Opinionated Profile of GOT7


GOT7 is the first group to come out of JYP Entertainment since Miss A in 2010. This is the first group ever that I’ve paid attention to ever since the first individual pictures and teasers were released. A new group from one of the big three is always a big thing, and this was one I was looking forward to. Especially after I heard that the two members from JJ Project would be included. Their song Bounce was my jam, and when they didn’t release anything after that I wasn’t pleased. But I got them back, and with them five new pretty boys to stalk!

7. Youngjae

Birth name: Choi Young Jae

Stage name: Youngjae

Birthday: September 17, 1996

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I just don’t feel anything for Youngjae. As I wrote here, I don’t find him attractive. He hasn’t, so far, shown a personality that’s really grabbed me, and I’m not that fond of his voice. I know that he’s the main vocalist, which implies that he’s the best singer in the group, but I disagree. His voice seems quite unstable at times when he sings live, and I don’t even like it the best when it’s recorded. So I’m very puzzled about why he is the main vocalist. I guess it could just be that I have weird taste, but I don’t think so.

6. Yugyeom

Birth name: Kim Yu Gyeom

Stage name: Yugyeom

Birthday: November 17, 1997

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: I just can’t get over how young this group is… Youngjae is only a few months older than me, BamBam is over three months younger than me, and Yugyeom is almost a year younger! When did this happen? I’m not ready to be a noona fan…

I don’t normally go for younger guys, like ever, but I see great potential in Yugyeom. I think if we give him a few years to mature, and let him bulk up a little, I think he could be smoking hot. So no pressure Yugyeom, but I expect you to do exactly that.

Almost everyone in GOT7 are pretty strong dancers, and Yugyeom holds his own well. His singing isn’t anything special, which is why he doesn’t really get a lot of lines.

5. BamBam


Birth name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Stage name: BamBam

Birthday: May 2, 1997

Official height: 170 cm

Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Comment: This new version of Nichkhun is very cute. Come on, don’t say you didn’t see it? They’re both from Thailand, and as Nichkhun has always been the one to give some cuteness to 2PM, BamBam will do the same for GOT7. I don’t mind JYP reusing some of his past successful ideas, but he could have at least tried to hide it, at least a little.

I’m very impressed with BamBam. He doesn’t speak Korean fluently, and in the few episodes of Real GOT7 that I actually watched he regularly asked the other members for what things were called. He definitely doesn’t seem completely comfortable speaking Korean, yet he’s the speed rapper of the group! That’s impressive, so hats off to you BamBam! I really like his rapping, he has a nice flow, but I’m into rappers with deep voices, so his voice is way too high-pitched for me.

He does look a little too young for me personally, at least with Yugyeom I can pretend that he’s older than me! That’s not at all possible with BamBam. He has a nice face though, and a lovely smile, so I’ll give him some time to mature.

He’s so awkward on radio shows etc, and it’s really adorable. Sorry, I just took a break to watch a radio show with them, and I had to add that. Because it’s super sweet.

4. JB

Birth name: Im Jae Bum

Stage name: JB

Birthday: January 6, 1994

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual

Comment: A new acrobatic performance team from JYP, lead by a new Jaebum. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself with this one.

Damn, JB has every single title you can have in a kpop group! Except for maknae, that is. I can’t remember hearing him rap in any of their songs, so I’m a little confused as to why he has that title. Maybe he will in the future. I’m also slightly surprised that he’s the visual. Not because he isn’t attractive, he most certainly is, it’s just that he doesn’t really have a very visual-esque face in my opinion.

I like JB’s singing, he’s my second-favorite singer in the group. He’s a solid dancer, and a good performer. The spin on one hand he did in the “Intro” live performances was very cool. All of GOT7 have very good stage-presence, which isn’t common in rookie groups.

3. Jr.


Birth name: Park Jin Young

Stage name: Jr.

Birthday: September 22, 1994

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper

Comment: I really like Jr.’s stage name. I mean, his name is legitimately JYP, so of course he has to be Junior! It’s simple, yet sort of brilliant.

Jr. has really grown on me. He wasn’t one of the members that immediately grabbed me when I first saw their debut video. It wasn’t until I realized that I Like You was actually my favorite song off of their debut album, and that he sang my favorite parts in that song, that I really started to pay attention. Nowadays I count him as my favorite singer in the group. I really like his individual tone, it’s really nice.

I like his rapping as well, just as I did when he was in JJ Project. He doesn’t get to do it as much anymore, but I’m fine with that. I prefer his singing to his rapping anyway, and he gets to do plenty of that.

He’s really cute, and in my opinion he’s definitely one of the more attractive members. He’s mostly just cute, but he has an ability to really turn on the sexy when he wants to.

2. Jackson


Birth name: Jackson Wang

Stage name: Jackson

Birthday: March 28, 1994

Official height: 174 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Comment: Jackson is the sex of the group, and I’m just waiting for him to start ripping his shirt off on stage, Taecyeon style. Yet he’s the biggest ball of sass there ever was. It’s kind of strange mismatch, but I love it! Jackson is super hot, and really funny, all at once! He definitely reminds me of Taecyeon, in that he looks like a sort of bad boy, who’s insanely sexy, but in reality he’s kind of a dorky weirdo. And we all know that I love Taecyeon, so that Jackson reminds me of him is only a good thing.

Another thing that reminds me of Taecyeon: he speaks English! That’s always a plus for me, because of reasons, and that’s especially the case with people who sound as sexy as Jackson when they speak it.

I like his rapping, especially when it’s in English like in Follow Me, it’s hot. His singing is fine, but nothing really special.

He pulls off all the acrobatics well, but not as well as someone else we know:

1. Mark

Birth name: Mark Yi-En Tuan

Stage name: Mark

Birthday: September 4, 1993

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Comment: We all know Mark kills those moves! Mark caught my attention right off the bat with his sexy-as-hell deep rap in Girls Girls Girls, and I’ve stuck with him ever since. He’s really cute, yet very sexy, I like his rapping the best and he’s my favorite dancer in the group. His singing isn’t too bad, and he doesn’t really do a lot of it.

I didn’t know GOT7 had two visuals! To be honest, no matter how much I adore Mark, he wouldn’t be my choice for a visual. He just doesn’t have that kind of face! If I was going to pick two visuals for GOT7 it would be Jr. and Jackson, but I might be completely crazy.

Mark’s father is great, everyone knows that. But I do think people have taken a little too much liberties towards him, just because he is so awesome. Some things are just way too inappropriate to say to him about his son, and it’s embarrassing to all of us what some people have said to him. Please don’t embarrass all of us GOT7 fans, just because you have no sense of what’s appropriate.

Okay, I just have one final comment before I end this opinionated profile. Is this really Jackson?


It looks like him, but it might just be someone that really looks a lot like him. I really hope that it is though, and that he’ll in that case move up those shirt-rippings that I was talking about before. To like now.


Let me know who your favorite member is in the poll!

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13 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of GOT7

  1. Two things special about Girls Girls Girls:

    1. Jackson’s hip thrust during the first chorus


    2. Mark’s surprisingly deep vocals (i did not expect that voice to come from that face & body)

  2. The reason why JB is visual is because for Korean people, he looks super cute and hot and all. If you watch got7’s debut stage you can literally hear people shouting “Jae Bi Oppa!” all the time, especially in the start. To us, he looks super cute. I think the way we view people depends on where we are from lol. I think Mark is cute too, but… not a lot of Koreans find Jackson good by looks. Also, JB has a really good personality and he has a good instinct. He can tell if someone is lying or not very well. Not many people might know that, but Got7 members said it themselves in i Got7 (where they prank JB).

    1. Of course, I realise that Koreans must find JB very attractive, as do I. But compared to the look of more classic visuals in kpop, I don’t see how he fits that mold. But you’re most certainly right about the fact that the way we view people is based on where we’re from. We find what we’ve been taught to find attractive attractive, and that’s very much based on the society we live in.

  3. Wow! I just stumbled on your blog today and I can say that we have the same taste.. (Taecyon and Jackson, [and it rhymes folks! 🙂 ]) love your write ups!! will definitely regularly visit your site from now on.

  4. So I know this post is titled “opinionated” and all, but I really need to put my thoughts out there. You can’t really say Jackson’s voice is “nothing really special” or you aren’t “too fond of” Youngjae’s voice but then say Mark’s singing voice “isn’t too bad”. There’s clearly some unjust bias here, as Youngjae IS main vocal for a reason and Mark isn’t. And I think it’s been proved multiple times Jackson does have a pretty decent singing voice compared to his foreign rapper buddies. You also stated that it could be you have weird taste, but you don’t think so. I do think so. From a professional point of view, Youngjae has more singing potential, more vocal strength, and a much larger range. I’m not going to say much about dance, because honestly they’re all pretty amazing (Mark and Yugyeom above others). To add in a little something, Youngjae may not have a personality that sticks out, like Jackson, but after a while, you realize Youngjae is a little ball of sunshine that is constantly happy and is actually most IGOT7’s favorite little cheer-up-er.

    Before you say anything, let me just list out my top 3 biases:
    1. Mark
    2. Jackson
    3. Youngjae

    I’m sorry, this really wasn’t supposed to be mean anything. And again, I acknowledge the fact that this is opinionated. Normally it’d be okay, but I just got kind of pissed because there’s no sufficient evidence to prove Youngjae is not a good singer, or more like he doesn’t deserve the main vocal role. I would understand you saying you don’t PREFER his voice so you rank him last, but in this case, you’re blatantly stating you believe he is not good enough to be one of the main vocalists. Sorry, I don’t want to start anything but, yeah. 🙂

    1. First I’d like to say that this post was written way back in June of 2014, when GOT7 had only released two singles, and the different members hadn’t at all showed me what they have now. I still think Youngjae wasn’t on his best ”singing behavior” in those two singles, but since then I’ve definitely grown to like him and his voice a lot more.

      And I am perfectly aware that I have no right to say who is or isn’t a good singer, because I really have nothing to base that on. This is nothing but my opinions, and I think, at least in the section about Youngjae, that I made that quite clear through using words like ”fond of”, ”taste” etc. i never meant to say that I didn’t think he deserved his position. I was simply surprised, because I had at that point heard no singing from him that showed he was a better singer than JB and Junior. Of course, that is also my opinion. Youngjae has, now, definitely showed me why JYP gave him that position, and even though I still don’t like his voice the most, I do not question his place within the group. Some idols need some time to really come into their own, and that’s the danger of me writing a profile this quickly after a debut. Some people may be unfairly judged. My opinions about most kpop stars change at least a little bit after their profile is already written, but it would be an impossible task to go back and rewrite them all.

  5. I didn’t talk about visual, but only because that’s purely personal opinion. He’s not on my top bias list, but I’d say JB is by far the most handsome member. Also, I saw the post comparing JYJ, GOT7, and BTS, and I have to say, those polls were extremely biased. BTS and Jin was ahead by quite a lot, but Jin was only 3rd in the BTS poll, but first in the overall winner one. Jaejoong was down by A LOT, only because, let’s be real, exactly how is JYJ going to compare to BTS and GOT7 when it comes to popularity? But if it weren’t purely biased, Jaejoong should probably be able to get at least second, or a much higher score at least.

    1. Oh that’s absolutely true. I tried to be as unbiased as possible in those rankings (not sure how well I succeeded though) but in the polls the more popular groups rule supreme. I never really expected anything else.

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