Opinionated Profile of VIXX


VIXX is a group that I haven’t known for a long time, but that’s risen quite quickly on my bias list. I adore groups that can pull off the dark and gothic concept, and VIXX does that the best, in kpop. Since I have not known them for a very long time, and didn’t fall madly in love with them, I’m not super informed when it comes to the members. So my opinions on all the members are quite shallow, which means this might not be the most interesting post I’ve ever written… I’ll try to elaborate why I think the way I think as much as I can though.

6. Hongbin


Birth name: Lee Hong Bin

Stage name: Hongbin

Birthday: September 29, 1993

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Visual

Comment: I’m not going to lie, the fact that the guy that I think is the most attractive is also the guy I’m the least interested in does make me feel quite whatever-the-opposite-of-shallow-is. I don’t have anything against Hongbin whatsoever, it’s just that I’ve never really found him that interesting.

I can’t remember ever hearing him rap, so I’m kind of confused about why he has that as his position. I might just have forgotten it, but I’ve never noticed that VIXX has more than one rapper.

He doesn’t sing that much to be honest, but he doesn’t do badly at all when he does sing. He’s for sure not an amazing singer, but I didn’t expect him to be.

He’s an excellent visual though. I’ve already commented on what I think about his overall appearance and attractiveness level, so if you want to know more about what I think of his, or any of the other members’, look then check out List of the Week #14.

5. Ravi


Birth name: Kim Won Shik

Stage name: Ravi

Birthday: February 15, 1993

Official height: 183 cm

Position: Rapper, Dancer

Comment: It’s probably just because I don’t know them that well yet, but I’m finding myself very surprised by these positions… I really had no idea that Hongbin was a rapper, just as I had no idea that Ravi’s one of the dancers. I always seen Ravi as the rapper of the group, that’s it.

I am very fond of rappers with deep and raspy voices, so I am quite fond of Ravi’s rap style. I feel like I should be more fond of it than I am though, since it really is very much my style. It might be so that it’s just too raspy for me, and that’s why I’m not crazy about his rapping.

I’ve always found Ravi too be quite averagely attractive, from a kpop point of view. He has a slamming body though, which we like. But if you want to read more about that then you can just check out the relevant list of the week.

I’ve only ever watched one interview with VIXX and that was a long time ago, so I can’t really remember much about what I thought about their personalities. I do remember really taking to Ravi over that interview though, so there is something I like a lot about his personality. I’m just unclear on what.

4. Ken


Birth name: Lee Jae Hwan

Stage name: Ken

Birthday: April 6, 1992

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I’m a little torn about Ken… If you’ve read my list of the week #14, you know that I’ve never really been attracted to him, yet I somehow find him attracting. On stage he shows a side of him that’s extremely charismatic and dynamic, and I find that one of the most attractive things a person could ever do.

As I said I’ve only ever watched one interview with them, but it was a long one, and during the time I was watching I went back and forth between thinking he’s a proper attention-whore and just finding him charming and funny. So I’m not sure what I really think about Ken’s personality. I guess I need some more time with him to figure it out.

Ken is a great singer. He’s got some great range, and he’s very stable. I’ve never been extremely fond of his individual tone though. I think it’s very easy to recognize when it’s him singing, which is a good thing, but I’m not crazy about it. Which is a shame, because if I was I would probably be crazy about him as a vocalist, since he is so skillful otherwise.

3. N


Birth name: Cha Hak Yeon

Stage name: N

Birthday: June 30, 1990

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist

Comment: N was one of the members that caught my eye first, and the more I see of him, the more he grows on me. I for sure think he’s one of the more attractive members, and I’m almost as attracted to him as I am to Hongbin. That’s not for this post to talk about though.

I’ve to be honest never paid much attention to the individual dancing skills of any member of VIXX, I’ve just greatly appreciated their choreographies, because they’re really very cool. But if I would choose a member as the dancer, it would definitely be N. Which is completely corrector me, it seems. I really like that he’s putting those dance skills to good use, and I do hope that he keeps choreographing. The dance he made for sure wasn’t one of my favorites, but I still greatly appreciated his effort.

After the two main vocalists I’ve always seen N as the best singer. He does get quite many lines, and he always handles them well. He’s a very capable singer.

I’m getting extremely tired of all the comments and light teasing that the darker skinned idols have to take. Korea is a society that favors lighter skin tones, so I’m sure that many of the darker skinned singers are actually quite insecure about their skin. So why would it be okay to constantly bring it up? It’s not okay. And the other side that says that darker skin is sexier, is really quite strange. Shadism has always been very strange to me. Not stranger than racism in general though, because it’s all weird. So I do hope that people could just stop. Don’t comment or make fun of the fact that N, or any other kpop star, has a darker skin tone!

2. Leo


Birth name: Jung Taek Woon

Stage name: Leo

Birthday: November 10, 1990

Official height: 183 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Leo is the guy that I absolutely fell in love with at first sight. I first encountered VIXX through their music video for ‘Hyde’, and long-haired Leo was just incredible. I did eventually realize that I wasn’t at all as attracted to him without the hair though, and that plus the fact that a friend of mine wouldn’t allow me to have him, led to me changing my bias.

Even though I am more impressed with Ken as a vocalist, I prefer Leo’s voice. His tone isn’t as individual as Ken’s, but I find it more pleasant.

Leo is notorious in the kpop sphere for his personality. He is the epitome of a guy that’s incredibly awkward, and who has a personality that’s in no way meant for kpop. I think his overall shyness and awkwardness is insanely adorable, and it just makes him the more attractive to me.

1. Hyuk


Birth name: Han Sang Hyuk

Stage name: Hyuk

Birthday: July 5, 1995

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Dancer, Maknae

Comment: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love having biases that are young enough that I could actually date them in real life right this very moment. It further fuels a distant dream.

To be honest, I really wanted Leo as a bias. I was told that I couldn’t have him before I actually realized that I didn’t want him that much, so at that point I had to go and look for a new bias. Hyuk was the one I chose, and I haven’t regretted that decision, but this isn’t one of my strongest biases. This was a calculated choice, not just a desire, the way it’s been with most of my biases.

I find Hyuk to be very attractive, and in that area he’s pretty much on the same level as N.

I haven’t paid much attention to anyone as a dancer expect for N, a little. But I’ve always been impressed by the cool choreography that VIXX has, and they all execute it very well.

He doesn’t sing much, just like Hongbin, but he handles the lines he does get well.


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11 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of VIXX

  1. I didn’t like Ken at first because of how much he seems to like attention, but let me tell you – the more I see of him, the more I grow to like him. He’s almost tied with Hongbin as my bias.

    1. That very well might happen with me too… I just haven’t really taken the time to really get to know the members yet. I’m so caught up in EXO right now it’s insane…

  2. I have come to appreciate Ken since the moment he saw through a secret camera and totally turned the situation around- I think it was on Vixx TV.
    My personal fave in Vixx is N though, one of the best leaders in K-Pop imho.

    1. Well that’s well done! I haven’t seen it though.
      N is pretty awesome, for sure! I think it’s hard to determine how good a leader is though…

  3. Ken for me if not the best is probably one of the best main vocalist among all the Kpop GrouPs. He gives me goosies everytime he sings and he brings me into another world when i hear him. it’s just his voice is so magical

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