Opinionated Profile of FTISLAND


FTISLAND… I’m a huge fan of CNBLUE, as you might already know, and therefore I’d gotten the impression that I wasn’t supposed to like FTISLAND. I know, it’s a stupid fan war! Fan wars are stupid in general, but this is one of the most idiotic. But I was a new BOICE, and I just wanted to follow the rules! But as I realized both that the whole idea of a FTISLAND-CNBLUE war was dumb, and that FTISLAND is actually a pretty damn awesome band, I let go. But it still took me awhile before I actually got to learning all the names. But I got it down, and now FTISLAND does not equate Hongki anymore

5. Jaejin


Birth name: Lee Jae Jin

Stage name: Jaejin

Birthday: December 17, 1991

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Bassist

Comment: I’m sure that all kpop fans that spend any time at all on tumblr has at some point gotten themselves shipped by one of those ship blogs. Anyway, the last time I got myself shipped I couldn’t decide on a group so I just told her to ship me with whoever she “deemed worthy”. And she chose Jaejin. At that point I only knew Hongki, so I had literally no idea who Jaejin was. I had to text my Primadonna friend to see who this person was. And I’m skeptical. I mean, Jaejin is adorable, really cute and likable, but as my kpop soulmate I don’t accept him. Sorry, sweetie. Plus I can’t have double bass player biases! That would just start up the fan war in my mind again.

4. Seunghyun


Birth name: Song Seung Hyun

Stage name: Seunghyun

Birthday: August 21, 1992

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Guitarist

Comment: I like Seunghyun. He’s my friend’s bias, he’s funny, he’s a pervert, which is always nice, and he’s attractive. His rapping is hilariously bad though. To be honest, I don’t think I have a lot to say about him… He’s funny, that’s why he’s above Jaejin, but besides that they’re on the same level for me.

3. Hongki


Birth name: Lee Hong Ki

Stage name: Hongki

Birthday: March 2, 1990

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: Hongki is fabulous. He’s a very good singer, which I feel sometimes gets forgotten in all the fabulousness, loudness and nail art, but he really does have an excellent voice.

I can’t not think of Jeremy every time Hongki does anything remotely cute or dumb. It’s the only acting I’ve seen him do, and he really did impress me. He did the cute and funny well, but it was in the big emotional scene that he killed it. Just thinking about that scene still makes me want to cry.

Hongki is loud, and is sometimes a little overpowering, since many of the other members are a lot more mellow. But I don’t think he’s an attention whore, as I’ve seen many people accuse of being. He might talk a lot, but he often talks about the other members, and always tries to bring attention to them and bring them in. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of FTISLAND so I haven’t seen a whole lot of interviews and such, but from my limited experience I don’t think the criticism is warranted.

2. Minhwan


Birth name: Choi Min Hwan

Stage name: Minhwan

Birthday: November 11, 1992

Official height: 171 cm

Position: Drummer, Maknae

Comment: From the first time I saw Minhwan, I was instantly drawn to him. He doesn’t talk a whole lot, but whenever he does talk, there’s just something so amazingly manly about him. It’s really sexy. Before I couldn’t explain my incredible attraction to Minhwan, but now I think I’ve figured it out. He’s a new chance at Yonghwa.

Let me explain. Yonghwa is not my bias in CNBLUE, Jungshin is, but I’ve always had an incredible soft-spot for the charismatic singer. I’ve never truly wanted to trade biases, but I’ve been more than tempted. As soon as Jungshin isn’t there, Yonghwa pulls me in, and each time it’s harder to let go. I’m almost stubbornly loyal to my biases though, and after I’ve announced a bias it takes a huge amount for me to let go. And Jungshin isn’t such a weak opponent. So Yonghwa has never managed to steal me away.

I don’t think Yonghwa and Minhwan are alike in personality, at all, and they don’t hold the same positions within their bands, but whenever I see Minhwan all I can think is how much he looks like a baby Yonghwa. It’s not something I always see in pictures (not in this one here for example) but as soon as I see him move or talk, all I see is Yonghwa. But as Minhwan is only my second favorite, I guess Yonghwa has once again lost out. (Forever the second lead. Sigh.)

1. Jonghun


Birth name: Choi Jong Hoon

Stage name: Jonghun

Birthday: March 7, 1990

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Leader, Guitarist, Pianist, Bassist

Comment: Am I the only one who thinks Jonghun looks slightly like a more handsome version of Jinwoon from 2AM? No? Okay, maybe that’s just me. But since Jinwoon used to be my bias, before Changmin came and ruined everything, I really like the fact that Jonghun kind of looks like him.

He’s not loud, but the things he do say are often quite funny. I feel like Hongki takes more of a leadership role in interviews and such than Jonghun does, but I have no problem with that. The leadership title doesn’t have to mean anything. It only thing that bothers me with that title is when it’s given to someone who seems to be the least talented member in the group. (4Minute, anyone?)

 That is most certainly not the case with Jonghun though. He may be sort of quiet at times, but the guy packs a punch in the talent department. Just look at the number of instruments he plays!

Jonghun completely sealed the deal when I saw him make a huge fool out of himself on Dream Team. I’ve always been very far from athletic, and seeing a guy that fail like that, and laugh it off!, really proved to me that he’s someone to keep an eye on. Proper bias material, right there.

Let me know who your favorite member is in the poll, you guys!


9 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of FTISLAND

  1. I dont know those, is one of them the second rapper?

    And choa, I thought was the leader or the girl who dropped the egg, jimin is a weird one! Good rapper, squeaky(painfully) voice she’s great in small doses but whopper legs though!

    1. I have literally no idea, I barely ever listen to them. They’re the two girls that were in Nasty Nasty.

      Jimin’s voice really doesn’t work for me. She’s the biggest reason why I can’t listen to AOA.

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