Best Years for Girl Groups – Part 1/3

This is a new feature I am starting, where I will go through some groups and tell you which year I think they were at their best, and why. This is entirely subjective, and based on how much I liked their music for each year, and has nothing to do with their views or sales etc. No groups that debuted later than 2017 will be included in any of these posts, since I wanted a few years to choose from. Also, I will include disbanded groups, because they were great and I miss them.

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Different Ways of Relating to Your Biases

We all have our biases, and I have a whole bunch. I have almost fifty official and there are loads of other groups where I have biases as well. But one bias does not equal another and the ways we, or at least I, relate to our biases differs from bias to bias. But I’ve been able to identify six distinctly different ways of relating that I think I could probably place every single one of my biases in. So that’s what I’ll try to do here. I’ll explain the six different stages of biasdom and exemplify what I mean by using examples from my own biases. Continue reading

Kpop Videos That Make Me Go WOW, Part 1

Kpop is all about the visuals, that we know, and the videos released by Korean artists are often (at least in my opinion) way more stimulating than their Western pop counterparts. But that does not infer that every single kpop video is a masterpiece. We’ve all suffered through boring videos, cringeworthy videos and videos that had nothing whatsoever to do with the song. Today I will be highlighting twenty kpop videos, all released in the last four years, that really hit the nail on the head. For some reason, they all made me say “Wooooow”. Continue reading