Calculating Your Bias Type

I think we all know that we have a type, most people do. But have you ever thought about the fact that it’s not just your significant others that follow a pattern, but your biases too? Your bias may be completely separate from your real-life type, or eerily similar. But either way, it’s there.

In this post I will attempt to mathematically calculate what my bias type is… I know, crazy isn’t it? Let’s see how it goes! Oh, and feel free to do it alongside me! If you do, please leave a comment with your own bias type. 

I will be doing this with both my male and my female biases, but separated. You can do only one of the two groups or all of them thrown together or whatever. Whatever you like. I will also only include my biases in the groups listed here, since those are my main biases anyway. I also won’t include ballad groups or bands, since they don’t follow the same patterns as other groups.

Step 1 – Rappers vs Dancers vs Vocalists


I know what you’re thinking, pretty much all kpop stars are at least two of these. But now’s the time to chose which one your bias is more. If someone is listed as a rapper and a lead dancer of a group then it’s easy, they’re a dancer. But if someone is listed as simply a rapper and a dancer for example, that’s when it gets tricky. Then you have to decide which of those this bias is more to you. Since it is your bias after all.

For this post I will be using twenty female biases of mine and twenty-three male biases. I will calculate the percentage of biases that belong to each of these categories… Be right back.


Rappers: 6/20 = 30% (2NE1, f(x), 4Minute, Sistar, Red Velvet, EXID)

Dancers: 4/20 = 20% (Brown Eyed Girls, T-ARA, Girl’s Day, After School)

Vocalists: 10/20 = 50% (Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Wonder Girls, Kara, Secret, Mamamoo, Spica, A Pink, Bestie, AOA)


Rappers: 7/23 = 30,4 % (Big Bang, Block B, Infinite, NU’EST, BTS, GOT7, 2PM)

Dancers: 4/23 = 17,4 % (EXO, MBLAQ, VIXX, Seventeen)

Vocalists: 12/23 = 52,2 % (SHINee, B.A.P, BTOB, Teen Top, U-KISS, DB5K, B1A4, B2ST, Boyfriend, LC9, WINNER, JJCC)

Well these are most certainly clear results which confirm what I’ve always known: I prefer vocalists. And that goes for both girls and guys. These results are percentage-wise really alike in the two different groups, so I definitely could have placed them all in one giant group.

Step 2 – Main or Lead or Simply there

mainleadsimply there

This step is to decide which kind of vocalist/dancer/rapper you prefer. Is it a Main Vocalist that keeps everything together? A Lead that supports? Or simply one that needed a title? You can do this step with whatever group was the largest for you in the last step. I will, of course, do it with my vocalists. Also, whatever’s listed on their profile is what I’m going with, not how much they’re actually featured.


Main Vocalists: 4/10 = 40% (Kara, Secret, A Pink, Bestie)

Lead Vocalists: 5/10 = 50% (Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Wonder Girls, Mamamoo, Spica)

Vocalists: 1/10 = 10% (AOA)


Main Vocalists: 8/12 = 66,7% (SHINee, B.A.P, Teen Top, U-KISS, DB5K, LC9, Winner, JJCC)

Lead Vocalists: 2/12 = 16,7% (B2ST, Boyfriend)

Vocalists: 2/12 = 16,7% (BTOB, B1A4)

Well, clearly I’m on the team that says the better the better when it comes to my vocalist biases.

Step 3 – Maknae? Leader? Visual?


This step you can do with either all your biases or simply the biases that were the largest group in the first step. Personally I will only do it with my vocalist biases, but it’s completely up to you. I’d say you get the most accurate results if you only do it with vocalists, for example, but do it however you like.

While every kpop star is primarily either a dancer, rapper or a singer there are also other titles that they can hold. They can be the youngest and therefore be forced to preform aegyo no matter what they’re natural stance on it is; they can be the oldest and/or the most responsible and therefore be in charge of the team as a whole; or they can just be so damn pretty that you can’t stop staring at them. A kpop star can of course be both a maknae and a visual for example, and will in that case be counted in both categories.


Maknaes: 2/10 = 20% (Mamamoo, Spica)

Leaders: 0/10

Visuals: 1/10 = 10% (AOA)

Nothing of the sort: 7/10 = 70% (Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Wonder Girls, Kara, Secret, A Pink, Bestie)


Maknaes: 1/12 = 8,3% (BTOB)

Leaders: 2/12 = 16,7% (LC9, Winner)

Visuals: 1/12 = 8,3% (DB5K)

Nothing of the sort: 8/12 = 66,7% (SHINee, B.A.P, Teen Top, U-KISS, B1A4, B2ST, Boyfriend, JJCC)

Well I’d say that it’s pretty clear to say that while I love vocalists; I want them to be only vocalists. I don’t want any distractions when they’re trying to hit those notes.

Step 4 – Height


Height is a tricky subject since it’s well known that almost all kpop stars lie about their height. But compared to the other members of their groups their heights normally seem reasonable, so instead of searching for an average height in this step, we will simply look at where they fall within their group.

Once again, you can do this step with all your biases or simply the ones in the largest group from step 1. I will do it with only my vocalists.


Shortest: 2/10 = 20% (Kara, A Pink)

Short half: 4/10 = 40% (Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, Secret, Mamamoo)

In the middle: 2/10 = 20% (Miss A, Spica)

Tall half: 1/10 = 10% (Bestie)

Tallest: 1/10 = 10% (AOA)


Shortest: 4/12 = 33,3% (SHINee, U-KISS, Boyfriend, JJCC)

Short half: 2/12 = 16,7% (B.A.P, B2ST)

In the middle: 2/12 = 16,7% (DB5K, Winner)

Tall half: 2/12 = 16,7% (Teen Top, LC9)

Tallest: 2/12 = 16,7% (BTOB, B1A4)

Well I guess it’s safe to say that I have a thing for the shorties. Which is funny since in real life I’ve barely ever dated someone taller than me. Guess my type is transferrable.

Step 5 – Putting it all together

This is when we basically look back on the previous steps and see what we’ve learned:

Step 1 – I strongly prefer vocalists.

Step 2 – I prefer great vocalists.

Step 3 – I prefer great vocalists who are neither young, responsible nor pretty.

Step 4 – I prefer great vocalists who are neither young, responsible nor pretty but who are short.

Well then I guess that’s settled. Next time I’m having trouble choosing a bias in a group I’ll just have to look back on this and then I’ll know who I was intended for all along.

This is a little bit of a crack post to be honest, but I really enjoyed doing the calculations and writing about them. I guess I’m still that little math geek that I always was…

Please, if you do this, let me know what your type is. It’s really fun for me to know.


12 thoughts on “Calculating Your Bias Type

  1. I once did a similar list myself with a few differences – my bias tend to be very often Leaders, Main Rappers or (some kind of) Vocalists. I rarely bias Dancers or Visuals, especially not male ones. I sometimes bias girl group maknaes but rarely boy group maknaes. Haven’t really included their height though, that’s an interesting aspect.
    Anyway, cool idea.

  2. Wow!!!
    This seems interesting!!! I’ll be sure to try this!! But I guess it’ll be either main rappers or main vocalists for me!!
    Now I even have all ur biases memorized….😁

      1. I hv read all ur posts, so I know ur biases….when I saw short one and kara, I was like yeah u love seungyeon’s voice, nd ofc u prefer vocalists,Daehyun, sungjae, JONGHYUN…
        Wait my ultimate bias keeps on changing. But is jonghyun still ur ultimate bias??

      2. Wow you’ve read all of them? That must have taken such a long time xD I don’t even think my closest friends know all my biases…
        Yes! Jonghyun has been my ultimate bias since I discovered SHINee, and I’m sure he always will be. Who’s yours right now?

      3. Ofc….ur posts were like really interesting… I hv been reading ur posts for quite some time so…
        My ultimate bias is Hanbin ryt now….I know he hasn’t even debuted yet but after win nd mix and match, I just couldn’t stop my feelings Lol. I hope he stays my bias forever now…I m soo in love with him!

      4. I know nd Rapping wise, Bobby is better I guess but I love hanbin’s leadership nd personality….. Even I hope they debut fast nd even my curiousity regarding ur ikon bias will be settled…. Lol 😁

      5. Haha I guess we’ll see! I prefer Bobby’s rapping but Hanbin is really special too… They have such different personalities and I love both of them xD

      6. I m waiting for ur opinionated profile of ikon as much as I m waiting for their debut….
        Wouldn’t it be so much fun if ikon comes on weekly idol???

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