Opinionated Profile of EXID


This week we’re tackling a girl group that is a new edition to my groups (making them an even 45) and a group that I knew once a long time ago, but that recently up down up up downed their way into my heart and the hearts of the entire kpop community. But these girls are more than one sexy fancam, don’t you dare forget that. 

5. Hyerin


Birth name: Seo Hye Rin

Stage name: Hyerin

Birthday: August 23, 1993

Official height: 165 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist

Comment: I might get massacred by my friend for putting her bias last, but I can’t connect with Hyerin. She’s super duper cute, too cute really. Cute is not my type in girls nor in boys and someone that is so incredibly sugarcoated scares me. I’m not extremely familiar with this group just yet, so I’ve yet to see much of another side to her, and therefore don’t find her appealing.

She is the second best singer in the group, in my opinion, but that’s never enough.

4. Junghwa


Birth name: Park Jung Hwa

Stage name: Junghwa

Birthday: May 8, 1995

Official height: 169 cm

Position: Maknae, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

Comment: The fact that Hani is the pretty one and not Junghwa never ceases to amaze me. Not that Hani isn’t pretty, she’s lovely, but Junghwa is such a beauty. To be honest, when I watched the video for “Up&Down” after I heard so much about a pretty member’s fancam going viral, I was sure that that member had to have been Junghwa. I didn’t really know any of the members back then, but she seemed like the obvious choice. Oops, sorry Hani!

I personally think that Junghwa is the weakest out of the vocalists, and I can only remember hearing a couple of rap lines from her. Her dancing is good, but I’ve never seen her as a standout.

3. Hani


Birth name: Ahn Hee Yeon

Stage name: Hani

Birthday: May 1, 1992

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: I think Hani is a stronger singer than Junghwa, but she’s not a standout in the group. And, as I’ve already mentioned, she wasn’t the member that made me stare because she was so stunning. So why is Hani this high up on my list? Well, just a few minutes ago I watched their episode of Weekly Idol. Before watching that, Hani was nothing but a pretty face (that I didn’t find extraordinarily pretty) to me, but now she’s just oh so precious. She takes selcas with her feet. She does awesome imitations and she does the most fabulous dance cover of Jun Ji Hyun’s techno dance I’ve ever seen. (Not that I’ve really seen any others, but this has got to be one of the best!) She’s not just a pretty face, she’s a total dork and I love it!

2. Solji


Birth name: Heo Sol Ji

Stage name: Solji

Birthday: January 10, 1989

Official height: 170 cm

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Comment: Apparently Solji was the vocal trainer to the group before being added together with Hyerin after three of the original members left. Even though it’s always a mess when groups lose or gain members, I’m happy that this happened. The three members that left left after only a couple of months, so it’s easy to pretend they were never there at all. Plus they’re doing fabulously as three fourths of BESTie these days! And if they hadn’t left, we wouldn’t have gotten Solji and Hyerin. I do like Hyerin, even though she is the least special to me, but it’s Solji that’s the great win here.

She’s such a great singer, which makes sense, since she was the group’s very own vocal trainer. Such a good voice, just wow. I’m confused about her look though… Sometimes, like in the video for “I Feel Good” I find her so amazingly stunning, but in their latest video for “Up&Down” she didn’t do it for me at all. So I’m not sure how I feel… I’m just gonna credit her recent look to bad styling, and claim that she really is a stunning girl.

1. LE


Birth name: Ahn Hyo Jin

Stage name: LE

Birthday: December 10, 1991

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Main Rapper

Comment: Come on, how could it ever be anyone else? I’m a big fan of a girl with an attitude and great girl rappers and this girl has all the swag plus she can spit like almost no one else. A rap collaboration between her and Block B’s Zico would be a dream come true. Have you heard the song she did with BIGSTAR’s Feeldog and B2ST’s Junhyung? Well you should! Here you go:


Have you heard the song she did with Hyuna? Soon you will have!


You’re welcome. I don’t know if it was the influence of LE, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hyuna act like such a bad bitch ever before. It’s quite glorious.

LE is a great rapper with a great attitude. This might be very stereotypical of me, but I like my female rappers to be bitches and my male rappers to be douchy playboys. Not that I actually want them to be and act like that, but I like the ones that can pretend.

Okay, and about her being a CL copy… People, please. They’re both bad bitches and a collaboration would be amazing, but they’re not the same. Move along now.

How are you guys liking EXID? Did you like them before the massive hit hit? Do you still not like them? Give me all your mind babies!


11 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of EXID

  1. To me, EXID is the prettiest girl group next to Kara and SNSD, I never noticed how stunning these ladies are. even though I’m not a fan of their music, sorry Up and Down is really not my cup of tea, I can’t help but drawn to their looks. I do like looking at pretty ladies too, hope that doesn’t sound too weird lol.
    anyway, how have you been girl? I’ve been listening to Donghae and Eunhyuk nonstop for the past week, D&E is off the hook! lol

    1. You think so? I think they’re pretty, but they’re not one of the prettiest groups to me. Haha that doesn’t sound weird at all! Regardless of sexuality we all enjoy beauty, don’t we? I’m all good and I hope you are too! I do love those two as a unit, but their new single didn’t blow me away…

  2. Agreed with LE, I thought she was the leader and unlike most idol rappers she’s legit and wasn’t told “here’s some lines make them rhyme and say it fast.”

    Hani, the face and ( thanks to the fancam) the ass of EXID.

    Everyone else is expandable, no one sticks out and that is a bad pic of hyerin.

    1. I don’t agree. I definitely don’t think Solji is expendable for example. And I think that’s a quite representative picture of Hyerin. That’s what she looks like to me

      1. It looks like A pov picture! Lol and in up and down the only thing I remember is LE and singing none of them have that “oh, that’s hyerin, oh that’s hani” if I hear Girls Day, I’ll say fuck Minah “had alot of lines!!” Or “jonghyun really killed it!” Only LE sticks out maybe Soljin and the one who wore white
        but one major problem in kpop is that most group sound so identical to each other words like you only know three out of the four five six or seven members, identity really matters.

  3. I really like exid, but it’s really just one member that ruins it all for me. and I don’t think she’s good at all. Everyone calls her the prettiest member and she’s the most popular too; junghwa. Something about her just doesn’t appeal to me. she’s a weak vocalist and to me her face reminds me of a frog, and her neck is really long with a small face.

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