Biases Without Groups

I don’t know if this is the case for the rest of you, but I have a tendency to ”grab” biases quite quickly, and therefore there are quite a number of groups where I have a bias, but don’t actually know the group as a whole. This is what I think of as being ”biases without groups”. For some groups this is the step to something bigger, for example it took me ages to learn any other MBLAQ members besides Joon, but I eventually did and grew to really like all of them. But some groups are forever stuck in this limbo of ”I kind of listen to them, and I have a bias, but I’m just refusing to invest the time to learn the rest”. This is not a complete list of all biases without groups that I have, it is a highlighting of the twelve such biases that I am the absolute most attached to. Number one on this list is a very powerful bias, but I don’t really see a future where I learn the names of all the other members in their group… But who knows, it might happen. You might see some of these groups among my groups very soon.





SHINHWA is the longest running kpop group, but I really don’t know them. I can name four songs, three of which are among their four most recent. But I just really like Minwoo. He first caught my eye when they were promoting ”Sniper” and I just had to find out who that hot-way-too-old-for-me dude was.

I also know that there’s someone named Andy and someone named Eric, but I’ve got absolutely no chance at correctly identifying them. Oh and I just watched the latest episode of Music Bank where Hyesung hosts, so now maybe I’ll be able to remember who he is.

11. 24K




I don’t really listen to 24K at all… Honestly I’ve only ever heard one song from them, though I did love that one, so maybe I should give them another shot…. I first noticed Daeil at the episode of Dream Team where they brought in a hundred rookies and had them run against more established Dream Team members. Daeil did well and his very gorgeous but slightly peculiar face made him stand out in my mind.

I don’t know any other members. Literally no idea.

10. MR.MR.

mr mr



I think I first noticed Tey when he was promoting his solo song (and Taemin ripoff) ”Dangerous”. I didn’t like the song all that much (it was alright) but Tey… Damn. I wanted to live dangerously with him for sure. He has that bad boy look and vibe that I’d like to pretend that I’m too smart to be into, but that I would like to eat with a spoon. Plus leather. I can never resist that.

I have no idea who the other dudes are.





HELLOVENUS’s cute stuff had never tickled my fancy and I properly started paying attention to them when they released the absolutely amazing ”Wiggle Wiggle”. And in that video and during those promotions… Nara shock up my world. This tall blonde goddess was just amazing and everything I wanted.

I know that the rapper is called Lime, but if she isn’t rapping I have no possibility of finding her. Unless she has that lime hair. And there’s someone called Alice, right? Don’t know who she is though.

8. Stellar




I first heard about Stellar when they were making such big waves with ”Marionette” but my real interest in them started when you guys had me review ”Vibrato”. I liked what I saw, and I for sure liked Junyool. These girls are all pretty hot, but these days she is hitting it so much harder than the others. Like damn.

I can tell all the girls apart in a music video, and would recognize at least Hyoeun and Minhee as being members of Stellar if I saw them taken out of context. But I did just google to find out what their names are.





My first introduction to MYNAME was the absurdly sad ”Baby I’m Sorry”. I liked Insoo in that video for sure, but I don’t think he completely sealed the deal until the release of ”Too Very So Much”. He has the voice and face that I like and a shockingly absurdly good body.

I know Seyong as well, since he’s been on Dream Team quite a few times, and would recognize Gunwoo if he was taken out of context, but I don’t actually know his name…

6. DAY6


Young K

young k

DAY6 are rookies from last year, and as soon as I saw their debut music video for ”Congratulations” I knew that Young K would be the one. I looked up his name directly afterwards, and that was that. He had a great voice for my taste, I liked the rapping and he’s just a very attractive dude.

I kind of know Jae, and have a vague thought that I may be able to recognize Sungjin. Oh and the name Wonpil sounds familiar, but I’m not sure if I’d really be able to place him in this group. And I don’t know his face.





I liked MADTOWN from the start, and picked Moos to be my bias from the first video. But since then Jota has been shoved in my face so much on Dream Team (which is definitely some of the best Korean tv has to offer) so I’ve been starting to kind of think of him as my bias as well… I don’t allow two biases, so I will figure this out. Soon. I promise. I just really want both.

I also recognize Lee Geon and have a vague idea that there’s someone named Buffy…

4. Rainbow





I watched Rainbow performing something live (maybe ”Sunshine”? I’m not sure) and I was blown away by how stunning Jaekyung looked. Since then I’ve watched performances and music videos more or less for the sole purpose of looking at her. She is truly an amazing-looking human being. And then I watched Glorious Day, which is a lovely feel-good drama, and Woori really won me over. It’s hard to spend 44 episodes with someone great and not fall in love. And since I only had an aesthetic connection to Jaekyung, that meant Woori started sneaking up on me… Right now I’m not sure who my bias is, but no matter which one I settle on: I will love her fully.

I can also recognize Yoonhye and Jisook as members, but I don’t really know their names.

3. 9Muses





I feel like I’ve known the name ”9Muses” for a really long time; I really can’t remember which single it was that introduced me to them. Maybe ”Ticket”? Possibly. I also can’t remember when I first saw Kyungri, she’s just this beautiful presence that’s always been in my life. Just this gorgeous girl, with the most amazing cat eyes. And then Nasty Nasty came around and suddenly there was this other girl. This amazing little trainee, or whatever she was. And then they added her to the group. And she was everywhere, and I couldn’t get enough. Sojin has hit me like a whirlwind and it’s still left to be discovered if my long-term amazement at Kyungri’s beauty or the novelty of Sojin’s face will win out in the end.

I know there’s someone called Hyuna in the group and also that there’s a Mina/Minha/Minah (however she spells it) in there somewhere. No idea which ones they are though.





I first noticed Feeldog when he was running at the ISAC. I listened to BIGSTAR sporadically for a while, but my musical interest in Feeldog was first peaked when he did ”You Got Some Nerve” with Junhyung from B2ST and LE from EXID. His rap was fire in that great song, and I would love to see him go on Show Me The Money. He hasn’t yet, right…? He’s also been on Dream Team a lot, which works well for me these days.

I’ve got no clue who the others are.

1. Fiestar




After she absolutely killed it on Unpretty Rapstar 2 I have just not been able to get enough of this girl. I had heard a little bit from Fiestar before that, but had never paid attention to her nor anyone else. But now… Wow. She’s all I see. This is like Joon all over again.

Don’t know the others. Don’t need them. Don’t care.

Can you relate to this concept? Who’s the most powerful bias without a group that you have?


2 thoughts on “Biases Without Groups

  1. Whoa I did not know Yezi was from Fiestar!

    I’m kind of like this too, especially with all of these new rookies and groups with a lot of members. Like Seventeen and Topp Dogg. I don’t know the names of all of the members of either group, but I really like certain members (Joshua, Dino, Woozi in Seventeen. P-Goon in Topp Dogg). For a long time N from VIXX was like that too. I knew him long before I became a fan of VIXX.

  2. We have the same biases for some groups. I’m too young for Shinhwa too but at the start of 2015 I had a phase in which I was very interested in them. Minwoo is also my bias but Eric tends to wreck that bias list with his too handsome face. They’re fun on variety from the bits I’ve seen on tumblr.

    I don’t know much more than you about 24K but damn Daeil always had piqued my interest. I think he looks a bit like a rat in a kind of attractive way? Also the nose piercing. Daeil is that kind of person I’d put as the main character in my fanfiction if I weren’t too lazy to write them opposed to just coming up with story lines in my head. Daeil, Block B’s Taeil and Zhou Mi have that feel to me.

    Moving on to Hello Venus – their cute concepts didn’t do anything for me but after the split from pledis they started to appeal more and more to me. Their visuals are great and their songs, too. I’m torn between all four original members for my bias and I also came to like Seoyoung. Only Yeoreum is more meh to me since (imo) she has a kind of dead look to her eyes when she performs. If you need help to keep the members apart – after the split Alice had usually reddish brown hair (just on the picture you used her hair is blonde/brown), Lime had blue hair for I’m Ill (also on the picture) and looks like the asian girl in Pitch Perfect, Seoyoung has a broad face and sang the amazone war cry in Wiggle Wiggle, Yooyoung is cute and had pink highlights for i’m ill and Yeoreum has a small forehead and until now always dark hair.

    My stellar bias is Hyoyeon but I like how Junyool always seem to give her best at performances.
    Nine Muses and Rainbow are also great girl groups, my biases are Minha (the one with the red hair, I think she looks a bit like a beautiful mermaid) and also Jaekyung – and I agree, Jaekyung’s looks are just stunning but her multiple talents are even moreso (did you know that she’s also an alchemist, parfume creator and forged her own rings?). I like Fiestar too and think that with Jei they have a beautiful visual.

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