Ranking of All My Male Kpop Groups (as of January 2016)

This is an extremely hard thing to do. I took all the male groups listed here (as of January 19th 2016) and put them all in order based on how much I like the GROUP RIGHT NOW. So this is not about how much I’m in love with each individual bias, and this is not a static list. It is bound to change, probably by tomorrow. But isn’t that what’s so fun about this wild ride of a genre? You never know how you’ll feel tomorrow. 

Also, I’m not sure if this is important to clarify, but here I go: this is not about how much I like the music of a group, just how much I love the group itself. If you want to read about which groups I listen the most to then you can do that here: girls and boys.

Oh, and if you’d like to read what else I’ve written about a specific group, for example their opinionated profile, then just click that groups’s tag here to the left. I keep this blog pretty damn organized.

32. M.A.P6


M.A.P6 debuted at the very end of 2015, and while I have (accidentally) learnt their names I still know virtually nothing about them, which is why I’m putting them last.

Favorite single: ”Storm”

31. 2AM


I have a strong personal relationship to some of the 2AM members, but it is still hard to develop a strong bond with a group that you just don’t listen to. 2AM is a strict ballad group, and that is in no way my kind of thing.

Favorite single: don’t listen to them, so don’t have one

30. LC9


Are LC9 even still a thing? They really should be. They were so much fun and I saw such potential for the most fabulously fun brand of kpop in them. But I can’t remember seeing anything from them for quite a while… Hopefully they’ll come back and kick each other’s asses again soon.

Favorite single: ”Mama Beat”

29. UP10TION


UP10TION haven’t been around for long, so I haven’t been able to really nurture a real relationship with them just yet. I’m very positively inclined about them though, and I’m for sure keeping a sharp eye on them and everything they do from this point on.

Favorite single: ”So, Dangerous”

28. JJCC


JJCC is a group that I intend to see climb on this list and a group that I feel like the kpop community is majorly sleeping on. They’ve got what it takes people, just give them the time of day and they’ll show you!

Favorite single: ”Fire”

27. M.I.B


This group deserves more love, attention and respect than me nor anyone else can ever give them. I’m not quite there yet with them but I’m consciously working on it. I want to reward this level of amazingness.

Favorite single: ”G.D.M”

26. TVXQ


I’ve got a great level of respect for the boys men of TVXQ, but I’ve never fallen quite as in love with them as the older kpop community wants us all to. I think I’m just slightly too green as a kpop fan to really appreciate their power.

Favorite single (after the split): ”Keep Your Head Down”

25. JYJ


What I said about TVXQ pretty much goes for these as well. I do have stronger attachments to these members, and I’m quite sure they would have been my top three in DB5K, but as a group I don’t really follow them that closely. I’m more into their individual activities.

Favorite single: ”In Heaven”

24. U-KISS


U-KISS are definitely underrated and should be regarded as on the same level as a lot of their same aged peers, but I’m still not quite as obsessed with them as certain factions of their fandom would like to guilt me into being.

Favorite single: ”Neverland”

23. B2ST


B2ST are definitely very talented, and I don’t begrudge them any of the success they’ve had, but it’s extremely rare for them to put out stuff I really want to listen to. And yes, this list isn’t about the music, but these are still musical groups. I need a musical connection to them.

Favorite single (by far): ”Good Luck”



It’s hard to watch a group of young boys go through hell without forming some sort of attachment to them. I’m definitely expecting their comeback.

Favorite single: ”Empty”



I’m a big fan of FTISLAND’s music, but my personal relationship with the boys isn’t quite as strong. I’m always open to getting to know them better though! Jonghoon should come embarrass himself on Dream Team more…

Favorite single: ”I Wish”

20. Seventeen


Adorable little babies… I just want to give them all cotton candy and teddy bears and cake and…

Favorite single: ”Adore U”

19. iKON


As I said, you can’t not grow attached to people you’ve seen go through hell like we got to watch WINNER and iKON. And while WINNER may have debuted first, once iKON did debut they were more active. Which lead to me forming an even stronger attachment to them than to their older brothers.

Favorite single: ”Dumb & Dumber”

18. NU’EST


When it comes to NU’EST I kind of feel like I’m holding onto them because I loved them so much when they were just brand spanking new. Recently they haven’t really given me what I really want, but I still can’t let them go. I impatiently wait for the magic to come back.

Favorite single: ”Face”

17. 2PM


My relationship with 2PM is extremely confused. On one hand I absolutely love them but on the other hand I couldn’t care less about them. So until I can truly figure it out I will keep them here, securely in the middle.

Favorite single: ”Go Crazy!”

16. Boyfriend


I’m so glad that I don’t have to be ashamed of liking Boyfriend anymore. Because I really like what I’m seeing, and am almost ready to dive into this hole.

Favorite single: ”Bounce”

15. B1A4


B1A4 have massively classed up their act since their debut, and now they’re a force to be reckoned with, both in kpop and in my heart. They’re a little bit hit or miss, but I usually give them a pass.

Favorite single: ”Solo Day”



My love for MBLAQ as a group almost completely stemmed from my love of Joon. He was a catalyst for everything. So no that he is no longer in the group I either have to start loving the group for the members that are in it, or admit to myself that MBLAQ is not so special to me anymore. I’m feeling what way it’s leaning, but since I’m not ready to go there yet I will keep them here, quite close to my heart.

Favorite single: ”Be a Man”

13. VIXX


VIXX are quite the adventure to stan; you never know what their next concept will bring. And personally, that’s the biggest reason why I love them. That, Leo’s grumpiness and Hongbin’s face.

Favorite single: ”Error”

12. Infinite


Infinite is like a water balloon of talent. Occasionally it just bursts, spraying us with the amazingness that is within them. May that water balloon never again resist the pressure from inside.

Favorite single: ”Bad”

11. Super Junior

super junior

I never had a choice about Super Junior. They’re like an army that will wear you down with absurdly catchy hooks, amazing vegetable costumes, abs, extremely gay fan service and general ridiculousness.

Favorite single: ”This Is Love”

10. BTOB


BTOB have always been one of the absolute most fun groups to stan, but recently it’s as if the group as a whole and their songwriters have entered into a very dark place. May the boys pull themselves out of the darkness and start stroking their butts again.

Favorite single: ”Wow” 

9. Teen Top

teen top

Teen Top have really grown up. I’m not saying everything they do now is pure gold, but at least they’re not justifying cheating by winking anymore. That’s some character development right there.

Favorite single: ”Rocking”

8. B.A.P


I’m just so relieved that the boys came back to us. We all know they’re stronger together.

Favorite single: ”1004 (Angel)”

7. Block B

block b

As someone who values logic and structure it is quite the struggle to be as big of a fan of Block B as I am. Just look at this picture. Why? What is Jaehyo wearing?

Favorite single: ”Nillili Mambo”

6. GOT7


GOT7 decisively solidified their position, all while putting out singles I didn’t like. The power of dumbass members is so strong.

Favorite single: ”Just Right”



For sure my favorite idol band and the classiest group on here by far. Each member has their own individual charm, and every single one is a bias list ruiner. Beware.

Favorite single: ”Intuition”

4. Big Bang

big bang

They have fallen a little on this list, but these kings are for sure still staying tall. Each and every one of them is just getting better.

Favorite single: ”Loser”

3. EXO


I absolutely love me 12-9 gorgeous boys and if they’re packing some talent and some annoying/awesome/hilarious/generally enjoyable personalities, that’s all good too.

Favorite single: ”Growl”

2. BTS


One day I found this cool new rookie group that I immediately really liked. The next day they were my second favorite boy group. How is that possible? Nobody knows. Magic probably.

Favorite single: ”Boy In Luv”

1. SHINee


The day I no longer call SHINee my favorite group it’s probably because I’ve left the kpop fandom altogether. That’s how connected my love for SHINee and my love for kpop is.

Favorite single: ”Lucifer”

This was a bitch to write, for a multitude of reasons. Probably never doing it again. But there is a certain sense of accomplishment now that it’s finally done… Hope you enjoyed!



7 thoughts on “Ranking of All My Male Kpop Groups (as of January 2016)

  1. Dang BTS#2? When Bigbang passed I was really confused because I havent seen BTS yet and wondered if you didn’t like them anymore but BAM #2. Glad to see BTS rising in popularity. Good list 👍🏻

  2. We are on the exact same wavelength when it comes to BTOB, Teen Top, and MBLAQ. I really enjoyed reading this list!

    Is M.I.B still around? I feel like it’s been a few years since I’ve heard anything from them.

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