Opinionated Profile of TVXQ!

If I do JYJ I of course have to do TVXQ! as well. And since they’re such small groups now (*sob*) it only makes sense to do both. In my mind I always think of JYJ and TVXQ! as being one, so I’ve never thought about having a bias in each group. It just feels weird to me. Jaejoong is my bias in DB5K, and that’s that. But I of course prefer one over the other in TVXQ! as well.

2. Yunho


Birth name: Jung Yun Ho

Stage name: U-Know/Yunho

Birthday: February 6, 1986

Official height: 184 cm

Position: Bass Vocals, Leader, Lead Dancer

Comment: I’m very impressed with Yunho. His strength and determination is very admirable, but I’ve never really taken to him. I’ve read a lot of people saying that it’s his fault that the group split up, that he should either have made them stay, or taken Changmin with him and left with the other members. That’s incredibly unfair. But I guess people wanted someone to blame, and a leader who had “failed” was an easy choice. Some people have even been saying that if Jaejoong had been the leader it never would have happened, but I guess we’ll never know.

I’m not super impressed by Yunho’s singing, but I do like that he has a deeper voice. His dancing is very good, that’s for sure, but that’s been established.

All of the stage names that DB5K were given are stupid. Except for Xiah, because that’s pretty cool. But Hero, Micky and Max are at least somewhat passable. U-Know on the other hand is the stupidest most ridiculous stage name ever. Okay maybe not ever, but you get the jist. Yunho for sure got the short end of the stick there.

1. Changmin


Birth name: Shim Chang Min

Stage name: Max/Changmin

Birthday: February 18, 1988

Official height: 186 cm

Position: High Note Vocals, Maknae

Comment: Changmin does the sickest high notes in all of kpop. It’s very extremely very impressive, and I’m proud of him. I’m not sure if I’m a big enough Cassiopeia to be allowed to be proud of the members, but I am, so deal with it!

Changmin is for sure the looker out of the two who are left, and in all of DB5K I’d say he’s the second most attractive. But don’t be sad that you’re not number one, Changmin! It’s pretty damn close to impossible to beat Jaejoong.

I really don’t know much about Changmin, to be honest. He’s very attractive, his singing is impressive, and I think he’s more likable than Yunho. So this isn’t really a bias for me, it’s just me preferring one member over another. And yes, there’s a difference between those two!


Let me know who your favorite out of the two remaining members is, and who your favorite in all of DB5K is, in the polls below!

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– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of TVXQ!

  1. Yunho all the way!!

    it is very interesting to see that two members who, imo, have opposite personalities decided to remain in their original company.

    i don’t know even half the truth about the reason of the split – but then again those who “claim” to do so are delusional – but calling Yunho an unfit leader is just plain stupid. if Jaejoong himself recognized Yunho’s potential at the very beginning as a leader and declined the position himself, who are we to question that? the 5+ years they were together is more than enough proof of that good leadership. i personally think 1/3 of the reason why DB5K was as successful as they were on their peak is because they had Yunho at the helm.

    ^ ok, sorry for ranting. he is my bias obviously.

    and did i mention how humble he is? given, he needs to calm down a bit when dancing (overly in love fans call it passion) but even i think he overdoes it sometimes.

    Changmin can take over the world and we’d be happy to let him too. he probably started the whole yes-i’m-the-maknae-and-you-can’t-f*ck-with-me. oh my God, that snakiness!! it’s legendary, as legendary as his “YEAAAAAAHHH” in Mirotic. and he has Kyuhyun as right man hand!! to add to that that mismatched smile eyes…that’s basically the perfect formula for world domination.

    all hail King VoldeMin!!

    and i’m still waiting for the day Yunho will announce his secret relationship with BoA and then i’ll be bowing out of KPop knowing it is a better place.

  2. Changmin all the way!!

    I love his voice and thank to him I start to love TVXQ, because of his powerful voice. Then I saw how gorgeous he was in a MV call Rising Sun, I didnt know that he was the same dude who do those sick awesome screams and I was like totally drown by him.

    But seeing his snarky, sarcastic personality kills me. I mean he is smart, gentle, humble, and troll people too. He is everything I like for a man: honest, different, gorgeous and talent (omg… did you know his beauitiful and sexcough songs?)

    What more can I say…He do a perfect couple with Yunho! haha Sorry I have to mention this.

    Is true that I start to be a fan before the split but musically Tense is a masterpiece. Even tho I truly love all the albums as five and as a duo seems like I love the music as a duo more hehe.

    Have a nice day!

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