Special Opinionated Profile of Super Junior

Super Junior

(I know that this shot in no way features all the members, but I just couldn’t not use it)

This is a special opinionated profile, which basically just means that I won’t be ranking them the way I usually do. I’ll talk about all the members, and I’m sure that it’ll be quite clear which ones I like more, it’s just that I have a very confused relationship to my favorites in this group, making it pretty much impossible to rank them. There are three, maybe going on four, members that I’m in love with, but in completely different ways. So instead of them coming in the order of who I like the least to who I like the most, I’ll start with the oldest and go all the way down to the youngest, commenting on everyone as I go.

The One Who Maybe I Should Like More


Birth name: Park Jung Soo

Stage name: Leeteuk

Birthday: July 1, 1983

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper

Comment: There’s no way Leeteuk is 179 cm tall. No way in hell. But Super Junior are kind of known for having very exaggerated official heights, so well well.

Leeteuk is known for being one of the best leaders in all of kpop, and while I don’t actually know Super Junior well enough to agree or disagree, I do think that he seems extremely capable in that regard. The way he handled Kangin’s scandal was flawless, and very impressive.

I’ve already written about how attractive I find all the different members of Super Junior (you can read that here) and as I said there, I’m torn about Leeteuk’s looks. It’s really quite confusing, but my general feeling is that most of the time I’m not attracted to him.

Great rapping isn’t exactly something I go to Super Junior, and even if I did, I wouldn’t go to Leeteuk. He tries, and within his group he doesn’t seem that bad, but he really isn’t good.

He isn’t the best singer either, but I guess that’s just not the point of him.

The reason why I think I maybe should like him more is that he really is charming. He’s a good leader, he’s quite funny and his looks have quite grown on me lately. I will await his upcoming return, and maybe he’ll rise in my favors.

The One I Adore (But Can’t Have)


Birth name: Kim Hee Chul

Stage name: Heechul

Birthday: July 10, 1983

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Comment: I think I might be slightly in love with Heechul. I find him beautiful in such an interesting way, I think he’s funny, I think he’s a great persona and I really like some of the things he represents.

So what’s the problem you ask? Well, he’s the bias of one of my best friends. I’m sure every group of kpop-loving friends have their own rules, but in my group we (for the most part) don’t share biases. We choose differently, and then we stick to that. And if we want the same one we fight to the death. I’m exaggerating, of course, but it is only half a joke when someone says “You can’t have him, he’s mine!”.

I just have to mention this. Almost everyone who watched ‘The Heirs’ agree that that was one hot mess of a drama. But there were some truly great scenes and characters/actors in it, and one of my favorite scenes was when Heechul (playing himself) talked to Krystal’s character Lee Bo Na. It was a quite simple scene, but it was so hilarious. Thank you, Heechul, for killing it.

Heechul isn’t exactly a good singer, or rapper, but I don’t really care. It’s not what I want from him, and it’s not what he’s there for.

It does kind of annoy me at times how he doesn’t even bother to do the choreography properly. At times I love that diva part of him, but sometimes I want him to be more professional.

Heechul is more than bipolar, he’s tripolar! And I love it!

The One I Need Back


Birth name: Kim Jong Woon

Stage name: Yesung

Birthday: August 24, 1984

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Yesung enlisted for his mandatory military service around May 2013 (If my memory doesn’t deceive me) which according to my highly advanced calculations would lead him to come back around February 2015. And that’s too long. I’m assuming that Super Junior will have a comeback before that, since they haven’t released anything for almost two years. And I need Yesung back to pick up the slack for some other members in the singing department! Super Junior isn’t exactly evenly gifted when it comes to singing, so them releasing anything without one of their three big ones just feels wrong to me. I know that Super Junior M just came back, and that they handled themselves with Yesung, but still! I’m probably really overreacting here, but there are not many members in Super Junior whose singing I truly enjoy, and Yesung is one of those few.

His singing is really good. It really is. He’s not my favorite voice in the group, but he’s definitely second.

I’ve already written about what I think about Yesung attractiveness-wise, so I won’t get into it too much again. I’ll just repeat the main message: He confuses me.

The One I Don’t Know


Birth name: Kim Young Woon

Stage name: Kangin

Birthday: January 17, 1985

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Vocalist

Comment: When I at last decided to learn the names of the members of Super Junior, I quickly realized that I already knew all of them. Except for two. Kangin was one of them, and I can completely forgive myself for not knowing him. He’s never stuck out to me, obviously not before, and not now either. He barely ever sings, and physically he doesn’t interest me. There was no reason for me to know who Kangin was, and I still haven’t found one to this day. Is that unfair and a little harsh? Maybe. But that’s how it is.

The One I’m Disappointed In


Birth name: Shin Dong Hee

Stage name: Shindong

Birthday: September 28, 1985

Official height: 178 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Comment: I like Shindong as an MC. He’s funny, and seems to make the people he interviews feel comfortable. I also think that he’s one of the better rappers in the group, and I like his dancing. But I really don’t like what he said about women who are a bit overweight. The fact that he outright said that it’s alright for him to be overweight, since he’s a man, but it’s not okay for a woman to be overweight, is just not okay to me.

The One I Should Have Known


Birth name: Lee Sung Min

Stage name: Sungmin

Birthday: January 1, 1986

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Comment: Sungmin was the other member, besides Kangin, that I didn’t know when I finally decided to learn their names. And while I can understand that I’d never really noticed Kangin, I am quite shocked that I never even noticed Sungmin. He’s always been very attractive, I like his dancing, and he’s one of two (maybe there’s more, but I normally just think of two) guys in the group that aren’t a part of K.R.Y but who are still fairly capable singers. So I should have known him. But I didn’t.

I’m liking Sungmin more and more the older he’s getting. The more he sheds his cute look, and the manlier he looks, the hotter I think he is. He looked great in the latest Super Junior-M video, really great.

The One Who’s Inspiring


Birth name: Lee Hyuk Jae

Stage name: Eunhyuk

Birthday: April 4, 1986

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Main Dancer

Comment: Eunhyuk is, in my opinion, definitely the best rapper and, of course, the best dancer in Super Junior. While he isn’t close to being my favorite dancer in kpop, I do like his dance style and the fact that he seems to work so hard, and even does some choreographing, is really impressive to me. And inspiring, hence his title.

I said that I think he’s the best rapper in Super Junior, and I mean that. But that doesn’t in any way mean that I think he’s an especially good rapper, quite the contrary. I don’t need him to be though, his dancing is quite enough. In such a big group as Super Junior, people don’t need to be double-threats, and they don’t really have a need for a superb rapper.

I’ve already written about what I think about each and every member physically, and what I said then, and what I’ll say now, is this; Eunhyuk has a fascinating look. But he can’t pull off anything. He needs the right hair and the right styling to shine, and it’s not always that he gets that.

The One Who’s Gorgeous


Birth name: Lee Dong Hae

Stage name: Donghae

Birthday: October 15, 1986

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper

Comment: The more I see of Donghae lately, the more gorgeous he gets. It’s getting very distracting, but since I don’t really have a reason to ignore him, I’ll just enjoy this wild ride.

I think Donghae is the second best dancer in Super Junior, after Eunhyuk, and I also think that he’s the fourth best singer in the group, after K.R.Y, of course. He’s a good package, he has the looks, the singing, and the dancing.

I can’t remember ever hearing him rap though, so I’m quite confused as to why that’s on his profile. I’m sure I’ve just either forgotten it, or didn’t realize it was him though, since it feels like almost every single member of Super Junior raps at some point.

The One I Can’t Stand


Birth name: Choi Si Won

Stage name: Siwon

Birthday: February 10, 1987

Official height: 185 cm

Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: Siwon Siwon Siwon… If you weren’t such a hyper-religious missionary who’s against gay rights, then I could get into you. So do you really have to be like that?

Siwon is the personification of what love-hate means to me. I really don’t want to like him, because what he stands for is one of the things that I hate most in the world, yet I just can’t ignore him. I really don’t want to be the person who approves of someone with views I can’t accept, just because they’re hot, but that’s what he somehow makes me. It makes me feel shallow, and stupid, and that’s why I really can’t stand him.

The Adorable One (With The Name That’s Too Hard To Pronounce)


Birth name: Kim Ryeo Wook

Stage name: Ryeowook

Birthday: June 21, 1987

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Ryeowook is such a cutie. He’s too cute for me, personally, but I can’t help myself from doting on him from afar. I like him as an MC as well, I think he does that very well.

Out of K.R.Y his voice is my least favorite. He for sure belongs in that top three, but his voice is just a little too shrill for my personal taste.

The One Who’s Not A Part Of Super Junior

Birth name: Kim Ki Bum

Stage name: Kibum

Birthday: August 21, 1987

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Comment: Is Kibum ever coming back to Super Junior? He’s been gone for pretty much as long as I’ve been a kpop fan, so isn’t it time for SM to admit that he’s no longer a part of the group? It’s fairly obvious that Kibum never wanted or intended to be a singer to begin with, so I don’t think he has any attention of coming back. So just admit it already, so I can stop including him in all of their posts!

As I just said, he’s been gone for as long as I’ve been a kpop fan. And I didn’t start listening to Super Junior right away, so I’ve never experienced a Super Junior with Kibum in it. Which means that I really don’t have any real connection to him. I know that I don’t find him particularly attractive, but besides that I have no opinions about him whatsoever.

The One I Tried To Make My Bias


Birth name: Cho Kyu Hyun

Stage name: Kyuhyun

Birthday: February 3, 1988

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Sub-Dancer, Maknae

Comment: Even though Siwon’s always been the one who stuck out to me the most, I’ve never been fine with calling him my bias. So I really really tried to make Kyuhyun my bias. He was the second one who really popped out to me in the first video I ever saw from them, and I like his voice the most. So I tried my hardest to ignore Siwon, I tried to fangirl over Kyuhyun. But I guess I failed. I really like Kyuhyun, and I love his voice, but I just can’t. SIWON! How can you have the audacity to do this to me?! I hate you so much.


Let me know who your favorite member is in the poll, and let me know your more explicit views in the comments! Normally I vote in the poll, but I guess I’m sitting this one out. Super Junior is just too complicated for me.

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week, or next Sunday’s random post then leave a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com! You can also send in requests through my tumblr, if you so wish.

– Admin A


11 thoughts on “Special Opinionated Profile of Super Junior

    1. Haha then I guess you’re more of a fan of the people I was nice too… But thank you!

      Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a live performance of ‘U’… And wow it’s been so long since I last saw the video for ‘Sorry Sorry Answer’! I did like his rap there, but I do think Eunhyuk did better. They all looked slamming in the video though…

  1. ***Warning: this is a LONG review, I don’t blame you if you don’t read the whole thing lol ***

    You gave a pretty decent review as someone who doesn’t know them very well. I do agree with what you said about Heechul, he stands out on so many levels, good weird, bad weird, whatever kind of weirdness he has, it works lol. He matured a little after getting out of the military but soon went back to his old self. Have you seen him on We Got Married? This guy knows how to work the show, totally the boss now lol.

    As for Leeteuk, if you watched his solo from Super Show 4, you might change your opinion on his singing. He’s actually a pretty good singer, not the best but above average. Most of the times you don’t hear his voice in SJ songs because KRY dominates, but generally speaking, i say he has a pretty good voice.

    Now that I’ve seen Donghae live in person, I have to say he’s exactly what I expected him to be. Kind, pure, genuine and romantic. On stage he melts me with his cute smile, beautiful eyes, snow white skin, round face but not too big or fat, gentle smooth vocals, unique dancing, the sweetest speech I’ve ever heard in my life, a weird sense of humor that makes me want to hit him and love him at the same time, focused in performance but also out of focus in some ways, and above all, a true loving kid at heart.

    Hyuk’s most attractive feature is his hands, especially when he uses them in dancing when he wiggles his fingers with rhythm, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Also his dancing, like you mentioned, passionate, inspiring, creative and touching. He killed me with his “with you” solo at the japan concert, the one he held with Dongahe. He’s also a smooth talker, knows how to please the fans and get the crowd going. I guess his variety skills completely kicked in, lol. I would go on about the Japan concert since I was there but that’s not the point of this review lol.

    Wook is adorable, but completely opposite on the inside. He has one of the strongest personalities I’ve ever seen. He might not be ambitious but he’s very determined, and he succeeds in everything when he puts his mind into it. I love his voice, it’s crystal clean and he manipulates high and low notes better than Kyu and Yesung. Guess being a music major does have its perks lol.

    Moving on to Min, he tends to stay low key because he doesn’t want all the spotlight. but when he IS the center, he amazes me the most. Min has so many random talents, I lost count. Whenever he’s told to show off, he dazzles me, is there anything else that he can’t do? lol

    Kyu with his dark sense of humor, and he changed the most out of all the SJ members, physically speaking. If you look at his pictures from debut and now, his eyes are bigger, face is rounder, and nose is pointier. but that might have something to do with his accident. He’s a miracle, he survived death and came out more alive than he’s ever been. No need to comment on his singing because we all know it’s awesome, I enjoy his Mandarin singing more than Korean because he has really accurate pronunciations.

    Your attraction to Siwon is the best thing ever, I love it lol
    As for the remaining members, I don’t know them enough to comment but they all possess a lot of good qualities, special in their own ways.
    thanks for the review, keep them coming!!!

    1. Wow you really like Super Junior huh? lol

      I can’t really comment much on your comments, since I, as you said, don’t really know them that well.

      I have not been watching We Got Married, but I did get a very good shot of him kissing his “wife” to send to my friend… Mohahaha.

      My attraction to Siwon is awful and terrible and uuuuughhdhdhdh….. That was me dying, if you couldn’t tell. I just can’t handle it, it’s the worst thing ever.

      Haha thank you for commenting so much, you’re the best! 😀 And these posts will for sure go on for a while more!

      1. I have biases, don’t need to tell you which one cuz you already know lol. I prolly know some of these members less than you do haha.

        i wouldn’t say it’s the worst thing, siwon’s really special, inside and out.

        that was SOME kiss right??? puff surprised me, she was so natural.

        sorry my comments are always long and boring XD
        have a good week!!!

      2. Haha I doubt that. And yeah, I think I figured out which your biases are xD

        I might be a little overdramatic about this… But it really annoys me!

        Yeah, it was impressive 😮 now I want to kiss Heechul….

        Haha no they’re not! 😀
        You too!!

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