Opinionated Profile of SISTAR


SISTAR is a group that’s really fallen away for me. When I first started this blog, I had about 8 songs from them on my phone. Now I have two. I think several of these ladies are very talented, and I want to like their music, but it just doesn’t grab me. I’m hopeful that their upcoming comeback will be great though. 

Here we have my ranking of the members, and my comments on what I think of them!

4. Dasom


Birth name: Kim Da Som

Stage name: Dasom

Birthday: May 6, 1993

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Vocalist, Maknae, Face of the Group

Comment: To be honest, I don’t understand why Dasom became a kpop star, and not just an actress. I haven’t seen more of her acting than in a few music videos, but she doesn’t seem to be that terrible. And frankly, she isn’t a very good kpop star. Sorry, Dasom! (And any fans I might offend by saying that.) I mean, she can’t sing. But she is pretty, and being able to sing isn’t really a requirement for being a kpop singer. So I guess it somehow makes sense. In some way.

She isn’t pretty enough to interest me though, as I’ve written here. She’s way too standard kpop cookie cutter for me, so it gets boring.

I don’t mind her being in the group, but her being there in no way helps them win my favor.

3. Soyou

Birth name: Kang Ji Hyun

Stage name: Soyou

Birthday: February 12, 1992

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: Last time I wrote about SISTAR I think I was a little too hard on Soyou’s look. She might be stereotypically kpop beautiful, but she is a very pretty girl.

Her recent promotions together with Junggigo have really opened my eyes when it comes to this girl, both when it comes to her looks and her singing. Before I didn’t find her attractive, now I do. It’s hard to shine as a singer when you’re in the same group as someone with Hyorin’s vocal capacity, so I’d never thought about Soyou as more than a decent singer. But when she got to shine on her own, in a great song, together with a guy who complemented her voice beautifully, she really made me take notice. She might not be Hyorin, but she is a very good singer.

2. Hyorin


Birth name: Kim Hyo Jung

Stage name: Hyorin (Sometimes spelled Hyolyn)

Birthday: January 11, 1991

Official height: 164 cm

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper

Comment: Hyorin is, in my opinion, one of the strongest female singers in all of kpop. It’s a sad fact that many kpop stars aren’t very good singers, and the girls are normally even worse than the guys. But when your friends claim that kpop stars are just pretty incapable singers, Hyorin is a perfect person to throw in their face. She represents those fantastic exceptions to the norm.

I had no idea that Hyorin was a rapper. Either she does very little of it, or her singing’s so distracting that I really haven’t noticed. It could be either.

I think Hyorin’s gorgeous, and I love that she has her own look. Own it girl!

1. Bora


Birth name: Yoon Bo Ra

Stage name: Bora

Birthday: January 30, 1990

Official height: 165 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: I fell in love with Bora slowly, and then all at once. It all started with me seeing her on some Idol Star Athletics Championship, where I noticed a striking difference between her and most of the other girls. Even though the oath says they won’t do that, most of the girls were obviously more concerned with looking cute and attractive for the cameras than actually doing their best. But not Bora, oh no. She went hard, did well, and won, Or didn’t win, but she did it all with an impressive grace, and a very apparent competitiveness that I didn’t see in almost any other girl there. She set herself apart, and in the sea of pretty idols, that’s the most important.

I don’t think Bora is an amazing rapper, but she suits the needs of the group, and never makes me cringe with her rapping. And among female rappers that for sure isn’t the norm.

SISTAR’s choreography normally isn’t very advanced, and all of the members do it acceptably well. But Bora does slightly stand out, and I believe she could do well with more advanced choreography as well.


Let me know who your favorite in SISTAR is in the poll!

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6 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of SISTAR

  1. I do like Sistar, but there’s always something missing, even if they have an amazing song like Alone, they still can’t deliver the flawless finish, when I know they can. it’s kind of disappointing, hopefully they can pick it up with this comeback.
    I love Hyorion’s voice, whether in the group or by herself, she can sing any song perfectly with no efforts, Let it Go anyone? lol it’s true there aren’t many GOOD female vocalists in kpop, Hyorin stands out no doubt.
    I love Bora’s personality, she’s so vibrant and down to earth.
    Soyou I have yet to know her, she seems awkward at times, don’t know why lol.
    Dasom changed TREMENDOUSLY over the past few years, I remember watching her on Super Junior’s Foresight, she had chubby cheeks but all of a sudden the chubbiness were gone and she became SUPER THIN. she looked so different, i almost didn’t recognize her.

    1. I agree that there always seems to be something missing with SISTAR…. I just can’t put my finger on what it is.
      Hyorin’s voice is great and the live version of “Let It Go” that she did with Ailee was stunning!
      Bora is just all around lovely, I adore her.

  2. To answer your question about why Dasom became an idol singer: she was one of those idols (similar Sohee and Taecyeon) who auditioned in Starship as an aspiring actress but was placed into Sistar a few months before their debut. More than anything I think she started as Sistar’s visual filler. I think I’m going to disagree with your opinion that Dasom can’t sing. 99% of the time she’s singing out of her range. Because most of Sistar’s songs are made for Hyorin and Soyou to sing, Dasom is left (as the weakest vocalist of the three) to adapt to Sorin’s wheelhouse. However, there are moments where I see the “potential” in Dasom’s voice (whether that potential will ever be fulled tapped into is a mystery to me) [http://youtu.be/i-mJ6aPIHT4] and [http://youtu.be/9gnpBrQnH5U]. Dasom is pretty competitive and scrappy (she really impressed me during Running Man’s Idol Chuseok special) likes hamming it up for performances but she also can be kind of graceless on the stage. One of the things that made me interested in finding out more about her is when she said that she was embarrassed to be so out of the loop with what’s going on in the world then committed herself to reading/watching/listening to the news everyday. I think there are lot of misconceptions (not specifically here) about who Dasom is because she never has had the opportunity to show herself off but (imho) she’s this weirdly awesome mixture of confident and awkward that I find refreshing and relatable (that reflects in her looks because sometimes she’s all arms and legs and sometimes she looks super beautiful).

    I think that you’d like Soyou if you looked into her personality a bit more. She’s into looks and thinks a lot about her presentation but at the same time she’s not opposed to getting down and dirty. She’s really exacting and she has a lot of street smarts (plus she only uses aegyo when she’s haggling down prices with street vendors). Soyou is the type of person who will deadlift a 50kg weight and then check her complexion in the mirror (she actually did this). She never holds back for fear of looking ugly but at the same time. she does invest a lot in the way the she looks.

    You’re right, Bora as Sistar’s rapper is far from bad, but there are times where I’d like her to bring the drive and energy (and killer instinct) that she has during athletic challenges to her rapping and dancing. Most kpop songs have the rap breakdown and I think sometimes they ruin songs (Hyorin’s One Way Love is a pretty decent example, she raps well there but the rap still sounded unnecessary). A great rap from Bora in a Sistar song could be what they need to punch up their music. I think in the beginning of Sistar, Bora blew the girls away with her dancing but now, not so much. To me, it seems as if she’s growing and thriving with her mc-ing and acting and modeling but stalling with her stage performances. I’ve read that she’s been writing lyrics lately so I’m excited to see her new and improved form with this comeback.

    I don’t know, I think that the other members of Sistar generally get eclipsed (not so much Hyorin as Soyou and Dasom) by Bora’s natural, gorgeous good looks and laid back, infectious personality (it’s understandable, Bora is just amazing). It is true that Bora had a HUGE hand in “making” Sistar with her IAC performances. But I feel as those many people (yourself included) miss the attractive qualities of the other members’ personalities. For example, Hyorin, Soyou and Dasom (while not on Bora’s level) all think about competition and giving 100% over looking good. IAC and Dream Team were the perfect varieties for Sistar because none of them are prissy when it comes to physical challenges.

    Anyways I’ll stop here because I’ve taken up too much of your space but I just thought I’d comment 🙂 Hopefully the comeback lives up to everyone’s wants and expectations.

    1. Wow that is one long comment!

      I’m sure that you’re absolutely right about everything you said about Soyou and Dasom, and that I’ve gotten distracted by Bora. SISTAR is not one of my favourite groups, and it’s therefore a group where my knowledge is sorely lacking.

      Thank you for writing such a committed comment, and let’s all hope that the new comeback is something great!

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