Ranking of All My Female Kpop Groups (as of December 2015)


Trying to rank all the groups you listen to based on how much you like them is a massive task. But I will undertake it, simply because it seems like fun. Awful fun, but fun nonetheless. Trying to put the male and female groups together is way too hard though, so this post is only for my female groups. And as the title hints at, this post is written way in advance and only includes the girl groups listed here as of December 13th 2015.

I also included what my favorite song is from each group, at least right now. (And yes, sometimes the recency effect is strong.) This is to help give people who might not know the group in question as well as they’d like a good starting point.

Okay… Buckle down. It’s about to get rough.

(Also, remember that these positions are constantly switching. It’s perfectly possible that I will have changed my mind about at least one of these positions by the time this is posted.)

21. AOA


I never ever thought I’d grow to like AOA enough for them to even be on this list at all. So even though I’m ranking them last I’m still shocked by how much I’ve grown to enjoy them.

(Just click the tag for each group if you want to read more of my opinions on them.)

Favorite single: ”Elvis”

20. Kara


Just as I once strongly disliked AOA and especially Jimin, I’ve more or less hated Kara and especially Hara. It came from a place of childish jealously, and I’ve definitely moved on from it now. Kara as a group is something I enjoy now, even though I still sometimes feel spiteful towards their lovely visual…

Favorite single: ”Mamma Mia”

19. A Pink

a pink

They’ve definitely gotten up in the kpop world and it feels like they’re more and more beloved each time I see them. I don’t love them like many seem to, but I do feel a certain loyalty towards these girls nonetheless.

Favorite single: ”No No No”

18. After School

after school

I sort of love After School in theory, but it’s very rare for them to really hit it the way I like it musically. But when they do, it’s magic. And even if I don’t always love their music, these girls are… well… easy on the eyes.

Favorite single: ”Bang!”



SPICA is a group that I can without hesitation say deserves my love. They’re such lovely and amazingly talented ladies, and I feel bad for not adoring them more than I do.

Favorite single: ”You Don’t Love Me”

16. Girl’s Day

girls day

Positions sixteen through ten-ish are very close together, and were very hard for me to straighten out. It really depends on their latest track and how much I’ve been seeing of them lately. This time around Girl’s Day came up short, but I have complete faith in that they can turn that around.

Favorite single: ”Darling”

15. Secret


I’m torn about Secret… They have a member I love to pieces, a member I really like and then two members that I’m highly neutral about. The two of them are talented and pretty, it’s not that, they just haven’t dazzled me on a personal level. If they do, Secret is definitely a climber.

Favorite single: ”Magic”

14. BESTie


BESTie have not been in the kpop scene nor in my life for very long, but lately everything they’ve done has just been so on the money. They’ve impressed me and slowly but surely climbed this list.

Favorite single: ”Excuse Me”

13. EXID


EXID have clawed their way into the good graces of me and basically everyone else. And if we’re gonna judge based on LE’s face in this picture, I’d say they aren’t ready to give their place up any time soon.

Favorite single: ”Ah Yeah”



SISTAR don’t hold that much of an emotional pull for me, but they are packed with just so much fun and amazingness that they should never be disregarded. Especially not if you’re writing a list of the best kpop songs for summer…

Favorite single: ”I Swear”

11. Red Velvet

red velvet

I never planned to even like Red Velvet, certainly not to adore them like they were my (mostly older than me) beloved little sisters. There’s just something so damn charming about them and with every release they’re growing musically.

Favorite single: ”Dumb Dumb”



It’s frankly ridiculous that I’m even considering putting them this high up after only having released one single. Me and TWICE are in the honeymoon phase and life is great and they’re wonderful and everything is glorious.

Favorite single: ”Like OOH-AHH”

9. Wonder Girls

wonder girls

Wonder Girls is the group that in a wonderful way introduced me to the wondrous world that is kpop but that I then sadly more or less forgot, going off to stan a certain couple of SM groups. But over the course of 2015 they’ve really won my love back, and I can honestly say that it feels like we never left each other.

Favorite single: ”So Hot”

8. Brown Eyed Girls

brown eyed girls

I may not listen to Brown Eyed Girls as much as some other groups, but they have some complete knockouts in their discography. And they have a maturity and a ladylike badassness to them that their juniors still have a way left to go to reach.

Favorite single: ”Brave New World”

7. T-ARA


T-ARA have the ability to occasionally throw me for a massive loop with songs that are a perfect example of how funky and fun kpop can be at its very best. These girls are almost as kpop as you can be, most often in the most amazing ways.

Favorite single: ”Sugar Free”



One day I didn’t know MAMAMOO, the next they were one of my favorite groups. They’re just that good. They were my favorite rookies of 2014, and I’ve just fallen more and more in love with them since then. They will never slow down.

Favorite single: ”Piano Man”

5. 4Minute


4Minute was the first kpop group I saw live back in May of 2014, and that was definitely one of the best nights of my life. These girls are adorable, sweet, cool, sexy and talented. I love them.

Favorite single: ”Whatcha Doin’ Today”

4. f(x)


f(x)’s image and style is just becoming more and more perfected for every released they put out. They are just so cool! Their style isn’t loud, it’s sophisticated yet still amazingly badass. I want to be f(x).

Favorite single: ”Nu ABO”

3. Miss A

miss a

….if I can’t be this group. Miss A have since debut consistently had a flawless image. They’ve mixed it up, gone cuter, sadder, sexier, sweeter, but it’s still evident that it’s the same girls. They’re telling a story and it’s a story I never want to stop listening to.

Favorite single: ”I Don’t Need a Man”

2. Girls’ Generation

girls generation

I was once ashamed of my sone status, but as I’ve outgrown the very idea of being ashamed of what I enjoy and as they’ve developed, I’m now so proud of it. These girls are my goddesses and they just keep shining more and more each year.

Favorite single: ”Mr.Mr.”

1. 2NE1


Yeah, this is probably never gonna stop. I’m perfectly aware of the fact that 2NE1 will probably be my absolute favorite girl group until I either fall out of love with kpop (the horror) or they disband (THE HORROR). I may not listen to them the most, but they will forever have my love.

Favorite single: ”Come Back Home”

This was haaaard, guys! Could you do this with your groups? Are you surprised by my rankings at all?


2 thoughts on “Ranking of All My Female Kpop Groups (as of December 2015)

  1. There’s only one kpop girl group that I absolutely love, I will listen to all their songs, watch all their live performances and music video, the one and the only, Girls’ Generation. These girls are beautiful, talented, multi-dimentional, hard working, and is STILL the top girl group in Korea. Yeah I said it, don’t hate haha.
    Sooyoung is my only girl bias for LIFE.

    You pretty much listed all the girl groups that I listen to on a regular basis, so I’ll just list my favorite songs from them.

    Favorite songs from the remaining 20:

    Kara: Mama Mia, Damage Lady
    2NE1: I am the best
    4 Minute: Crazy
    APINK: Mr Chu
    After School: Because of you
    AOA: Heart Attack
    Bestie: Excuse Me
    BEG: Cleansing Cream
    EXID: Without You
    F(X)-4 Walls
    Girls’ Day: Ring my bell
    SNSD: too many to list
    Miss A: Only U
    Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb
    Secret: You are Fired
    Sistar: Alone
    Spica: Russian Roulette
    T-ara: Sugar Free, Sexy Love
    Wonder Girls: Be my baby, I feel you

    As for Mamamoo and Twice, I dislike their songs, so i don’t have a favorite lol.

    I would also like to add Nine Muses on the list, I’ve been loving all of their comebacks in the recent years. My favorite song from them is Hurt Locker.

  2. Wow, this seems like so much fun, but yes very difficult to do. My favorite female artists are also soloists 😛
    P.S. I totally agree with how you described T-Ara. And Sugar Free is my favorite song by them too!

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