Review of Hyuna’s “Because I’m the Best”

What do you guys think of the vote-for-what-shall-be-reviewed-system? I think it’s working really well! A decent amount of people are voting, and it’s helping me decide what to write. Plus it’s obviously more interesting for you to read about the songs you’re interested in, so it’s a win-win.

When I had you vote for the August songs, there was a three-way tie for second place. Three songs each got 17.24% of the votes, and that meant that I got to choose which of those three songs would not be reviewed. One of those three was this song, by one of my absolute favorite female biases. And as you can clearly see, this wasn’t the song I decided to pass over! Review, shall we?


Out of the five singles Hyuna has released as a solo artist, this is definitely one of my favorites. She played to her strengths vocally, acknowledging that she’s not the strongest singer out there. She has had some problems carrying the singing in her songs live before, but that’s not an issue here. She focused on her slow rapping, and even went a bit more low-pitched than she sometimes does. That’s how I personally prefer her rapping, so I like it.

It’s a catchy song, for sure. Certain parts got stuck in my head after just one listen, and others I walked around singing after a few more listens. It has a nice beat, and works very well for the kind of solo artist Hyuna is becoming.

I liked the inclusion of Ilhoon as a featuring. I don’t think it was necessary, and the song could have stood without that, but it was a good contrast plus a bit of Cube family pride.


This is a really straight-forward message about how amazing and great Hyuna is. She basically is the best. But it’s also a message to the haters, and an explanation of why they do what they do.

”There’s never anyone who doesn’t know me”

This is the very first line. Hyuna is a sensation and at least among kpop fans, this is definitely true. Not everyone likes her, but they can’t deny that they know her.

”I don’t care, I don’t care at all

I’m OK, my place is still the same”

It doesn’t matter if people try to put her down, she’s still securely on top.

”It’s all because I’m the best

It’s because I’m pretty

It’s because they’re all jealous”

This is supposedly why people put her down. And while I’m not sure if that’s always true, it’s definitely the right way to handle it.

”They call me fake, saying I’ve never been real

But Hyuna, who you can’t even hold hands with?

She’s like an older sister to me”

This is from Ilhoon’s part. The fake-part I think is probably about his status as an idol rapper, which many people don’t consider ”real” rappers. But even though he’s not a ”real” rapper, he can still hang with the girl they all want. And the line about her being like a ”noona” to him is so cute.

Super straight-forward and badass lyrics. She’s said that she wants this song to give women more confidence, and it definitely does that for me when I’m walking down the street with these lyrics blaring through my headphones.


This video doesn’t have a plot or anything like that, so there isn’t a whole lot for me to say in this section. But there’s always something!


The sets in this video are in general very neony and bright. Or at least the stuff on set are, which might be in contrast with the dark background. It gives it a party-vibe, seeing as how it’s supposedly both night and very lively.


These are some highly naked dancers. That’s all.


Extremely strong visual impact with this first shot. I was surprised that she used girls and not guys to be restrained though, since this is kind of a female empowerment song. But there are next to no guys in this whole video. So maybe she didn’t want any men to be involved at all? Or maybe these represent her haters who I think are primarily female? Loads of possible interpretations.



I have two main impressions of Ilhoon in this video: 1. With the red hair and that robe he really reminds me of G-Dragon. Not entirely sure why, it just seems GD-ish. and 2. I don’t think I’ve ever been this attracted to him. Maybe it’s the time he’s spent with Hyuna shooting this, but Ilhoon is suddenly hotter than ever.


I find these scenes really interesting. I might be reading too much into everything, but the fact that she’s wearing a “bathing suit” made of money makes me think that they’re acknowledging that since Hyuna is somewhat of a sex symbol in Korea, her body is a big part of her income. Just a thought.


Hyuna is a good dancer, and she preforms this choreography well, but I don’t think it’s as engaging as it could be. There are certain memorable parts, most of them clearly for shock-value, but as a whole I don’t think this dance is that special. Compared to the dance for her last single ”Red” I found it a bit disappointing.


I’d say this is my favorite part of the dance. It’s sexy, and effective. Hyuna works it.


I found this a wee bit awkward, especially since not Hyuna nor her dancers has a big butt. But regardless, I still liked it. It’s unapologetic and fun.

Outfits and Styling

This is to me a well-styled video. Most of these ensembles for sure aren’t things you can wear out, but in the setting they work. Also, Hyuna’s been blonde before, but I’ve never been so into it. I’ve always preferred her darker. But here her blonde hair works wonderfully.



I liked these little solo shots of her that popped up and among them these two were my favorite outfits. I especially love the second one, I’d wear that in a heartbeat.


Hyuna has a slamming body, and therefore this works. Oh and by the way, about everyone thinking she got a boob job: I agree. Her boobs definitely look bigger, but she hasn’t gained any significant weight. And you know what? I don’t care. Why the hell would I? She probably got a boob job. So? Or maybe she didn’t. So? I really couldn’t care less. She looks stunning.


I don’t love this outfit; I think it’s just fine. But her hair! The way it’s braided really suits her.


If I was a bit thinner and/or a bit more confident in my body I’d love to wear this. It’s sexy as hell.


How cute is this? She’s literally in a bathing suit so the look is a bit sexy, but her pigtails are just so adorable. She looks great.


Hands down her best look. The hair is gorgeous and if I could walk in stilettos I would pair those shoes with everything. She’s a vision.

Do you like Hyuna’s solo work? How do you think this song holds up against her older stuff?


5 thoughts on “Review of Hyuna’s “Because I’m the Best”

  1. i like how you screenshot the butt sticking up, it is definitely awkward, but as long as they’re having fun, why not right? haha i was never a huge fan of Hyuna’s music but I LOVE her stage performance, she’s full of charm, everything from her voice to her dance and her stage presence is unique and attractive, I just can’t take my eyes off her because she’s such an attention grabber. She’s pretty shy in real life but when she’s on stage, she’s completely on fire and i love it.
    I actually like this song, it’s quite catchy,and her rap never failed to amaze me. i don’t know anything about Ilhoon but he’s pretty cute lol.
    one of her dancers, the short blonde in the fourth picture, her name is Sohyun, she also dances for Super Junior. I met her multiple times during Super Show, gorgeous girl but with a bit of an attitude.
    anyway, i’m glad you reviewed this song, Hyuna’s always been my favorite kpop performer, and she owned the stage like always.

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