My 14 Favorite Kpop Rookies of 2014

2014, just like any other year, brought us about one billion new kpop groups. It’s impossible to keep track of them all, and even more impossible for them all to make it big. These are my personal favorite groups that debuted last year, whether or not they actually made it:

14. MINX


Not a group I fell in love with from first listen, but after hearing this song every single week on Music Bank for what felt like an eternity, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Solid debut, and I’ll stay tuned.

13. BTL


I haven’t heard anything whatsoever within the kpop community about BTL, so I’m assuming their debut wasn’t the most successful… But I really enjoyed it! The dancing and the rock-ish sound worked amazingly for me and the warrior-esqueness is great inspiration for the creative writing I’m working on.

12. A.KOR


I’m not sure what song to count as A.KOR’s debut, but since only three of the members were included in “Payday”, I will see “But Go” as their debut song. And it’s an amazing song! I’ve played it so much I would be sick of it, if it wasn’t so good.

As a Blackjack I felt like I should forever hate Kemy, and the group, but this song made it impossible. And even though I still find her comments distasteful, I will admit that she had big balls for making them.



Some songs you like because they’re good, and some you just like because they’re so much fun. MADTOWN’s debut song “Yolo” belongs in that second category. They might not know how to pronounce the name of their song, but that doesn’t stop me from having to sing along every time the chorus kicks in.

10. JJCC


JJCC’s follow-up single was a mess, but their debut song was flawless. And that earns them a spot on this list. It’s rare that a song this calm and sedated is this catchy, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. And I could never have resisted Eddy with that hair.

9. Lipservice


Lipservice’s second single was pretty good, but their debut was the most ridiculously catchy thing to come out this year. When I first heard it I found it terrible, but since then I’ve more or less fallen in love with it. And if you look beyond the silly you’ll find that there’s actually some real rap skills hidden within these girls.

8. B.I.G


B.I.G’s second single was slightly too generic for it to interest me, but their debut was beyond fabulous. The lyrics are ridiculously patriotic, and you can’t help but sing along when the chorus kicks in. It’s unbelievable catchy, and very fun. B.I.G for sure entertained me, and gave me a great song for summer.

7. Kiss&Cry


If the seemingly true rumors about Kiss&Cry’s disbandment are truly true, I will be beyond disappointed. Vocal power beyond the majority of kpop girl groups, a sexiness that depended on confidence instead of incessant rubbing and a great song? Yes, please.



SONAMOO literally just debuted, and therefore hasn’t had time to make much of an impression on me just yet, so the fact that they landed this high on my list is truly a testament to how much their debut impressed me. I’ve never seen dance moves like those from a girl group, and I’m impressed by how well they pulled it off. And I’ve already got a slight crush on D.ana. I claim her for my own.



This is one of the absolute best debut songs on this list. And yes, it sounds slightly like a Block B song. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me. Block B has a sound that I don’t often hear in kpop and that I love, so if BIGFLO want to provide me with that kind of music in-between Block B’s comebacks, I will not complain. Their recent follow-up single wasn’t as amazing, but it was still most certainly good.

4. Red Velvet


When I first wrote about Red Velvet I said that I wasn’t blown away, but that I would probably end up stanning them anyway. And I was right. I’m not in love with them, but I’ve taken the time to learn their names and am interested in learning more. The top four on this list are the groups that’ve managed to go from rookies to one of my groups, and the fact that Red Velvet has managed to take that step means a lot.



I didn’t watch YG’s evil reality show until way after it was over, as a way to get to know WINNER who were then about to debut. And even though they debuted with dual ballads, which isn’t my thing, having seen them on the reality show made it impossible for me not to fall in love with them. I feel very protective of these boys for some reason. They’ve proved their talents to me, and I’ll anxiously await the time when they finally put out a more upbeat single.

2. GOT7


GOT7 impressed me immediately as they debuted and even though I haven’t loved their two singles after that, they’re now so deeply ingrained in my heart that I can’t let them go. They’re one of my own, so when they release a single I’m not loving I don’t move on and forget about them as I would with most rookie groups, I forgive them and wait for the next one. And that’s a powerful position to be in.



These girls are amazing. I’ve fallen deeply in love, and I can’t get up. Both of their singles are great and the girls are all interesting in their individual ways. The fact that I haven’t checked out one of their albums yet is a disgrace… No matter how big of a part of my world GOT7 has become, MAMAMOO are better. There, I said it. These girls are the best things to come out of the mess that was last year.

Wow, it feels good to be back! I truly have missed this.

As always, I’m always open for suggestions or requests, they make me very happy!

Glad to be back.

– Admin A


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