th, 2014)

I may be biased towards this song because it’s what definitively broke Boyfriend out of the pastell and flowery hell they had been trapped in. Run free, Donghyun and Hyunseong, you were never a part of that world anyway. But besides that fact I also really like the song. It keeps it tight and brings in just a tiny bit of hiphop flavor, just enough to keep it tight but not so much that the boys can’t handle it.

1. ”Boyfriend” (May 25th, 2011)

I know I make fun of Boyfriend’s cute days pretty much all the time, but this is still my favorite song from them. It’s ridiculous, but it’s fun and catchy and just oh-so-cute. I can’t actually tell if it’s really a good song or not, whenever this plays I’m just busy with smiling so much my cheeks hurt.

Do you agree with my ranking? Which is your favorite single from Boyfriend? Do you see potential for this segment? Which group would you like to see me do?


One thought on “Ranking of the Singles – Boyfriend

  1. Oh man, this post made me really intensely miss Boyfriend. It’s about time they had a new single! If I were to pick one song as my favorite from them… it would have to be Janus. That was the song that really made me start paying attention to them and liking Boyfriend, and there is something about it that always keeps me coming back. Obsession was pretty good too, but I don’t have emotion tied to that like I do with Janus. I am forever impressed with how Boyfriend has changed and improved over the years.

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