Best Years for Girl Groups – Part 2/3

Here I will go through 11 girl groups and tell you which year I think they were at their best, and why. This is entirely subjective, and based on how much I liked their music for each year, and has nothing to do with their views or sales etc. No groups that debuted later than 2017 will be included in any of these posts, since I wanted a few years to choose from. Also, I will include disbanded groups, because they were great and I miss them.

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New vs Old: JYP

Okay, it’s been a while, and now it is time. Today I will compare the more experienced groups of JYP Entertainment with the less so; the juniors that are stepping up to fill their elders’ shoes. I’m only including idol groups that promote as such, no solo artists and no disbanded groups. In this case that means Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7 and TWICE.  Continue reading

Girl Power

I consider myself a pretty strong and self-sufficient woman, who don’t need no man, but who knows how to get one if I happen to want one. But that doesn’t mean I never feel down on myself, never beat myself up or never forget how much I am truly worth. This post is for all you fabulous ladies out there, who sometimes need a little pick me up. Continue reading