Top of the Kpops Gets An Instagram!

Okay, so since I obviously can’t/aren’t dedicating my time to this blog right now, I set up an instagram that you can go follow, if you want! The instagram is @topofthekpops, and there I’ll be posting (at least this is the plan right now) shorter comments about new kpop videos that have come out, or maybe about big news in the kpop world as well. I would definitely appreciate it if you would follow me there, and I hope you’ll enjoy! (Oh, and don’t judge me too harshly on the pictures, I am so not a professional instagrammer.)

New vs Old: JYP

Okay, it’s been a while, and now it is time. Today I will compare the more experienced groups of JYP Entertainment with the less so; the juniors that are stepping up to fill their elders’ shoes. I’m only including idol groups that promote as such, no solo artists and no disbanded groups. In this case that means Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7 and TWICE.  Continue reading

List of the Week #74 – Worst Debut Songs by Kpop Girl Groups

The last post I wrote was all about highlighting the best debut songs from the girl groups listed among my groups. But not every post can be so positive. Here I, while drawing from the same pool of candidates, will “highlight” the worst debut songs. These groups have all come leaps and bounds from their humble beginnings, and even though many of their fans may want to forget what that beginning was, that cannot be allowed.  Continue reading