Kdrama Special – My Ten Favorite Secondary Characters

Yup, after having taken a break with the spotlight I’m now back with another favorite characters list. If you’re hating these and wishing for me to get back to kpop ASAP you will be pleased that this is the last kdrama special for this time around and that the next post will be a proper kpop list. For this list I considered all characters, male and female, from all dramas I’ve watched, that I don’t think can be considered as a first or a second lead. I ended up choosing a lot of people from the same drama, so this post features ten characters but only seven dramas. The order is based on when the drama was aired, oldest first, not on how much I like them. That was way too hard to do. Oh and also, no major spoilers in this post. But beware of little ones that might sneak in there.  Continue reading

Kdrama Special – My Ten Favorite Female Leads

I know I haven’t watched many dramas, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have opinions! I’ve got plenty. Too many maybe. For this list I considered all female characters that I feel were treated as either a first or a second lead in their drama in the sixteen dramas I’ve watched. Two dramas managed to get two characters on here, which means that this list features a total of eight dramas, and ten leading ladies. The characters on here don’t necessarily reflect how much I enjoyed the drama in question, but it does of course have an influence on it. Also, the ranking is simply based on the age of the actress when she played the part, with oldest as number one, so don’t put weight on that. Also, there’s no massive spoilers in this post, but there could be small ones, so proceed with some level of caution.  Continue reading

Kdrama Special – My Princess, Liar Game, Glorious Day & White Christmas

I may be slow when it comes to my drama-watching, but I keep going, enjoying drama after drama at my own sluggish pace. I have now finished another four dramas, bringing my total up to sixteen, and I now intend to share my thoughts and opinions on them with you guys. I’d recommend for you to only read the passages about the dramas you’ve already seen though, since this post will most probably be rife with spoilers. Unless you don’t care, and just want to read it all. Be my guest.  Continue reading

Kdrama Special – Actors I Love, Actors I Like and Actors I Watch for

This is the corresponding post to the post I wrote last week about all the lovely Korean actresses that I’ve grown very fond of during my short stint in the kdrama world. This week we’re tackling a larger group, the men. Why it’s a larger group is difficult to say. It’s probably due to such a simple fact as me being more attracted to the men in kdramas than to the women. I’m more into men in general, and most kdrama girls aren’t my style. So it’s not so common that I fall head over heels for an actress, since it takes more than a pretty smile. But the boys… Oh the boys. I’ll have a hard time explaining why some of these are on here, or why I think so highly of them. Let’s see if I can think of better reasons than “he’s hot”, shall we? Continue reading

Kdrama Special – Actresses I Love, Actresses I Like and Actresses I Watch for

As I’m currently watching my fifteenth drama, I am still very much a kdrama noob. Here I’ll highlight some of the lovely ladies that have won my heart (a smaller group than the boys, who will be highlighted in an upcoming post). There are a couple of others that could have been on here, but I think these are more crucial. I’ve split this post into three parts: the actresses I love; the actresses I like but don’t love just yet; and the actresses (or well, actress) that I’ve never seen in anything, but that I’m very excited about nonetheless. Continue reading

Kdrama Special – Prosecutor Princess, City Hunter & The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

It’s been almost exactly six months since the first two posts in this series were posted, and in that time I’ve finished another three dramas. That’s right, three. Yes, I’m slow! I’m planning on continuing on with this series, posting every time I’ve finished another four dramas, but since I’ve already talked about nine dramas, I’ll make it an even twelve and talk about the three I’ve finished now. Oh, and spoilers ahead, so tread carefully. Continue reading