Introducing the Battles

My friend and constant inspiration recently requested that I make more kpop groups battle to the death. It is now a year since I started the Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups-series, and it’s now about time that I start another battle. But a grander one, a more dramatic one! I would love to make this one a results-by-votes one, but the amount of people that vote when I include polls greatly vary so I do not think that would be reliable enough for results. Instead I will do it by my own opinion, as before, and allow you to disagree with me through included polls instead. If you have a better solution I would love to hear it, but as of right now I see no realistic alternative.

Okay, now let’s see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense… 15 girl groups and 22 boy groups, all included in my groups and that were found appropriate for the categories, will go head to head in groups of three. (except for one group of four) They will go head to head in three chosen categories and the two groups with the highest average score in each group will then move forward to the next round.

There the ten remaining girl groups and fourteen remaining boy groups will be split into halves and compete in another category with the two best groups in each half then moving on to the finals. Each finale will include four groups and the groups will compete in yet another category.

Which group competes against who has been completely randomly decided and so has which group goes first.

The first battle will be posted later today. If you have any questions about the rules in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m sure I’ve made it completely confusing.


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