“First” Impressions of Oh My Girl [Video]

I have been into Oh My Girl more or less since debut, and have written about them multiple times on this blog. But I never fully learnt the group until just now. I go into why a little bit in the video. The video is also both a bias and title track ranking, from the perspective of someone who just got really into the group.

My Top 10 Girl Groups (+ I started a youtube channel!) [Video]

Hey guys! Unless I’ve missed something, it seems I have not made an updated favorite groups lists since my original in 2014. However, since those groups are mostly not around anymore it was definitely time to make an update. And here’s the fun part: I did it in video format! I’ve played around with the idea of making a youtube channel for a while, and now that I’m more or less quarantined I took the plunge.

So, enjoy my first ever youtube video! (Also, I’ve never edited anything before, so I realise it’s not great. I tried, okay?)

I hope you kinda liked it, and if you’d like to I’d love to have you as a subscriber.

I know it is mildly terrible, but I proud. I made a thing.

Best Really Popular Kpop Songs by Female Artists in 2019


We are coming near the end of all these lists, and we’ll be rounding it out with the most popular songs. Today, I will be showing you my fifteen favorite really popular tracks by female artists. That is, songs with over 20 million views, as of early January. Of course, there is a big difference in popularity between a song with 21 million views and one with hundreds of millions, but ah well. This classification system is not perfect. I also tossed in a really popular bonus track by a co-ed group.

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