Opinionated Profile of M.I.B


Poor little M.I.B… How come you’re so damn underrated?! It isn’t exactly as if hip hop isn’t big within the kpop scene right now, so there really should be a spot for them! But it doesn’t seem to be working out very well for them… They better not disband though, that would suck so damn much. 

I don’t know a whole lot about M.I.B, but the more I see the more I want, so they have plenty of potential to be climbing on my bias list.



Birth name: Sim Jong Su

Stage name: SIMS

Birthday: February 27, 1991

Official height: 185 cm

Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: SIMS is the member I find the least physically attractive, which is probably the main reason for him being last on this list. It sounds superficial, but we all do it.

SIMS and Cream are in a constant battle for the spot of second-best rapper in the group. SIMS usually has the upper hand, but it all depends on the song. I prefer SIMS when it comes to more aggressive rapping, but Cream when it’s supposed to be smoother.

SIMS is an alright singer, and he does the job well enough to back Kangnam up in the songs where it’s needed.

3. Cream

young cream

Birth name: Kim Ki Seok

Stage name: Cream

Birthday: February 14, 1990

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Rapper

Comment: Cream is hot, that’s for sure. Especially when he’s styled correctly, like in “Men in Black” and “Chisa Bounce”. Black hair is most certainly his look.

All the rappers in M.I.B are excellent, but I think Cream might be my least favorite. It all depends on the song though, as I’ve already said.

Cream really shouldn’t sing, and I have no idea why they had him do that in “Nod Along!”. That could have been a really awesome song, and the amount of autotune they had to use to make Cream sound good kind of ruined it for me.

2. 5Zic


Birth name: Kim Han Kil

Stage name: 5Zic

Birthday: July 26, 1988

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Leader, Rapper

Comment: 5Zic is my favorite rapper in the group. No matter the song, he always kills it. For a group like this, he’s the ultimate leader. Mad skills.

After Kangnam, I think 5Zic is the most attractive in the group. Sure, Cream is lovely, but there’s just such a manly and sexy vibe coming from 5Zic. He even managed to pull off that stupid mustache he had at debut, and that’s not easy.

I can only remember having heard 5Zic sing in “Men in Black”, but his singing in that song really wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t mind if he got to do some more of that.

1. Kangnam


Birth name: Namekawa Yasuo

Stage name: Kangnam

Birthday: March 23, 1987

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Kangnam isn’t an outstanding singer, but he’s definitely good. He also seems to be very stable live, and basically sounds the same as he does recorded, which is always a pro.

Kangnam is so stunning it’s sick. The long hair and the delicate Japanese-looking features makes for a guy that is basically exactly what I imagine my perfect guy looking like. He reminds me a little off how Kim Jae Wook looked in Coffee Prince, but with more extreme features. And we all know I loved him… 

I might not know much about M.I.B, nor about Kangnam, but he is the kind of bias I could never let go of. I mean, with that face, how could I?

Let me know what you think about M.I.B and vote for your favorite member in the poll!

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