The 10 Kpop Boy Groups That I Almost Know (Right Now)

Since I missed last week’s list of the week, it’s been two weeks since the last of these. At that time I listed all the girl groups that I listen to where I can only identify one or a few of the members, or where I’m just generally very uncertain about which one’s which. This is the adjoining post, and it’s, as you would expect, all about boy groups! 

The Boys I Almost Know (10)



I didn’t follow YG’s evil reality show whatsoever, and therefore didn’t learn these guys by default. I waited until a winner was announced, and then I patiently waited for a debut. Sadly, their debut didn’t really impress me. It was well done, but it wasn’t music that I wanted to listen to. So now I’m waiting for their next comeback.

I already knew Seungyoon, and I have somehow learned all the other guys, without really  trying. I have watched the first episode of “Who is Next: WIN”, and I’ve just seen them so much that I guess it was inevitable. They also look very distinctly different from each other, which helped.

The reason why they’re still in this category, and not one of my groups, is that I don’t feel at all secure when naming them yet. I’m getting there though.

2. C-Clown


I’m getting into C-Clown nowadays. I don’t know them very well yet, but they’ve got plenty of potential. I’ve got all the names of the members memorized, but putting the right name on the right member isn’t easy. The only member I can always distinguish is Maru. And Rome, if I can see his arms. And I tend to be able to find Kang Jun, just because he’s such an absurdly good-looking tease. But the two latter I’m not all confident about.

Member/-s I Know



Maru has a very distinctly different look, and is therefore easy to find. Simple as that.

3. Epik High

epik high

I really don’t know much about Epik High. I only have one song of theirs that I listen to, and somehow, in my mind, there’s only one member. I know you’re never ever supposed to say that, but I’m the truth, and the truth don’t lie.

Member/-s I Know



Epik High more or less equals Tablo in my mind. Sorry.



FTISLAND is a group that I could like more. Their music is very much up my alley, and I haven’t found any real faults. But, well, I’ve already got CNBLUE. The two groups are quite similar, and while their music isn’t in any way identical, I don’t feel the need to listen heavily to both. In the overly exaggerated war of FTISLAND vs. CNBLUE, I choose CNBLUE.

Member/-s I Know



Just as with Tablo, Hongki is more or less the only thing I know about FTISLAND. I recognize a few of the other members’ names, sure, but I’d never say that I know them. The curse of not being the front figure, I guess.



I love JJCC’s debut track, and I was very disappointed by the fact that their newly released track is such a, well, disappointment. I’ll keep an eye on them for their next comeback though!

Member/-s I Know



Eddy caught my eye right off the bat. And I would be lying if I said it wasn’t because of the hair. But I do recognize him without it too, he just has a slightly evil look. That I love. But I’m still going to need that hair back. Like right now.

6. LEDApple


I’m sure I could get really into LEDApple if I only took the time. They have a member that is such bias material, and plenty of talent. Maybe they’ll get there some day. (A great new single would help, guys!)

Member/-s I Know



The first I ever saw from LEDApple was their video for their 2013 single “Bad Boys”, which is a really good song. I loved the song, played it into absurdum, and I loved Hanbyul. When you just look at him he doesn’t really strike you as the sexy type, but in that video he really was. And then I saw him hosting “After School Club” together with Eric Nam, being incredibly silly, and having a god-sent Australian accent. This is some bias material, if I ever saw it.

7. Royal Pirates

royal pirates

I think this picture on it’s own can tell you why I like Royal Pirates. While I do appreciate the super polishedness that is kpop, I love that Royal Pirates rough it up a little. They’re three very talented guys, who just also happen to be absurdly funny. And inappropriately handsome, at least a couple of them.

Member/-s I Know



Model. Annoyingly handsome. And a hilarious idiot. There’s nothing wrong with James whatsoever. He even has a confusingly deep blog, for god’s sakes!



I demand that he grows his hair out again. It was too damn stunning. Moon is almost as great as James, both handsome and funny. And talented, of course.

I guess you could say that I know the entire group, since I know two out of three, but I just never manage to remember that third guy’s name…



SPEED have plenty of potential to become one of my groups. They’ve released some very good singles this year, especially “Don’t Tease Me!”, that was a master piece.

Member/-s I Know



If I need to find Taewoon I just look for the guy that looks like a mix between Zico and Kyung. And if I for some reason can’t find him, I can just wait until I think Zico’s joined the song, and then I know it’s him. They really do sound amazingly alike. Which only means that Taewoon’s a really good rapper, just like his little bro.

9. SS501


Yes, I know that SS501 are quite very inactive, and that all the members seem to have moved on. But they have not officially disbanded, so therefore I still see them as a group. I was introduced to SS501 by one person, and one person only:

Member/-s I Know

Kim Hyun Joong

kim hyun joong

“Boys Over Flowers” was the second kdrama I ever watched. I took one look at him, fell in love, and I’ve loved him ever since. And I’m really really really hoping that there is some way that he’s innocent. But it’s looking really really really bad right now. So I’m mad at him. I’m really disappointed in him. Hitting your partner is something you never do, and it’s not something I can accept. So, yeah. I’m trying to not assume anything until it’s completely clear what happened, but these photos are very hard to deny:


10. Tasty


These guys are identical twins, so they aren’t exactly easy to tell apart. I know the names, but I really can’t tell you which one’s which to save my life.


I feel like this post was a mess. I hope it doesn’t seem that way, but if it does, I’m sorry.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review, or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


7 thoughts on “The 10 Kpop Boy Groups That I Almost Know (Right Now)

  1. Just a little fun info: James of Royal Pirates used to work at Baskin Robbins with my friend.
    Tasty feels kind of boring to me, hopefully they can impress me sometime in the future.
    FT Island I know Jaejin because I’ve seen him in High School Music and he’s really cute,
    I like Hanbyul a lot, he’s funny in After School Club,
    Tablo’s daughter is adorable but she’s a little spoiled brat lol.

    1. That’s very cool. Jealous. There where no pretty boys whatsoever where I worked…
      Their dancing impresses me a lot, but I’ve only heard one song from them that I really like.
      Do you mean High School Musical? He was in that?
      Hanbyul is hilarious!
      She’s amazingly adorable, but I don’t know much about her at all. Just that I’m a wee bit jealous of her.

      1. Yes I meant high school musical, him and Ryeowook shared the role of Troy, saw them when I was in Korea, he’s really good at singing live, you should check out his duet with Choa “breaking free.”
        as for the Kim Hyun Joong case, I think all stories have both sides, but it’s definitely unforgivable to hit your partner, he needs to control his temper. and all women who are suffering from domestic violence should speak up, which his gf did, so bravo to her.

      2. Oh really? I want to go there so bad… I’m listening to it right now! I had no idea he could sing! And how cute he is too…

        Yes, of course. So I’m desperately hoping that his side will somehow excuse him. In a legit way. But I’m doubting it right now.

  2. Absolutely love your gem of a blog! Can’t believe you are a year younger than me but you have such…developed and discerning taste hahaha. As well as eloquent english 😀 SS501 was my very first kpop group and I miss them sooooo much the nostalgia and heartache is unbearable. BOF was also the second kdrama I ever watched and have loved KHJ ever since then too, haha. About KHJ, I have the exact same thoughts:

    “And I’m really really really hoping that there is some way that he’s innocent. But it’s looking really really really bad right now. So I’m mad at him. I’m really disappointed in him. Hitting your partner is something you never do, and it’s not something I can accept. So, yeah. I’m trying to not assume anything until it’s completely clear what happened, but these photos are very hard to deny”

    Desperately hoping he’s innocent or at most guilty of that one single charge he admitted to, because KHJ is just not that kind of guy to hit a girl.. or at least, I would really like to believe that of him based on the KHJ I’ve known for the past 5 years.. But yes realistically at the far back of my mind I can’t deny that he did it, and probably is guilty of most/all of it. )’: Would really like to know your opinion of this though: Do you think Inspiring Generation had a part to play/brought out the violent side of him?

    Also, yay fellow GOT7 fan 😀 I’m a (somewhat) JYP stan and I have another question, why does everyone say taec’s rapping is bad? I have absolutely no musical ability so the most I can do is tell apart good singers from bad singers (ha, ha) but rapping-wise taec really doesn’t sound that bad to me ><

    Oh oh I'm also curious to know how your opinion of GOT7 has changed over the past few months? I assume/hope you've been following their activities and Real Got7 Season 2 😀

    1. Wow, really? :O Thank you so much!! 😀 I just think I ramble… And since English isn’t my first language, I’d never think that anyone would describe it as eloquent :O

      I’ve never been a fan of SS501, but I have been a big fan of KHJ, so I’m just really upset. I’d never want to be the kind of fan who can’t see clearly because of her blinding love for oppa, so I’m just looking at the facts. Those photos are really bad, and he did admit to hitting her at one point. Which means that even if it was only that time, he did hit her. And that’s just something you can’t ever do. So I really don’t know how to feel about him right now. And I doubt that Inspiring Generation had something to do with it, but you never know!

      Haha just don’t get too excited, I’m not that into GOT7… So I haven’t been following them on Real GOT7… Sorry 😦 I watched the first few episodes but the subbing was annoying me so much that I stopped.

      And when I say someone is or isn’t a good rapper, I’m really basing that on nothing, because I know nothing about rap… But I just think Taecyeon sounds so awkward XD I mean, I love him to death and I quite enjoy his rapping, but it doesn’t sound natural to me at all. His flow is off. Or something. I really don’t know.

      And hey! If you love my blog so much (can’t believe that, but okay) how come I’ve never seen you in the comments before? 😉

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