Opinionated Profile of WINNER


Oh WINNER… You poor precious little boys… What did YG do to you? The whole show was evil, and even though I went in already knowing who would win, it was still awful to see. The life of a trainee is hard, incredibly hard, and it’s so impressing how the boys of WINNER, and the boys of iKon for that matter, handled it. These boys impressed me, and even if ballads aren’t my thing, I can’t help but to love them. 

5. Jinwoo


Birth name: Kim Jin Woo

Stage name: Jinwoo

Birthday: September 26, 1991

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: Jinwoo is a dear, and must be protected from all harm. He has such huge and expressive eyes that you can always tell what he’s feeling, and each time I saw them fill with sadness from once again disappointing YG, all my maternal instincts kicked into overdrive. Jinwoo is precious, and deserves all the love.

But I personally didn’t connect with him the most. He’s the weakest singer in the group, and his vibe is not my kind of vibe. He’s sweet and lovely, and definitely not a bad singer, but he doesn’t do it for me in the bias department. I love how hard he tries though, and it’s very impressive how quickly he’s improved.

4. Seunghoon


Birth name: Lee Seung Hoon

Stage name: Seunghoon

Birthday: January 11, 1992

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Choreographer

Comment: I like Seunghoon, I really do. I love that he choreographs, and the choreography he did for the final battle of who is next: win was really great. This isn’t an outstanding dance group, but he is a good dancer, and his choreography makes the weaker dancers in the group look better.

Compared to Mino he definitely is the weaker rapper, but he does hold his own nicely. His voice is a bit too high-pitched for my personal taste, but I still do like his rapping.

Seunghoon is a good-looking guy, he has talent and his personality is agreeable, but I don’t love him. That’s what it all comes down to, I guess.

3. Taehyun


Birth name: Nam Tae Hyun

Stage name: Taehyun

Birthday: May 10, 1994

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: I watched who is next: win to get to know WINNER as they were about to debut, and to choose a bias. And for a while there, Taehyun was definitely in the forefront. He’s a very good singer, and I do have an affinity to choose main vocalists as biases, he’s a crybaby (like a certain Kim Jong Hyun, who just happens to be my ultimate bias) and he’s the only guy I’ve ever seen pull off the middle-part. I’m still very fond of Taehyun, and wish him all the love, but as the evil show came to a close it was clear that he wasn’t the one for me. But he is one lovely special snowflake.

2. Mino


Birth name: Song Min Ho

Stage name: Mino

Birthday: March 30, 1993

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Main Rapper

Comment: In a lot of ways, Mino is totally my type. I find him incredibly physically gorgeous and he is a deep-voiced raspy-voiced rapper, which next to main vocalists is my other big bias type. But I can’t be with Mino. He’s a fling, a bias that’s good for one night. But when it comes to settling down, there’s only one bias on my mind. No matter how much of a distraction Mino is.

1. Seungyoon


Birth name: Kang Seung Yoon

Stage name: Seungyoon

Birthday: January 21, 1994

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Comment: Before I set out to watch who is next: win Seungyoon was the only member of either team that I knew. I’d found him through his solo song “Wild and Young” and really liked his unique voice. So even though I wasn’t watching while the show was airing, I secretly hoped that Seungyoon’s team would be the one to come out on top.

Whether Seungyoon or Taehyun is my favorite singer in the group varies from song to song, but when the song works with Seungyoon’s voice, it’s magic.

I love that he writes and composes, and some of the work he’s done really impresses me. Also, how could I possibly resist an already great guy that also plays guitar? Frequently. That’s just a cheap shot.

I went back and forth about who my bias would be all up until the very last episode of who is next: win. But Seungyoon completely sealed the deal through the speech he gave after Team A were announced as the winners, when all he could talk about was Team B, and how well they did. Also, in the pre–final round interviews they did, he said that he was afraid that they’d win, because that meant that Team B would have to lose. (Sorry if that’s not exactly what he said, I’m doing this from memory) He showed a level of maturity that really impressed me, and since I didn’t want anyone to lose, I felt his pain. You go, Seungyoon. You’re awesome.

Let me know who your favorite member of WINNER is in the poll, and let me know what you think about them in the comments!


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