Review of January’s Kpop – AoA, NCT, 2NE1 & More!

I have done these “round-up” reviews now and again previously, and maybe that’s actually something I could keep up in the midst of my real life struggles. So here we go, a review of (some of) the releases from this past month of January!

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Top 16 Kpop Singles from 2016 (Female Artists)

You know the jist, this is not the first time I’ve done this (2013, 2014, 2015). Only one song per artist/ group (subunits are counted as a different group from the main group) is permitted on here, no matter how hard that gets for me. These are the 16 lady songs that have defined my year, the ones I’ve played in absurdum. Get ready to judge me.

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Review of May

May of this year was a crazy intense month for kpop and even though it’s now almost August, don’t you think for a second that means I’m not still gonna give you my two cents on the releases of that month. Here I’ve compiled the ten releases that I most feel like I want to talk about from the glorious month of May. Let’s do this. Continue reading