Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 4 – Miss A vs SISTAR vs SPICA

miss a






The preliminary rounds in the battle of the girls are now drawing to a close as the second to last preliminary group is now ready to battle it out for their spots in the semifinals. These are three very different groups, with completely different strengths, so I’m very excited to see how this all turn out.  Continue reading


Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 3 – BIGBANG vs NU’EST vs B1A4

big bang






This is the third preliminary group in the battle of the boys and it contains another of my absolute favorite groups, who’ve kept us waiting for way too long, but that has now finally come back: BIGBANG. I’ve missed them massively, but I’ll try to not let that factor into how I score them. I mean, I let SHINee be eliminated, so you really can’t doubt my unbiasedness. One of these groups is old, the other two are young to medium age, and they’re all massively different. But one has to go. Continue reading

Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 2 – Teen Top vs JYJ vs B2ST

teen top






I’m back with the second preliminary group of boy groups in the battle of the boys to fight for their spot in the semifinals. This time the gods of chance in their infinite wisdom decided to match up three very different group. Their musical styles are different, their histories are different and their strengths are different. Let’s see who’ll come out on top, shall we? Continue reading

Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 1 – Girl’s Day vs Secret vs After School

girl's day




after school

The first group in the battle of the boys had it out last week, and sadly my absolute favorite group in the whole world were eliminated and won’t be competing in the semifinals. So I’m hoping that this week I’ll get what I want! I won’t say which two groups I’m hoping for, but there are definite frontrunners in my mind. Which probably means one of them will be eliminated. Sigh.  Continue reading