Opinionated profile of Girls’ Generation

girls' generation

This is the first random post! It will be the profile of Girls’ Generation with my comments on what I think about each member. They will come in the order of who I like the least to who I like the most. Keep in mind that I like all the members, but I still have my favorites.

9. Sunny

sunny snsd

Birth name: Lee Soon Kyu

Stage name: Sunny

Blood type: B

Birthday: May 15, 1989

Official height: 160 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: I’m sorry guys, Sunny is just too aegyo for me. That style all together doesn’t work for me and while I do like her voice when she sings normally, most of the time she sings in a annoying squeaky voice. Sorry, Sunny, you’re my number 9.

8. Yoona

yoona snsd

Birth name: Im Yoon Ah

Stage name: Yoona

Blood type: B

Birthday: May 30, 1990

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group

Comment: Yoona is beautiful, sure, but I’ve never thought that she added much to the group. I definitely don’t think that she deserves all the haters she’s gotten, but she isn’t that special either.

7. Sooyoung 

sooyoung snsd

Birth name: Choi Soo Young

Stage name: Sooyoung

Blood type: O

Birthday: February 10, 1990

Official height: 171 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: Sooyoung is the member of Girls’ Generation that I find the most gorgeous. But just as with Yoona, that’s not really enough for me to really like someone. Sorry honey, just stay beautiful.

6. Taeyeon

taeyeon snsd

Birth name: Kim Tae Yeon

Stage name: Taeyeon

Blood type: O

Birthday: March 9, 1989

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Comment: Taeyeon has a beautiful voice that matches her super gorgeous face. In most groups she’d probably rank higher for mer but I have some attachments to the girls that are above her that she just can’t match. Love this leader though.

5. Seohyun

seohyun snsd

Birth name: Seo Joo Hyun

Stage name: Seohyun

Blood type: A

Birthday: June 28, 1991

Official Height: 169 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: Seohyun might be the only kpop star that when I think about her the first word that pops into my mind is ‘intelligent’. And just that fact is something that makes her very attractive to me. Plus I really like her voice, it’s very nice.

4. Yuri

yuri snsd

Birth name: Kwon Yu Ri

Stage name: Yuri

Blood type: AB

Birthday: December 5, 1989

Official height: 169 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: I’ve loved Yuri ever since I saw the music video for ‘Run Devil Run’. Her sex appeal in that video made her something more to me than what most of the other girls in SNSD are. They’re milk chocolate, she’s dark chocolate with some chili added to it.

3. Jessica 

jessica snsd

Birth name: Jessica Jung / Jung Soo Yeon

Stage name: Jessica

Blood type: B

Birthday: April 18, 1989

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Jessica was my first kpop bias. EVER. And this ice princess will probably always hold a dear place in my heart. She’s also gorgeous, and the plastic surgery she had done was very unnecessary.

2. Hyoyeon

hyoyeon snsd

Birth name: Kim Hyo Yeon

Stage name: Hyoyeon

Blood type: AB

Birthday: September 22, 1989

Official height: 162 cm

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: Most certainly the best dancer in SNSD and the girl that took Jessica’s spot as my bias when I learned a little bit more about them. The fact that she’s no longer my bias doesn’t change the fact that I adore this girl.

1. Tiffany

tiffany snsd

Birth name: Stephanie Hwang / Hwang Mi Young

Stage name: Tiffany

Blood type: O

Birthday: August 1, 1989

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: I adore this girl. She’s friendly, open, strong,beautiful, charming and has a gorgeous singing voice. She’s my favorite voice in the group, even though I can see that Taeyeon is very technically superior. Tiffany is awesome, end of story.

That was my first random post everybody! I’m thinking about doing quite a few of these profiles, just because I think it’s so much fun!

If you have any suggestions for this Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post, then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


6 thoughts on “Opinionated profile of Girls’ Generation

  1. Interesting! Here’s my ranking…

    9. Jessica. I never really got interested in her – I disliked her voice and her whole “lazy/ice princess” image rubbed me the wrong way. I was also very disappointed in how she handled the whole “leaving/forced to leave SNSD” thing, and none of her solo work has done anything for me.

    8. Tiffany. I find her too over-the-top and forced, especially when she tries to strain for a high note and misses. Ever since Jessica left it feels like she’s trying to over-compensate for her absence and it ain’t working. I do like some of her solo tracks, particularly “Heartbreak Hotel”.

    7. Taeyeon. I like her, but I don’t love her. Her friendship with Tiffany gets on my nerves, especially when she makes it publicly obvious that she’s closer to her than the others. I don’t deny she has a fantastic voice, though – and I’m digging her attitude lately!

    6. Yoona.She’s always been just… there. She seems like a really sweet girl, though!

    5. Seohyun. She was my first SNSD bias, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing her blossom from Seobot to a fiesty, outgoing young woman.

    4. Sunny. She’s gotten SO much better from the days when she used to be known exclusively for her aegyo, and when she sings in her normal register, she sounds AMAZING.

    3. Yuri. She’s stunning, and a fantastic dancer.

    2. Hyoyeon. I find her amusing, and I love that she’s so different (in terms of attitude, voice and dancing ability) from the other girls. I really enjoyed her recent rapping in “You Think” and Taeyeon’s “Up & Down”, and hope she gets an opportunity to do more!

    1. Sooyoung. Ah yes, my ultimate bias. I adore her outgoing personality, her caring heart (I believe she does the most charity work out of the group), and the fact that she always puts her all into everything she does. She’s also gorgeous (IMO the prettiest one in the group), and I’m so proud of her for working on her vocals (she’ll never be as good as TaeTiSeo, but she’s miles better from when they debuted).

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