Review of Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”

As I’m hoping you’d remember I let you vote for which song was the best kpop song released in July, and said I was going to review the three songs that got the most votes. Well actually, there was a tie for third place, which meant that I could decide which of the two to review. The tie was at 13.64% of the vote and it was between Infinite’s “Bad” and Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”. I guess it’s pretty clear what I chose… I absolutely love Infinite’s song as well, but since all three songs that were voted in for June were from boy groups I decided to let some girls have their shot.

I’m not a massive fan of Girl’s Day, but they are one of my groups and they have released some songs that I’ve really enjoyed. But was this one of them? We’ll see. Right now.



It most certainly is. This is one of my favorite Girl’s Day tracks ever. It’s exciting and upbeat and groovy and all those things we love in an awesome summer track. Summer isn’t the time to sulk; it’s the time for bright colors and dancing! Kpop is the best in summer, and this is a great example of why.

Minah sounds great, as she always does, and Sojin did really well as well. But the person I noticed the most in the vocal department was Hyeri. I’ve always been quite fond of her voice, but I feel like she extra much stepped up to the plate this time.

I feel like Yura wasn’t at the very top of her game though. Not that she didn’t do alright, she did, but I’ve definitely heard her sing better. And her rapping’s been way better, that’s for sure. That might just be because the rap in this song is awkward in itself though, so I won’t completely blame her.


I’m not entirely sure what the hook “Ring my bell” is supposed to mean exactly, but besides that these are some very assertive and easy-to-understand lyrics. They’re singing to someone they like basically being like “HEY YOU, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE YOU HOT PIECE OF SHIT”. More or less.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-12 kl. 08.33.45

Skärmavbild 2015-08-12 kl. 08.34.07

Skärmavbild 2015-08-12 kl. 08.34.20

Skärmavbild 2015-08-12 kl. 08.34.44

Skärmavbild 2015-08-12 kl. 08.35.01

It’s extremely straight-forward, and I really don’t think you guys require an in-depth explanation of the symbolism within each line.

I’m really happy that they are so assertive. I can’t relate to the sweeter and coyer confession songs, but this is something that works very well for me.


I think this is a really snazzy video. It’s quite standard kpop when it comes to it’s structure, with it using sets and rotating solo shots and dance shots. But the way the girls are styled and the way the sets look really elevate the video. So I’d like to dedicate this portion of this review to primarily the sets, since there’s no plot to comment on anyway.


But first, who the hell is this dude? Anybody know? I had nothing against him being there, it’s not that, I’m just confused about the fact that he popped up so many times throughout the video.

This is a very light and airy video somehow, even though several of the sets are quite dark. I think I’ve correctly identified seven different sets, with most of them being used in more than one way, and I like all of them! I have a couple of favorites though, of course.


This is a really cool dance set and I absolutely love how they dressed to fit the room. Or how the room as constructed to suit the way they dressed, either way. It makes for really cool shots. It’s also the place where Hyeri hangs out during one of her solo parts.


Looking so damn gorgeous. I actually made this my wallpaper on my computer.


This is another dance set, which is almost dreamlike in it’s prettiness. I’d say it’s one of my favorite sets in the video, just because it looks like how I always imagined Olympus. I’m always a sucker for Greek mythology.


It’s also the set that Yura hangs out at during her solo part. I almost wish that they’d dressed her in something that suited the background better, so that her hair had stood out more distinctly, but oh well. She looks beautiful.


This might be the most main dance set, and one of the least interesting sets to me. It could easily have been all black or something though, and I’m very glad that they added those ring thingies in the background, it upgraded the whole thing.


This is another not so interesting set where both Hyeri hangs out during her first solo part and where all the girls later dance. It’s an alright set, and the white is very crisp, but it’s not that memorable.


This is another dance set and the set where all the group scenes that aren’t dance scenes take place. It’s a super bright almost disco-y set, and I really like it. It doesn’t look too bright, and I like how they contrasted the girls’ outfits with the set.


This is another one of my favorite sets in the video. It’s used during Minah’s solo part/-s and it has such a soft and etherial quality to it that’s heightened through the softness of her dress and hairstyle. It’s very pretty.


I think this might be my absolute favorite set in the whole video. It’s Sojin’s solo set, and this set itself is sexy. It doesn’t need wet Sojin in minimal clothing, it’s just sexy on its own. Can’t explain why I’m into a set, I just am.

This is a really well made video that doesn’t get boring regardless of it’s simple format since it keeps mixing things up with the constant set changes.


This is not my favorite dance from Girl’s Day, but they do it well and it suits the song. There’s this one part that I really like though, which sadly isn’t in the video:


I’m not sure if you can tell what’s going on here, but that is Hyeri riding on a bike made up of her male dancers during her first solo part in the song. Trust me, watch them preform this song live and you’ll notice when this part comes. I can’t believe they didn’t put this gloriousness in the video.

Outfits and Styling

I already commented a little bit on the styling during the video part of this review, but now let’s get into their hair a bit more and talk about the different group outfits.


I really love all the members’ hair in this video. In some scenes Minah’s hair is a bit more brown and sometimes a bit more pink and Hyeri’s hair is short sometimes and long sometimes but it general it’s quite the same which is why I’ll just use this picture to comment on it.

They all look really good. Everyone has a color and a style that suits them, and the fact that they all have such widely different hair colors has to be helpful to people who are trying to learn their names. I know I for sure would have been thankful. In some shots like this group shot right here they all have pretty much the same length and styling, so that even though their hair has such widely different colors they still look like they belong together.

Now let’s go through the dance outfits in the order of my least favorite to my favorite:


Yeah, this is my least favorite group styling. It’s alright, and the vests are pretty cool, but I don’t think it goes that well with the set it’s on and it’s a little too non-funky compared to the rest of the video.


I would have liked this a lot more if it wasn’t for what’s going on with poor Yura. One solid and one crazy patterned works, but two patterned just gets to be too much.


These work, and somehow give me flashbacks to both their “Expectations” era and their “Something” era even though these outfits look nothing like that. I wouldn’t wear it myself, but it works in the context.


These I really like. These crazy patterns work much better than the other crazy patterns, in every way. I’d definitely buy something similar to this, for sure.


These work really well. I’ve gotten really fond of one piece swimsuits lately, and I’d buy at least two or three of these if I could. Yura’s is my absolute favorite, especially in combination with her red hair.

Final Comment

This is a really well made song and video, and I am very pleased with Girl’s Day for supplying me with it. It’s definitely been on my summer soundtrack this year.

What do you think of this song? Are you as in awe of the video as I am or am I just blinded by how stunning my bias Hyeri looks?


6 thoughts on “Review of Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”

  1. I agree. Although I wasn’t too fond of the jean vests and shorts because they didn’t match the set, they do match the song. It has some of that country twang in the instrumental, which is interesting for a Kpop song. Ring My Bell isn’t my favorite GsD release. I liked it better as a whole compared to their last summer single Darling (which I admit, was catchier).

    Sojin looked the best this comeback for me. Those fountain scenes were LIFE. Sojin stood out to me despite me being a bigger fan of Yura and Hyeri (so hard to decide on a bias with those 2. Yura’s personality is so interesting, not to mention, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. But Hyeri has this thing. It’s in her eyes. I loved her Marilyn Monroe look in Something. She fits in with the others, but she seems edgier. And she’s hilarious.)

    1. A country twang? Wow I honestly did not notice at all. Which is weird, since I actually listen to country at times….
      It’s a toss-up for me whether I prefer this or Darling… They’re both really solid releases.
      Yeah, I think Sojin stood out the most this time around. And I absolutely agree about Hyeri and her eyes…. That’s what made her my bias in the first place.

  2. I’m glad you reviewed Ring My Bell, this is no doubt my favorite comeback out of all the girl groups in July. (aside from Party of course, but yeah lol)
    I’ve always been a fan of Girl’s Day’s music, wasn’t too fond of Darling but Ring My Bell is definitely amazing. I love Minah’s voice, noticed her first out of the four since Super Junior love i mean LOVE her, Hyeri I see her hosting music shows, can’t tell the difference between Yura and Sojin for the life of me, but these girls are awesome for sure.
    My other favorite track from the album is Come Slowly, i also love the live performance for the song.

      1. I’ve only heard the single, and since I didn’t love that I didn’t feel motivated to listen to the whole thing…. It was an alright single, but not “listen to the whole album”-good.

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