Opinionated Profile of EXO-M


I know that I said that I would be saving this profile for next week and instead doing a girl group this week but, well… I changed my mind! It makes more sense to do both halves of EXO and then move on to some other group. So! You should all be familiar with the concept by now, I rank them from the member of the group that interests me the least to the one I like the most. And as always, I love them all.

6. Xiumin


Birth name: Kim Min Seok

Stage name: Xiumin

Super power: Frost (Snowflake)

Blood type: B

Birthday: March 26, 1990

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: I like almost all of the EXO-M members more than I like almost all the EXO-K members. Xiumin is the exception. I have no idea what I have against him, but he really doesn’t work for me on any level. I have nothing against his singing, and I think he’s a good dancer. His personality doesn’t annoy me and while I’m not attracted to him he is very cute in a baby/squirrel way. So why don’t I like him? Maybe because there’s nothing special about him that draws me to him. He has no pull. Too bad, Xiumin.

5. Lay


Birth name: Zhang Yi Xing

Stage name: Lay

Super power: Healing (Unicorn)

Blood type: A

Birthday: October 7, 1991

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Comment: It’s interesting how very much more I like the one who’s number five on this list than the one that’s number six. I like Lay more than almost every single member of EXO-K so his low position here doesn’t give him a low position on the overall ranking.

I’m very confused about Lay’s look… Sometimes, like in the picture above, I think he’s absolutely gorgeous but a lot of the time he looks kind of weird.. So I’m not sure about that.

His personality is adorable. I can no longer think of the word ‘confused’ without Lay’s face popping up in my mind. But he’s very happy and cheerful as well, and I think it’s cute.

This is the best dancer in all of EXO. Sorry Kai, you know I love you, but Lay is a better dancer. That’s why it bothers me when he’s not picked to do the special dance performances and be in the super dance teams. I’m very sorry Luhan, but Lay should have been in Younique Unit, not you.

4. Kris


Birth name: Wu Fan

Stage name: Kris

Super power: Flight (Dragon)

Blood type: O

Birthday: November 6, 1990

Official height: 187 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Part-Time Leader, Sub-Vocalist

Comment: Oh Kris… You’re such an adorable awkward turtle. You were awkward and adorable while trying to be all martial-artsy. You were awkward and adorable while hosting the Youtube Awards Concert. Damn, you were even awkward and adorable while eating chicken. I think you can basically sum up Kris’s personality in those two words: awkward and adorable.

I think he’s a pretty awkward rapper, end of story.

Sometimes I think Kris is handsome, and sometimes I think he looks weird. Sometimes both. So I’m not really sure where I stand on that matter. I love that he’s so tall though.

3. Tao


Birth name: Huang Zi Tao

Stage name: Tao

Super power: Time Control (Hourglass)

Blood type: AB

Birthday: May 2, 1993

Official height: 183 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Part-Time Maknae

Comment: I adore Tao. I love how his cute personality doesn’t at all match the way he looks nor his super awesome martial arts tricking. It’s a cool mismatch and I think it makes Tao the more interesting.

His rapping is fine, but Chanyeol is still my favorite rapper in EXO. His singing is alright, but he doesn’t really do that much of it.

I think Tao is one of the more attractive EXO members. He just has such an interesting and cool face. Like one of the other members said (Can’t remember which one right now): His face is full of ‘fighting’. EDIT: Oops, it was Yunho who said that. Sorry!

2. Chen


Birth name: Kim Jong Dae

Stage name: Chen

Super power: Lightning (Scorpion)

Blood type: B

Birthday: September 21, 1992

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Chen is my favorite voice in all of EXO. He’s solid live, he has a nice and distinguishable individual tone and he hits those high notes flawlessly.

This guy is all around insanely charming. Before I started watching EXO showtime I thought he was cute and that he had an amazing voice but I had no idea how much I would fall for him. His personality has enamored me in a way none of the other EXO members can match.

He’s also one of the members that I find the most attractive. I swear, this guy’s smile could stop a war, it’s so gorgeous.

1. Luhan


Birth name: Lu Han

Stage name: Luhan

Super power: Telekinesis

Blood type: O

Birthday: April 20, 1990

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group

Comment: Me liking Luhan makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t normally go for the cute one! I normally find them a little too fragile and childish, and instead I go for the sexy one. This makes no sense. I have no idea how Luhan managed to crawl so far into my brain, but now he’s stuck in there and I’m hopelessly enamored with him. Just look at how cute he is!! Oh god… no…

The fact that he’s almost 24 doesn’t make any sense either. This guy is absolutely adorable, in a very non-masculine and juvenile way. Which is normally something I don’t go for, at all. But I find him to be gorgeous. Oh God Luhan… What have you done to my logical brain…

I like his singing, it’s nice, but it’s not exactly something that blows me away. His dancing is very good but it should still be Lay, not him, that’s picked to do all the special dance performances with Kai.

His personality is very much like his face: adorable.

That’s the end to this opinionated profile of EXO-M. I will be posting a summary where I try (try!) to rank all the members as one group so that you can see how they compare to each other, but for now, Adios!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post, then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


10 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of EXO-M

  1. Lay reminds of Donghae, who is my ultimate kpop bias. They’re both weird, pure, and sometimes a little too serious. I think Lay is a great dancer too, him and Kai both. but Lay puts A LOT of strength into his dancing, you can see his WHOLE body working hard toward every move, seems like he’s very passionate, just like he is about writing music and among other things. I like M more than K too, maybe it’s because I’m Chinese lol.
    As for Luhan, he looks 14 rather than 24, hahaha.

    1. I’ve never thought of that before but now that you mention it, Lay and Donghae are kind of alike!
      Yes, you really can. And being that passionate about anything is very admirable.
      Haha yeah that could be why! Lol. I’m not Chinese though so I don’t know why I’m so much more attached to EXO-M.
      Hahaha yeah that’s true! Which makes it feel even weirder that I like him…
      Thank you for your comment!

    2. Omoooo! We have the same feels! Donghae is my Ultimate Bias in KPop but Lay is coming so close, a little factor comes from my opinionated fact that he’s very much alike his Donghae- Hyung. Talent, looks, attitude- they’ve got lots of similarities! And I have to agree as well to that point of Lay’s dancing; as what I would always tell my KPop friends, whenever Lay dances, he draws a lot of angles; his moves are sharp and fierce yet sexy at the same time. Omoo! I would love to be friends with you 🙂 ❤

      1. Haha well we can be internet friends at least 😛 and you’d be friends with me just because I wrote some nice things about Lay? :O

  2. Ι’m оften ρroud օf these twеlve amazing boys.
    Executing ɑll items in sսch a thigh moments neеd to be difficult and tiring Ƅut thаnk you for enduring perfectly ɑnd makung me love аll of you extra аnd additional.
    Just ɦave a excellent relaxation аnd will not get ill.
    Ƴoս know үou usuɑlly bе EXOstans inspiration~ EXO аrе jjang!
    EXO saranghae ❤

  3. I love it how you can be honest like that that even though Kai is your Bias, you still chose Lay as the Best Dancer which I think is true, in my truest opinion. I love your blog and love reading your posts ❤

    1. Haha wow thank you so much!! :O you’re so sweet 😀 I just speak my mind, and in my eyes Lay is the best dancer in EXO, regardless of how much I love Kai.

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