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This will be the start of a new series of reviews, the faves. All of my groups are very dear to me, yet there are many on that list that I’ve never listened to a full album from. That’s a disgrace, and this series is now here to make that right. I will try to primarily write about full studio albums, not mini albums and the sort, but if they group has never released a full album, or if I can’t seem to find subbed versions of all the songs, then I’ll write about a shorter album. I will, of course, write about albums that I’ve not previously written about. Most of these reviews will be written as I’m listening to the album for the first time, but some won’t be. Some of my absolute favorite groups have no albums I haven’t listened through, so in that case I will choose one that I’d like to write about. It’s easy to only listen to singles and forget the gloriousness that is sometimes hidden within albums, so these posts will be a reminder to both me and you that sometimes the album is way better than the single.

This, the first of many posts to come, will deal with my ultimate favorite group: SHINee. I have previously written about their album “Lucifer”, so this time I will deal with their very first studio album, released in 2008, “The Shinee World”. This is an album that holds a lot of sentimental value to, as it probably does to most shawols, and I’m very excited to share all these feels with you all. So let’s go!

Track 1 – The Shinee World (Doo-Bop)


I’ll admit it, this isn’t a very good song. But it is glorious and amazing all the same. I love how they sing about not having to act cool, they’re just going to sing and have fun. And Minho’s little introductory rap is amazing. Bling Bling most certainly is Jonghyun.

Track 2 – Love’s Way

(Co-written by Minho)


There’s something very simple about this song, but there’s also an incredible sweetness to the simplicity. This song acknowledges the tough times that you might go through while in love, but reminds you that if the love is true, it can overcome all those silly fights. It’s not something I’ve ever experienced for myself, and not something that I can relate to, but it is something that I sincerely wish to be true, and something I desperately want for myself. Who doesn’t want true love, you know?

Track 3 – Love Like Oxygen 

(Co-written by Minho)


I’m very fond of these lyrics. She’s like oxygen, which means three things: One, they can’t live without her. That must be a bother. She’s also hard to grasp, and someone who flies away from them. That’s why we date solids, boys. And last but not least, once she’s in their system, she can’t get out. My sciency mind is especially fond of that part, and really appreciates the metaphor. This is one of SHINee’s absolute first singles, it was the second, and it has a very old school SHINee sound. It’s not super electronic, but it’s still very pop-y and dancey.

Track 4 – Romantic


All of SHINee’s older ballads are very beautiful, and that is true for this one as well. SHINee are masters of harmonization, and I just can’t get enough of them all singing together. The chorus of this song is so lovely, and the sorrow expressed in the lyrics is clearly heard and understood, even if you don’t know Korean and have never read a translation of the lyrics, it’s just that clear.

Track 5 – One for Me

(Co-written by Minho)


I’m shocked and appalled by the fact that I’ve never heard this song before. But that’s the purpose of this series, to make sure that I don’t miss out on such lovely songs, just because they happen to not be singles. I’m sure we’ve all wished for someone to break up, I’m sure I have, and this song is about what happens when that person finally does. You’re sad because they’re sad, but you’re secretly happy at the same time. For this is your time, your time to be there for them and prove to them that you’re someone that would never hurt them like that. And that, that is the feeling that SHINee’s singing of. It’s not a unique concept, but this was beautifully executed.

Track 6 – Graze 

(Co-written by Minho)


Another lovely ballad by SHINee. I’m not normally a ballad type of girl, as you might know, but these older SHINee ballads just give me so much feels that I can’t not love them. This song is all about that feeling when you see the person who dumped you, the person you still love, walk away from you holding somebody else’s hand, while looking better than ever. It’s a shitty shitty feeling, and that sorrow comes through here.

Track 7 – Last Gift


I can’t remember ever hearing this either. I’m a disgrace. I love the concept of the last gift not being a gift at all, it’s her returning the ring he gave her. It’s a beautifully sad metaphor for a breakup, the return of the ring, and that part of the song is so amazingly beautifully song. It’s another ballad, in the classic SHINee ballad style, and while I do like these songs, I feel like this album is a little too heavily loaded with them.

Track 8 – Best Place 

(Co-written by Minho)


This is such a sweet song, and it makes me feel all good inside. It’s about happily getting back together. It’s about not being able to forget the other person, but not being sad about it, because you know the other person feels the same way, whatever they may say. I’m especially fond of this line:

“There probably isn’t a guy next to you who looks as good as I do.”

It’s always good to be confident, and when you’re SHINee, I think you can count on this being true.

Track 9 – Y Si Fuera Ella (Jonghyun Solo)


Jonghyun is an incredible singer, and this immensely sorrowful and dramatic song is exquisitely sung. It’s gorgeous and lovely, but a little overly dramatic and long for my every day taste.

Track 10 – Four Seasons


This could definitely be interpreted as a regular breakup song, but I don’t think of it that way. To me, this is about a death. The idea of a lover dying, and the other spending their life just waiting to be reunited with them in death is one of the most tragically beautiful things I could ever picture. And even though we weren’t lovers (because gross) I can still relate to this song by thinking of my father. I do feel his presence in the seasons somehow, and each time one season ends and other begins I am reminded of what we did together. And it makes me sad, so I don’t want to think about it! Moving on.

Track 11 – In My Room (Unplugged Mix)


Oh so pretty. And even though I adore Minho and Taemin, they weren’t very strong singers back then, so not including them in this song does make sense. This song also reminds me of how much better of a singer Key used to be. He didn’t have a whole lot of lines, but the stability he had here is still something he’s missing. He’s gotten way better than he was during his worst slump, but debut days-Key was still much stronger.

Track 12 – Replay 

(Co-written by Minho)


The feels are strong in this one. This is a song that no shawols can do anything but adore. I assume. Maybe there is one little inhabitant of the shinee world cooped up somewhere hating this song, but I seriously doubt it. It was a solid debut in every way, and it’s still a great song.

Final Thoughts

This is a good album, but I already knew that. I’m shocked by the fact that there were a couple of songs on here that I hadn’t heard before, that was not something I expected. I do think this album is a little heavily loaded with ballads, but it is something that SHINee does well so I get it. I am happy that they’re more recent albums aren’t like that though. Even though I know he only wrote his own rap parts, I’m glad to see that Minho participated in writing the lyrics to this many songs right from their debut. This boy wants to do well so so badly.

I hope this will be a feature that you’ll enjoy, since I’m sure that I will! What do you think of this album? What’s your favorite song? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Faves – SHINee

  1. ahhh “Replay”…

    …the song that started it all

    …the song that Changmin wanted.

    they certainly have come a long, long way.

    funny how critics say Minho sucks at rapping nad is useless but co-wrote several songs. and good songs too *smugface*

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