Korea Day 1-3 – Traveling to Korea, Arriving & Partying Like the Koreans Do

I’ve never been the type to read ”personal” blogs. You know, blogs that are simply about a person and their everyday life. I’ve never seen the point. I feel like this would only be interesting if it was some big celebrity whom you’re a huge fan of (and even then I’m doubtful, and they usually never run these kinds of blogs) or someone you know in real life who ran it, in which case you can just talk to them and find out these kind of things that way instead. So when I started this blog I never ever intended for it to be a personal blog. Yes, if you read everything I’ve written on here you can probably get a pretty good idea of who I am. My personality comes through quite clearly, I’ve mentioned certain friends and my boyfriend a number of times and I even featured my family on here. But I have never been what this blog is about. I’ve never even showed my face on here. But that is all about to change. From June 7th to June 29th I went on a trip I’ve been dreaming about for years: I went to Korea, with my boyfriend. And for these next few posts, as I chronicle this trip, this blog will transform from the fairly anonymous place that it has been to something very personal. But this is temporary, so if you absolutely hate the thought of this, don’t worry. It will all go away. Also, I will talk about what I/we did each day in quite a bit of detail, almost like a diary (and include pictures), but the final travel tale that I will write will be kind of a tl;dr, or a review of the trip in its entirety, so if you want a more concentrated view of the trip I took, you can just wait until that is posted and just read that.

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