Kpop Recommendations III

I know I’m behind, I realize that. But who knows, even if some of these songs are a couple of weeks old there may very well be some of you out there that haven’t heard them! This time I’ve got 12 songs for you, released between when the last post came out and like yesterday, so about 2 weeks. I have put them in order from least excited about to most excited about (they’re all good though, otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending them).  Continue reading

Kpop Recommendations II

I have once more weeded through all the recent (kinda, I’m a bit behind, which is why you won’t see the absolutely most recent songs here, but they’ll be included in the next post (if they’re good, that is)) kpop songs and let you know which ones are truly worth checking out. This time I only have 4 for you, but I promise you that all four are songs you’ll want to hear.  Continue reading